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A Lesson & Reminder With Law Of Attraction

By on April 3, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

A Lesson & Reminder With Law Of Attraction

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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

After some dips down in some lower energies for purging/learning again toward the beginning of this year, I was able to bounce back. I’ve been in a much higher vibration and getting back into law of attraction. I had the Illusions book by Richard Bach laying around for a bit and read that over this last week, which helped bring the “I’m a creator of my own reality and I can live and experience life however I want to” to the forefront of my being again.


From there I started reading Money, and the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks. I read part of that last night (Writing this Monday 3/25). I’ve been in a state, again, of consistent I AM statements and affirmations to keep reprogramming and maintaining positive thoughts and staying in a knowing that I am infinitely abundant and what I want to attract/manifest is already said and done.

The interesting part is how I woke up today and that was thrown off and was tested so soon. I was in a vivid/lucid type of dream. There was a lot that happened in the dream but I was at a point I remember so clearly. It was myself and a couple others sitting around a table and Archangel Gabriel was there too. I was to do verbal light language as a way to demonstrate it to the others around the table that hadn’t done it before, then Archangel Gabriel was going to do light language and show/teach us all something new. I hadn’t done verbal light language in a while, but in the dream I put myself in a state of relaxed meditation, went into my heart space, and as I was about to do it, I felt excited. I didn’t know what was going to come out but I knew it was important to take back with me when I came back to this space/world. I was also very eager to learn from Archangel Gabriel. Right when I took a breath and opened my mouth to begin, I immediately woke up to banging on the outside wall of the house. There is construction going on where I’m at to put in a new septic tank and part of that included an electrician coming to rewire things around the house. So him banging on the side of the house is what I woke up to.

I was very frustrated, as I was finally having a good dream where I was about to learn something that I would have remembered fully to bring back to my waking state. From there I got up and turned my phone on and had an email from my part time job employer (a job I do from home) that April would be the last month I could get paid the amount I have been and starting in May I would get $300 less a month. There was an extra $300 a month coming in from my employer’s father for website work and such. He is retiring so no longer will that be added in.

This threw me off pretty quickly as 2 things within a very short period seemed to be disrupted. I knew that this could not be a coincidence, having delved into law of attraction and within 12 hours of starting to read the book I end up losing $300 a month. Most shockingly to me, it was because I have been in the highest vibration I’ve been in for a while, so much so that several times of the day I’m feeling energy radiating from me and pulsing out to make clicking/popping noises in the walls and objects of the space I’m in and other parts of the house when I walk into those rooms without doing anything.

Intuitively and through claircognizance I had some information come through. I felt that this was a test/opportunity for me to utilize law of attraction in order to attract $300 more in a very easy way that just happens by May 1st. Staying in the knowing that it will be taken care of and it will. Through the business I work for we have a Patreon account, so I put it out there there that it will be made up that way and will attract more patron’s to make up the difference. I also felt that there was a possibility that his father’s energy, where that portion of the money was coming from, was no longer the best fit for me vibrationally, with law of attraction, things that don’t fit will vibrate out of my reality. So I started to get intuitively that by his energy being removed, it will open up a channel for more to flow through. There are other opportunities coming through that job soon that will also give me a choice to pursue.

Now having said that, I still did a little bit of spiraling today. It was almost this fear of… well if I’m doing law of attraction and losing abundance… then that means my energy/vibration/thoughts are responsible so I’m not doing so great so far! Haha. I knew that it wasn’t a conscious thought but those pesky subconscious ones can always present themselves to us as well and those have been a bit more difficult to pinpoint and reprogram.


After some meditation, exercise, and just checking back into myself again in meditation to be relaxed and at peace again I decided to pull an oracle card. I don’t pull cards a lot, but felt like it. I pulled one card from the Enchanted Map Oracle Card Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. The card was Gentle Gardener, with pictures of fairies sitting on top of eggs in a grassy area, under a blue sky, with a picture of a woman in the corner looking down at the magical type of creation there. The entire of the card is “Be your own person, be a conscious co-creator” as well as everything with law of attraction. Being aware of your thoughts as they are vibration that is sent out into the world and reflected back to create. About staying positive and expect a wondrous return with the reminder that abundance is already there.

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After sitting with that card, that is when I felt better as it’s just another law of attraction type of message that I have been working on. With the additional reminders lately about how I am the creator of my own life and experiences and can choose whatever I want, it was easy for me to see this for what it is. How do I want to choose to react to this? What do I want to create the outcome of this to be? What do I want to experience with this? Well of course the answer is that I will not only be taking care of with the $300, but there will be more than that, so I will be better off than I was before. I also felt that my vibration can attract new opportunities because of this change/shift of routine that I will stay open to, as something better could present itself tomorrow.

My guidance and higher self/soul has done things different than others that share their experiences (all of us are different). They are guided by spirit and their guides to flow in the moment place to place. They get downloads, visions, or intuitive knowing of where they need to visit or be next and so on. I do think for them it’s exactly what they are meant to do and how living in present moment and flowing is supposed to go for them. I, however, got a little wrapped up into this myself, but my guides haven’t done that, at least not up till this point.

My guidance has always been about empowering myself, reminding me that I’m a master that has to figure out what I want and what I want to create/manifest myself. I may not receive visions/info about where to go and what to do, I have to create the visions myself and make them a reality. So my guides will sit back and wait as long as it takes for me to decide to change my situation myself, then they will be there to support it.

Once what I want, then they will give clues, hints, and info about how to help line me up with what I pick. So it’s stepping back from getting away from… what is my divine mission, what is my guidance telling me I should do now? “What does Source/God want me to do?” And coming back to asking myself “What do I want to do?” “What do I want to create?” “What do I find that is joyful/fun to do?” And choosing how I react, think, and experience situations that are created.

I have a feeling that there are others at similar points that have been a little caught up in what others are experiencing that isn’t how things are playing out for your experience. Whatever we end up doing that we love to do and want to do, we will then be helping out others by simply being in the highest vibration we can be in.

Love & Light


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