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Access Codes To The 5th Dimension

By on October 27, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Access Codes To The 5th Dimension

by Morag,
Contributing writer,

Access Codes To The 5th Dimension

The message has always been hidden in plain sight friends. Always. The wake up call. Activation codes. Downloads and upgrades. We have been here for many lifetimes, stealthy, still when required, swift like lightning some times. We have infiltrated the infiltrators. Rewired the system from the inside out. The light matrix is woven deep into the heart of darkness.

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Friends, we seeded many lifetimes ago, embedded to DNA strands. Made alliances, built connections, spiritual alignment at its most shimmering subtle and intricate. We are in ecstatic realms of light, love, our bodies float with a lightness of being inconceivable before.

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We are one. We become one. We are the new earth, here, despite the glitches, assaults, gangstalking and fear mongering. We are here. The party just keeps going beautiful people. There’s a tribal rave on the astral. Can you feel it? Are you out there?

The waves of love generate more, ripples become tornadoes of light. We are creators. We have birthed the new earth. 1111 final membrane broken through in divine alignment with the crystal children’s Aries full moon. The crystal children are fully activated, cleared of early years conditioning in the tumultuous tidal waves of Lumerian light now flooding the earth plane. We are one beautiful people, nothing can stop us now.

The dark matrix shudders, shakes, regurgitates itself, the purge will be immense, accelerated beyond previous measure. Oh my goddess, cosmic surfers. If you’re not here on the astral yet, get to it. Drop everything you’re doing on the material plane. Meditate. Dance. Release your soul to the light. We are here. We are the seers, the truth bearers, the light seekers and seed sowers. We are the mothers of dragons, the guardians of Gaia, cosmic light Empress who nurture, nourish and grow all that is to be brought into light. Angels walk the streets of the matrix. Mega boost power packs downloaded, permanent upgrades.

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The levels dissolve as we transcend them, our connectivity to lower realms lessens, we are vibrating out of the matrix whilst inside it. A feat of total and complete awesomeness folks! The party is ongoing, tribal, sensual, magnetic, euphoric, ecstatic, glorious, heavenly. Keep doing the work. Clear karma, cut the cords, break chains, dissolve dark wizardry. The world is magnificent, interactive, lit. Transcendental. Cosmic.

Gaia’s earth guardians accepted our extraterrestrial gift of divine love, as we accepted their golden gift of truth and divine feminine healing. The exchange was made in sacred space of ancient goddess light. Pyramids hidden in the skies, mountain tops as islands, we have transcended the material plane whilst still on it. Such profound greatness has never been achieved. Legends are being created, circular, cosmic and truly divine in their alignment. The party is on!

Heart chakras fully operational, connected to divine source light anytime we want it. No portal closure for those who made the final leap. The party is always on, its not stopping beautiful people, we are there anytime we want. Access codes are woven into the mainframe. Use what resonates for you, breaks the heavy weight of 3d life.

The Resistance has long been in operation, we too have been hidden in plain sight. Truly immense divinity of alignment moved each to spaces of surrender. Summit held on ancient shimmering sacred land. First contact with the true Queen of Gaia. The lads can play their silly games, the divine feminine has done what she came here to do. Exchange in sacred love. We are one.

The Federation of Light welcomes the true gatekeepers of Gaia, Empress, divine ancestral light, Queen of Gaia and her priestesses. We welcome Gaia’s divine feminine, her earth guardians, in sacred surrender. We are here.

Lumeria held us in her cosmic sacred light rays, her priestesses honored their divinity in truth, love and light. Protected in sacred geometric light vortexes, cloaked beyond anything of shadow in heavenly light. Each represented her Gaia, her tribe, her people. Mermaids dance in divine celebration for the sacred part they played weaving divine light magic.

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We honor and thank all who made it happen, all who held space for cosmic divine feminine alignment. We are legends of Gaia. Our grandmothers rejoice, their pride and love for us overflows. We honored with grace and humility, gratitude and devotion their ancestral magic, their divinity and their light. Space was created and held for exchange, truth and transparency.

The work starts soon divine friends, for now, we dance in euphoric celebration. With grace and gratitude we honor the grandmothers for their protection, their wisdom and their divine feminine light. We are one. The federation of light welcomes the Empress of Gaia to her rightful seat at our circle of light. Evolution. Illumination. Divine alignment.

Dance beautiful people. The fifth dimension lends herself to tribal euphoria, it’s her thing. Tune in, drop out. Stop what you’re doing. Clear the decks, the party is on. Our heart is the key, open her, feel her beat a little bit faster. Walk through the doors of perception to the biggest, best party ever. Get the blood, the energies flowing.

Feeling blocked? Does this resonate?

Break the demonic chains of Glorification of Busy algorithm….take the day off, go home! Radical evolution my friends.

Locked out by tricky to SEE witchcraft or energy wizardry. Instruct your higher self to dissolve all negative energy in your auric field, in divine sacred light. Hallelujah

The Grandmothers say

‘See that bag on your back… yeah that one. Put it down. Good. Well done.’

The Shaman say

‘See the black sores in your chakras, blast them with light, watch them dissolve.’

The Elders say

‘Honor the ancestors, their secrets are the path of divine alignment with Gaia.’

Embrace lightness of being in drumming, dance, prayer and meditation. We are one. Put a light mirror up. A sphere of light, reflect all energies sent to you directly back to sender. All energies. Just be in your own energy field. Cleanse. Detox. Hydrate. Heal. Cry. Dance. We are riding waves of such hiiiiiiighgghhhh vibraaatiiionnns.

The wavelength is right there, WE tune into it. No one else can do it. Leveling up is the waves of euphoria pushing fear, lack of confidence and trauma away. Replacing those energies with strength, courage, fearlessness and vastly powered up NEO skill sets. Mate we don’t just know kung fu, We ARE kung fu!!! The matrix is in free fall. The light weave catches it as it crashes. The wounded masculine capitulates to divine empress energies of feminine riiissssssiiinnng.

Omygoddess beautiful people, we are here, the goddess is awake. She has broken free of her chrysalis of light, she has unfurled her wings, she soars the skies, angelic, sacred, all seeing, all knowing, all healing. The biosphere is cracking. The truth of the sonlight, the moonlight and all that is in the great and grand cosmos will be revealed. The divine feminine holds the shocked, shaking, traumatized divine masculine in her arms. She will not give up. She will fight for him all the way.

The patriarchy is on its knees. Blue pillers broke the demon clock. Hallows Eve has realigned to the light. The grandmothers ensured a vortex of light round them, held them in secure, trippy, light 333 waves. Their voices sang of freedom, of truth and liberation, of compassion, they are awake. The blue pillars are awake. They are making the changes happen. We rejoice in all realms of light for the truth and courage and integrity and compassion in humanity. They will not be broken by the most demonic machine yet seen on lower realms.

The work was done from the inside, hidden in plain sight. Seed sowing by warriors, healers, creatives, cosmic light travelers who refused to give up. This truly is immense beautiful people. The world has shifted and she won’t go back. That’s it. Restructuring, re-engineering, rewiring, realignment, its all happening. We will clean and clear and breathe chi light into every shadow of the dark web. The spider cowers, calls his soldiers in, time to move on or join the party.

The big bad is long gone. Whatevs. Angels fly just above the biodome, watching the wheels turn, the zones align in a profound divinity of harmony. The federation of light can barely do their jobs, they’re all just dancing, the world is wavy, ecstatic, and stunned by their roles, our roles in such a great tapestry of divine engineering. All the pieces are falling into place.

The energy frequencies within the biosphere are now holding the spectrum of 3d to 5d, this is unheard of. The dark matrix is being recoded, watch the algorithms change friends. Billboards, advertising, main-streaming is being upgraded, light codes embedded, crystalline engineering. The clock is broken in the west zone. Word is all zones are up and running, albeit, surreal, trippy, and malfunctioning, but recognizable as the old matrix in place. Time has warped entirely. We are now essentially the Bermuda triangle, we can flip time, slow it down, stretch it, speed it up as we choose.

The boring bits will speed by, we will be foggy about the details. High vibration times will expand around us, we will drop into them, sit in them, enjoy them. When we are ready we will speed time up again, get the matrix things done, then slllooowww it down, as we choose. The higher frequencies of the fourth realm are now pulsing to the tidal beat of 5d lightwaves, rippling down into the fourth realm. Post apocalyptic timelines, zombies, demon hosts, corporate cattle, hybrids and matrix machinery… we will talk about another time. For now get into the vibration of light beautiful people.

Raaiissse the viiibbrrrraaaattiiooonns

1. Music is frequency engineering, use what ever music you love, resonate with, as a dial to attain different vibrations. Gratitude, euphoria, heat, light and love. Our choice, our beats, our grooves in the light realms of love.

2. Meditate, release your spirt to the party or enjoy the stillness, let if flow through you.

3. Get into nature and do whatever you feel like doing.

4. Dance, did I mention dance? Do yoga, stretch, breaathe, move and flow

5. Smudge, sage, nag champa, candles…smudge, smudge, smudge. Keep those energies cllleeeeaaann around you.

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6. Use crystals for light vortex creation, energy clearing, protection and healing. Literally cover your house in crystals, these vibratiionns just keep getting hhhiiiiigggghhhherrrr beautiful people.

7. Hang out with children, they KNOW what’s going on. Let them share their downloads, dance and laugh, create and manifest their crystal rainbow world.

Access keys

The emoji movie, blueprint for crystal children, full activation of light matrix mainframe ?‍♀️?‍♀️? . Trolls, it’s talking possiitiiiivvveee to our cosmic kids.

Paul Oakenfold the Mount Everest Base Camps mix, all of it, every single banging note. 1111 upgrade codes in Resurrection Planet Perfecto Knights, Crescendo and Perfecto Fluoro.

Josef Salvat Diamonds, twin flame activation codes ??

Shutter Island matrix de-activation/mkultra coding. Watch till you get it, boom, it all fits into place ??

Dark City to deactivate Shell Beach programming ?

Truman show/Matrix/ Hunger Games level up codes. Downloads to SEE the matrix.

Mary Poppins/Wizard of Oz de-activation codes from mk ultra programming

Kate Bush Babooshka gratitude to the grandmothers frequencies, breaking the black clock, linear time shatters ?⌛?‍♀️.

Holly Johnson Ascension, download ascension activation codes.

There are many more coded light keys out there to level us up. My general rule is, if makes us feel good do more of it; if it makes us feel good then terrible ditch it; if it makes us feel rotten ditch it.

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Glitchy interaction with the old matrix, avoid it. Clumsiness on the material pane, blurry, itchy eyes as third eye activation takes root. Sleep, food all become something we do when we need to, not because of set times. Everything becomes fluid, beautiful and wavy. Look out for spirit animals materialising, they are with us when they need to be seen. Friction as we assimilate. This is going to take awhile cosmic surfers, let’s not rush it. Ease ourselves in. Quantum time is embedded within the biosphere, we are here. Get the groove. Be love beautiful people.

See you on the astral ??‍♀️?????

In light and love beautiful people.

In light and love beautiful people.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling.

Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

In5D Addendum

What one can expect in the 5th Dimension

Higher Vibrational Frequencies: The 5th Dimension is often associated with higher vibrational frequencies of energy, which are believed to be more refined and closer to the divine or source energy. This can result in heightened states of awareness, expanded consciousness, and increased sensitivity to subtle energies.

Unity Consciousness: The 5th Dimension is often associated with a sense of oneness, where individuals perceive and experience themselves as interconnected with all of creation. This can lead to a deeper sense of compassion, empathy, and unconditional love towards oneself and others.

Expanded Perception and Abilities: In the 5th Dimension, it is believed that individuals may have expanded perception and abilities beyond the limitations of the physical senses. This can include heightened intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, and other psychic or metaphysical abilities.

Timelessness and Instant Manifestation: The 5th Dimension is sometimes associated with a different perception of time, where past, present, and future may be experienced as interconnected and simultaneous. It is also believed that manifestation may happen more instantly and effortlessly in the 5th Dimension, as thoughts and intentions may have a quicker and more direct impact on reality.

Higher States of Being: The 5th Dimension is often seen as a state of higher consciousness, where individuals may experience a greater sense of peace, joy, and harmony. It is believed that negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and judgment, may be transcended, and a state of unconditional love and acceptance may be achieved.

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