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A Splitting Of Timelines Is Taking Place

By on March 13, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

A Splitting Of Timelines Is Taking Place

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by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

The lower the quality of overall energy, the more unstable and disconnected the personal and environmental experience on Earth will become. The higher the quality of overall energy, the more stable and connected the personal and environmental experience on Earth will become.


The planetary collective energy field has many, many layers of intersection links and cross links which are building more access points into diagonal lines moving throughout the interdimensional fields. The cumulative effect of gradually increasing frequency and changing instruction sets in.

Many of the trans-dimensional time in space Fields has reached a point of Divergence. There is a splitting of timelines taking place. There will be a parting of wave sectors no longer resonating with each other.

Experiential catalyst are pushing people off the fence, forcing them to discover who and what they truly stand for. Service to self or service to others.


Vibrations are being purged, purified, intensified, and returned to their original destiny.

There is a bifurcation of time that is forcing a direction which will accelerate volatile change which will be either energetically stagnant or regressive. Those who refuse to become aware or refuse to take responsibility for negative ego behaviors and continue to push for negative ego or lower frequency will undergo extreme pressures to change.

You will begin to see where you are by what you attract. People with similar resonating frequency will begin to form into a Consciousness reality of shared beliefs there are many making agreements with negative posing as positive ones. This is false light appearing as light.


As the frequencies continue to rise, the denser vibrations with be brought to the surface as chaos. This chaos is just a release that needs to happen in order to bring an energetic balance to the planet.

Those embodied in the highest of frequencies will not even notice what is taking place outside of their reality.

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Just know all is well and being orchestrated by the Divine.

We are returning to innocence, becoming the children that once embraced the joy of bliss.

~ Rosie Neal

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Image: Pixabay

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