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6 Keys To Harmonize In Any Relationship

By on October 10, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening, Twin Flames with 0 Comments
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6 Keys To Harmonize In Any Relationship

by Emily Ashley
Guest writer for

Most everyone desires to have harmony in their lives. In all the majors of life – work, homes, school and play – we seek happiness and enjoyment. If we all truly desire this, then why do we find conflict in our pursuit? What is missing?

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6 Keys To Harmonize In Any Relationship

Below are 6 practical keys to learning how to establish this in your life in order to keep the peace and obtain true harmony everywhere you go!

1. Note the Purpose.

Communication is your ally in building harmony. Many people, however, give into the “talking head” syndrome, battling about who’s right. The true purpose for communication is to arrive at a greater truth. When in conversation with another, be committed to arriving at the truth of the matter and developing a greater understanding, together.

2. Feed the Inner Lion.

In communicating with others, especially in business, it requires courage to reveal how we honestly think and feel. People often avoid resolution from fear of rejection or insecurity. If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, identify what’s holding you back and then have the courage to share. You may very well stimulate compassion to come from the other when you share what’s really on your heart.

3. Make Like a Dollar Bill and Change!

We have to be willing to change if we want situations to change. Even if we think we are right or the other person “owes” us something, we have to be willing to change something within ourselves. The change that needs to take place may be our stance, our attitude, our tone of voice or even our thought process. Something has to redefine in order to change the direction of the event. As a great teacher once spoke, “Be the change you wish to see!”

4. Growing Eyes to See and Ears to Hear.

Synergy is created when people are willing to see each other’s perspective. This requires the skill of listening to be enacted. Some people believe if they receive another’s perspective, they will lose out in some way. The reverse is actually the case. When we let another’s point of view into our thinking, we gain their trust and respect. We are saying to them, “You are worthy of my attention.” This creates a sense of security for the other person and a feeling of being understood. When they feel secure and understood, they are more likely to want to listen to your perspective when shared. This is a win-win all around. A good rule of thumb in communication is: When in doubt, listen and be willing to receive! This will almost always lead to success.

5. Finding Common Ground.

Peace is created through agreement, even when the agreement is to disagree. Agreement is found through our ability to relate to others and cause some type of understanding. When seeking harmony, identify how you relate to another. Ask yourself, “What do I have in common with this person?” Identifying these commalities will immediately change your perspective and offer you a mental bond with the other. Then you will know what the other person needs and you will be in a better position to provide what is needed for all concerned.

6. Put your Imagination to the Test.

Research studies done in the athletic community have demonstrated peak performance in athletes who image their success before a game. That being said, you can think of situations with others in your life as the “game”. If you know the likelihood of a situation getting out of hand, imagine how you might add peace before you physically go into that situation. You may see an image in your mind of you smiling or even feel the good sensation in your body when you experience cooperation. There is the saying that,”like attracts like.” If you see the image in your mind, others will be more likely to catch on, even without it being verbalized. If you doubt this, just give it a try. You may not be visualizing free throws, yet, this technique will score you big points in the game of harmony.


The most important part of putting these keys into action in your life is to have enjoy the process! Let yourself be an explorer and discover what works for you. You may find your relationships to take on a new and joyous meaning. You may find a greater depth to your associations with others. You may at first feel awkward or uncomfortable, however, let yourself adjust to change. With consistent action, you will find what works for you!

About the author:
Emily Ashley is a student, teacher and Director of the School of Metaphysics in Tulsa, OK. The School of Metaphysics is a service and educational organization that specializes in teaching Self-Awareness to enhance the quality of people’s lives and encourage global spiritual evolution. There are 16 branches around the mid-west with the Headquarters in Windyville, MO. To find out more visit or contact the Tulsa branch at (918) 582-8836 or or Headquarters at (417) 345-8411 or

School of Metaphysics in Tulsa
429 S. Memorial

Image: Pixabay

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