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6 Signs Your Spiritual Awakening Is Out Of Control

By on October 10, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

6 Signs Your Spiritual Awakening Is Out Of Control

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by Kelly Ashley,
Contributing Writer,

Spiritual awakening isn’t easy at the best of times. There are fundamental, unavoidable changes that occur within us throughout the process which can be challenging to adjust to. There can be emotions that come up that we weren’t expecting (and sometimes we don’t even know where they came from). There are new energetic sensations that we pick up on that we likely weren’t aware of before. We might even be having spiritual experiences that are profound and completely new to us. Most of these changes can be considered normal signs or symptoms of awakening, but unfortunately, awakening often intensifies so fast that we struggle to keep up with it whilst living a normal human life. Before we know it our awakening can be extremely overwhelming, out of control, or even verging on crisis.


Before we delve into the signs that our awakening is out of control, it is worth noting that none of this is necessary, and you don’t have to put up with it. There are no medals of honor for struggling through and in fact, the concept of struggling is a negative belief that you’ll soon be shedding as you move into 5D consciousness. However, often there seems to be no other option and awakening has a life altering quality that can feel inescapable. Fret not, I’ve created a FREE 5-day course to help you ease those signs and symptoms and make the awakening process much more manageable, but more on that in a moment.

Let’s take a look at the signs we get when our awakening is out of control.

6 Signs Your Spiritual Awakening Is Out Of Control

1. A frequent feeling of anxiety or panic

2. Feeling completely overwhelmed

3. Emotional breakdown or being unable to cope with the intensity of feelings

4. Physical breakdown – sweating, aches and pains, brain fog or fatigue


5. Mental health concerns – psychosis, mystical madness (or a fear that you’re going mad)

6. Psychic intrusion – seeing, hearing, or feeling spiritual things at inappropriate times, being frightened or disturbed by what you experience or psychic and physical worlds blurring together confusingly

These are epic signs that your awakening is completely out of control. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and I know because I followed it. At the height of my spiritual emergence (a spiritual awakening that hits crisis level), I was completely exhausted, experiencing aches and pains, my emotions were so intense that I could hardly breathe, and I was being bombarded with spiritual experiences at times and places that were just not appropriate. I couldn’t control it at all. So I did what most of us do. I began using crystals, and burning incense, and using oils. If it said ‘grounding‘ on it, I practically smothered myself in it. I’d meditate for hours to try to calm my system down and relieve the anxiety, but to no avail. In fact, it got worse. I swung between feeling like I wasn’t really here at all and fearing that I had gone completely and utterly mad.

I didn’t know the truth until I came out the other side of these challenging symptoms. I didn’t realize that awakening didn’t have to be that hard or that there was anything that I could do to make the process more gentle – and it’s important that YOU recognize that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can slow the madness down, release the overwhelm and make the journey gentler on yourself too, because that list isn’t what awakening actually is.

It is not necessary for you to experience any of these ‘out of control’ symptoms as part of your awakening experience.

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Now I’m not saying that awakening is easy. It definitely isn’t. You are straddling two worlds while trying to heal the wounds of all lifetimes. It’s an incredible feat. But it definitely doesn’t have to be that hard, and it can be made a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a mentor. I had to learn through good old fashioned trial and error (well ok, perhaps a bit more error than anything) but you know, it was the mistakes I made that empowered me most during my awakening. They helped me realize the root of the problem. My awakening wasn’t the issue – it was my energies that were the problem.

They were too charged, too heightened, too sensitive and way too open. And it turned out that almost ALL of the things that were recommended to me during awakening were actually making the problem worse. They were further charging, heightening, hyper-sensitizing and opening my energies until I just couldn’t get a hold in the physical at all anymore. Then I truly recognized the problem. I had to ground my energy.

We can STOP out of control signs and symptoms of awakening by simply grounding our energies.

Seriously, it’s that simple. But unfortunately, not all grounding methods are created equal – particularly for those of us going through spiritual awakening. There are many common grounding methods that actually have the opposite effect. They charge our energies further, trigger more out of control symptoms and start the loop all over again, much to our exasperation and overwhelm. During awakening, our energies are so hyper sensitive that for many of us there is nothing that can ground us as well as a little time away from things that inadvertently charge us or alter our energetic state. I promise you, that will make the biggest difference of all. Test it for yourself, and anchor this new energy into the physical world with effective and consistent grounding and you’ll find awakening becomes a much smoother journey.

Ready to transform your awakening with grounding? Get our FREE 5-day course in the bio below and learn guidance that will support your awakening, ease your symptoms and help you gain control.

Kelly AshleyAbout the author: Kelly Ashley is an intuitive therapist assisting others with their spiritual awakening process. Get your FREE 5-day eCourse to transform your ascension (and join our Facebook community) here:

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