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A New Conversation – The First Real Step Towards Liberation

By on January 14, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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A New Conversation - The First Real Step Towards Liberation

by Adam Rose,
Contributing writer,

It is time for a new conversation.  We need this new conversation, badly.  The conversation we are currently having is not only inadequate, but has become quite painful, and it is entirely obvious that this new conversation cannot wait.  If we are to succeed in liberating the world from the grip of darkness, the new conversation is essential.

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Before addressing the nature of the current conversation and the nature of the new conversation, let’s quickly look at the ‘we’, who is having the conversation.  This ‘we’ is the collective population of conscious Souls, who is invested in dramatically improving the conditions of life on the planet.  This ‘we’ is a diverse group of people, united by no other factor than their desire to heal the world.  This ‘we’ is growing ever larger, as the chaos and corruption have become impossible to tolerate, and there is a growing sense of urgency giving rise to the impulse to take action.  This ‘we’ will transform the world, because we deeply care and thus have the vision to do so, and we have the confidence that our will cannot be impeded.

The word ‘conversation’ in this context means the overall exchange of words and energy, whether it be through direct verbal interaction or other means.  It could be chat rooms, social media, phone calls, blogs, videos, book groups, classroom discussion, town-hall meetings, or even hand-written letters delivered by snail mail.  They are all part of this conversation, as they are all means of communication. In every encounter and exchange we partake in, we have the opportunity to levitate the conversation to a loftier place where consciousness rises and all parties benefit from their participation.  In this sense, raising the level of conversation is crucial, and cannot be understated.

To better understand what the new conversation is, let’s contrast it with the best example of bad conversation: politics.  Certainly on the national level, it is aimless, petty, and mostly left-brained.  Although the players are well-groomed and well-dressed, the facade has too many cracks to hide from eyes that are willing to see.  Beneath this facade is a foul decay, and hence there is no justification in giving away our power to them.  The conversation they are having is flawed in every way, but it is more useful to point out that it is their vibe that is the major problem, and that their words are generally too idiotic to pay much attention to.

This brings us to an important distinction regarding communication, which is: content versus dynamics.  Content is the meaning of the words themselves, whereas dynamics refers to everything else, including facial expressions, hand gestures, body language, rate of speech, tonality, range of pitch, eye contact, and a plethora of more subtle energies…  The dynamics may account for well over 80% of communication, as revealed by advertising and marketing firms who are far more interested in targeting your emotions than your intellect.

Generally speaking, in politics the dynamic range of communication is very limited, and this is considered ‘proper’.  This stiff vibe (or lack of a vibe) itself is dishonest as it does not reflect the nature of the radiant Soul, and it is also dreadfully boring.  It has been stated that the body does not lie, but going a step further, a body which never moves naturally is a lie.  The body follows the mind, and reveals the nature of its master.  This ‘proper’ and dishonest kind of stiff, scripted, and heartless communication has infected most of society, and is endemic to all major institutions, such as schools and universities, the medical establishment, the justice system, and everything else run by the government.  The suit and tie, and uniforms of all supposed authority figures are cut from the same cloth.

If we are to consider ourselves conscious, we certainly should not be following the lead of this insane role model.  Our conversation must be more dynamic, and this inevitably means that the level of conversation will deepen, as it can only do so with greater dynamism.  A lack of dynamics allows us to keep a ‘safe’ distance and is an unconscious means of placing barricades between ourselves and others, as benign as it may seem.  Conversation which is lacking in dynamism feels disingenuous, as it is the nature of an awakened Soul to be honest and real, and to communicate with their full capacity.  But make no mistake: a charlatan can fake dynamism…yet the stank of phoniness cannot hide.  Discernment is always necessary in a world of deceit, such that overt displays of dynamics may be less powerful than a subtle gaze of the eyes.  Open your heart and your eyes will see.

The way to become more authentic and dynamic in our communication is simple: be honest.  By your honest example, you will encourage others to be honest as well.  Honesty always frees up energy that keeps us bound in piddly communication, releasing blocks and allowing more flow.  Mutual honesty cannot help but deepen our relationships, and as any conscious being knows quite well, relationships are the most important aspect of our lives.  Indeed, we could go so far as to make the statement that life itself is relationships, and therefore our experience of life will largely be based on their quality.  Relationships with people, animals, our body, the natural world, Divinity…  Even the work we are passionate about means little if we do not share it with others and uplift them or add meaning to their lives, so ultimately everything is about relationships.

In light of the new conversation, the implications for our actions in terms of dynamics and honesty is quite naturally to practice being more dynamic and honest.  As far as dynamics, this might mean taking more risks in your communication, mostly by means of playful interactions with others.  Feel free to joke around and be unconventional.  Allow yourself more liberties in your interactions with ‘strangers’, and if you have friends that are willing to be silly, have some fun!  Be creative.

As far as honesty, you will need others whom are willing to be honest as well to have a meaningful exchange, but don’t skip over the ‘little stuff’, like what you had for breakfast, your favorite new song, or what’s happening with your pets.  Often, it’s the day-to-day that serves as a good entry point for honesty, and the difference between ‘small talk’ and real communication is…you!  How much energy and authenticity do you bring to the conversation?  Are you always you, or are you compartmentalized into a ‘business side’ and a ‘personal side’?  The new conversation has no more room for compartmentalization.  A cashier, dental hygienist, or garbage man, cannot remain ‘impersonal’.  The new conversation sees no boundaries, if they don’t exist in reality.

If we are to view ourselves as part of the ‘human family’, then are we going to be the typical dysfunctional family in which get-togethers are dreaded by all, or a family based in authentic communication that does not try to keep the mood artificially light?  If you are conscious, you know how painful it is to pretend and you know that you have no energy left for falsity.  The new conversation must become the natural way of relating, simply because we have no energy left to prop up a false world which remains in place because of our false way of relating.

Perhaps these ideas relating to dynamics is not what one would expect, in regards to the new conversation.  But rest assured that this is the major aspect of the new conversation, and that content is nowhere even close in terms of importance.  It is this point that you must understand above all: we have been placing content before dynamics, to the point that we generally do not even acknowledge dynamics at all.  Yet if the new conversation is to arise, and it damn well better, dynamics must reclaim its proper role.  Stated another way, the heart must govern communication, as many religious teachers might proclaim, even if their own communication is largely mental – betraying their own words, and is more political than spiritual.

Now that this distinction has been made between content and dynamics, let’s take a quick look at content.  As defined earlier, content is the meaning of the words themselves.  Generally when you ‘learn’, you are learning new content.  You could be learning arithmetic, beekeeping, carpentry, medicine, music, or…?  There are billions of things to learn.  Being that we are living in a world that has been largely under the yoke of hyper-male domination, left-brained thinking, and insane male gods, the obsession with content is understandable, as sad as it may be.  It is not one particular group of people that suffers under such insanity, but everyone that suffers – men, women, and children alike.  It is imbalanced for sure, yet imbalance entails lack of wholeness, and it is only in wholeness that full potential can be achieved in any shape or form.  Repression of one side will inevitably mean the suffering of the other as well, such that repression of the heart means that the mind will be stunted as well.  Repression of dynamics would mean that content will be compromised, and this imbalance will be reflected in a distorted reality, where both variety and excitement are lacking.  One aspect of life cannot be harmed without also harming everything else.  The web of life must be restored to health in its entirety.

With content in its proper place, a few examples of content will be listed here, which the new conversation has little place for: the role of Saturn in our world, what lies beneath the ice in Antarctica, the shape of the earth, whether or not the moon is hollow, whether a race of beings lives inside the earth, the next big planetary convergence and its implications, what a race of star beings is saying, colonization of life on Mars, underground military bases and the extensive tunnel system, the return of an avatar, cabal depopulation plans, the sun having a major event which results in a planetary bifurcation, political theater, stargates hidden beneath mountains, the asteroid belt being the result of a planet which was destroyed, the latest moves of the shadow government, the true roles of pyramids in the world, the galactic central sun sending out an impulse to our sun…  If you find this material interesting, by all means indulge, but understand that it is not the primary content of the new conversation.  Have fun with it, and please don’t think of it as merely irrelevant, because it’s not.  In fact, it has been crucially important in terms of opening our minds, providing us with understanding, and in forming a narrative that supports our desired direction.  Yet now it is time to… get practical.

What does it mean to be practical?  It means to seek the truth and attain the highest level of understanding.  It means to decide upon an action plan based upon this understanding.  And finally, it means to organize such that everyone who desires to get involved can do so with little effort.

Given that we grok the supremacy of relational dynamics above all, these are the following tenets related to the content of the new conversation:

The new conversation will scoff at the idea that the truth cannot be known, and to the contrary, will state that the truth cannot hide.

The new conversation will recognize that the truth will lead to a common understanding which everyone will have access to should they desire it, such that there is agreement upon the nature of the underlying problem afflicting humanity.

The new conversation will be brutally honest about what has not worked in the past, and make sure not to keep repeating the same mistakes.

The new conversation will look directly at the problem and embrace the solution; a solution which cannot fail.

The new conversation will embrace unconventional thinking, and will have little tolerance for cliches.

The new conversation will be productive and will not content itself with what amounts to little more than glorified thumb-twiddling.

The new conversation will deliberate on who to contact as potential supporters based on their level of commitment and understanding, and how to connect them with others.

The new conversation will ask how to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible, and get them immediately involved.

The new conversation will consider how to contact authority figures and celebrities, and will not be averse to applying pressure to people in positions in power who neglect their responsibility of assisting us in this effort.

The new conversation will be about consolidating resources to save as much time and energy as possible.

The new conversation will concern itself with finding talent who willingly contributes their time and energy.

The new conversation will be extreme in terms of levity and gravity, embracing laughter, tears, silliness, fear, and will be able to entertain beautiful visions of the future while also looking directly at the horrors of the current reality.

The new conversation will recognize the sense of urgency, given that if just one person in the world is screaming for help and mercy, it is one too many and there is no excuse for procrastination.

The new conversation will recognize the existence of darkness and will intrepidly seek to understand its methods such that interference is kept to a minimum.

The new conversation will disregard all ideas that state that liberation from darkness will take many more years, and will instead embrace the idea that a mere 100 days will be all it will take to clear the world of archontic hegemony.

The new conversation will make the message clear to the world that delays will not be tolerated, and that justice will be carried out swiftly and harshly for anyone who causes  bodily harm or terror to those whom have dedicated their lives to planetary liberation.

The new conversation will recognize that aside from us taking intelligent and organized action, the world has no hope, and no future.

The new conversation will recognize that we, as Souls, are eternal beings, that our inheritance is Heaven, the Gaian Paradise is to be our playground, and that God would make no delays in restoring to us the Life She intended.


In order to facilitate your understanding, peruse the ‘basic agreements’ article, which explicates what the fundamental agreements are which the awakened community must immediately embrace as the binding agent which connects us.  This is the first step to take such that you gain the understanding which places you on common ground with your brothers and sisters.  These agreements are not controversial, but are simple and easily realized by one who has dedicated themselves to the truth.


Right now, our main objective is to radically transform the conversation itself, and alter the climate of spirituality in the world.  Once this occurs, the implementation of solutions in general will be many times easier, and The Plan of Dissolving the Dream will gain the traction it needs to take off.  Brothers and Sisters, we are over 2000 days past 12-21-12, and are less than 400 days from 2020.  Do not ignore your sense of urgency.  You are being called to be a practical visionary – one who will be essential in the liberation of the world.  The good news for you is that it takes little more than being honest and authentic, and dancing your dance in the world.  Do not deprive the world of your awakened presence.

Children of God, put down your little ways, and get ready to play big.  It is past time.  The new conversation has begun.

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~Adam Rose
Visionary and Musician

Creator of Dissolving the Dream

P.S.  I am here for you.  If you have a show you would like me to speak on, please contact me.  My body is under extreme pressure and electrification, but I’ve made it this far and will do all I can to withstand the pain and make myself available.  I need you, and you need me.  Never underestimate how big the ‘little’ things you do for others are.  We came here together and have a little distance between us now, but that gap is to be no more.  Let’s make life better for one another.

About the author: Adam Rose is a visionary and musician, who has the conviction that we can liberate the world from darkness in 100 days. His work can be found at, and

Image: Pixabay

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