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A Call To Rise

By on January 7, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

A Call To Rise

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by Gematria Ankh Amen,
Contributing Writer,

It is 5:55 am as I begin today’s brief Blog post, and what I have to share is pure Inspiration. The title of this post began to sink in as I tuned in, and started to listen carefully to the Sun as it calls to me every morning. However, this morning was different, somehow quite special and definitely unique. You see, I am in Love with the Sun. It is by Nature, literally and figuratively part of who and what I am. As I received this morning’s blessings of Love, energetic life support, and healing like you wouldn’t believe, I heard nothing clearer than my call to Rise.


What I realized as the Sun rose in my heart and mind was that the call was a multi-layered message from God. It said, “Child of the Sun, we are One. That is why no matter what, you must shine. I will supply you with all the energy you need to heal and recover from a thousand of lifetimes of darkness, if you’ll just focus on you while allowing me.”

If you know Gematria at all, you also know that while powerful and sometimes intimidating, I am also soft and joyfully weepy, especially when it comes to Love. So, with tears of Joy, I surrender to the Sun. I continued to rise with It. I sat up in my bed and began my morning meditation with Its image in my mind. I could feel Its warmth surrounding me, and the sounds of the ocean breeze. With each breath, I am inundated with energy, and there is a message that became my mantras for today. And that is the inspiration that I have to share with you. My mind dissolved into meditation, and these words came to me:

• You are pure Energy, and a positive force to be reckoned with. Never forget that. But if and when you do, I am always here to remind you.

• I Am You, you are Me, and we are One. I will supply you with all the Energy you need. If for whatever reason you don’t see my shine in your outer world, just look within. Your Heart and Solar Plexus is where I live.

• You are a Co-Creator. Rise daily and meet the challenge of creating the life that you want. I will be the fuel you need. Do not doubt yourself. What your heart desires, know that it is yours when you say so and act upon it.
• Never fear, for You are more powerful than you can imagine right now. Trust yourself and your inner knowing.

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After about 20 minutes of intense heat my kundalini fills to my crown, and all of a sudden, I’m vibrating all over and hearing tones. You know when you’re being transformed from the inside out, because you can feel it. I Am overjoyed and 100% in a state that can only be described as Love.


With gratitude for awareness, I thankh my Higher Self for being the Sun. Extremely happy, now I hear music and that was the end of meditation. With this energy, I intend to manifest more happiness and peace in my world all day. I intend to be the Guide, Inspiration, and Healer of minds, bodies, and hearts that I am called to be. And more than anything else, I intend to spread Love, Light and Sunshine. Thankh you for sharing this with me. I send you Loving Rays.

Have a powerfully ascending Day!


Gematria Ankh Amen

About the Author: Dr. Gem is a writer of Science Fiction novels based on fact, a Light worker, Energy healer, Spiritual counselor, and Yogini. You can view her latest work on her website at:

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