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How The Matrix Manipulates Sex To Lock Up Your Abundance Codes

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Abundance Codes

by Nicole Frolick,
Contributing Writer,

Understanding the quantum physics behind manifestation can be a game changer for you in co-creating your reality but if you want to take it to a whole new level then start unlocking your abundance codes.

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We live in a reality that is purposefully created to work against us. When we pull back the veil to see the mechanics behind this system that keeps us operating from a lack consciousness, we empower ourselves to be free from the grip of lack.

Inherent in all of us are abundance codes that reside in our sacral chakra. When these are activated we are capable of creating and attracting abundance with so much ease.

Through my own healing, I have become aware of the impact that sex and its portrayal through this matrix has on locking up our abundance codes thereby keeping us from accessing our true potential.

In today’s video, I share with you my own experience with healing sacral trauma and how it has unlocked these codes to manifest immediate abundance.

How the Matrix Manipulates SEX to LOCK UP Your ABUNDANCE CODES

Blessings to all,


About the author: Nicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. She has an unconventional spiritual podcast called Enlighten Up, available in iTunes. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. She coaches those who desires to live life on their terms after hitting a ceiling on their perceived potential and wanting to break through it. If you’re looking to expand past your own blocks, you can email her at for more information. To learn more please visit

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