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Aluna Ash 9D Energy Update- Something Coming

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Aluna Ash 9D Energy Update- Something Coming

Aluna Ash 9D Energy Update- Something Coming

by Aluna Ash 9D,

Solar wave/Cosmic Rays hitting Planetary field by June 13th.

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June 14th- Opening of Full Moon portal until June 17th (Full Moon In Sag 6/17).

Galactic Activation Portal & Solstice 6/21.

Galactic Activation Portal Date: 6/23 Expect an energy shift from 6/21-6/23 as well.

Don’t forget to nurture yourself and have fun… it’s not all about purging and clearing.

When I speak about portal dates & galactic yr- I am talking about the galactic calendar.

When I’m talking about waves hitting, those dates are channeled. I tracked and document them to see if there’s any patterns. I just wanted to clarify because I know a lot of people have been ordering the galactic calendars. But you can use the galactic calendar to look at the daily energy and see how you resonate with it and also to see the galactic ctivation Portal dates (I always post them though too) – This is just something that I vibe with along with astrology- not everyone will feel the same. Trust how you feel & do/follow what YOU like.

The dates I get connected to the cosmic rays/Sun are channeled for when they hit the planetary field/biosphere & atmosphere. The planet has an aura with different layers- it is felt differently based off of what layers it is hitting in the planet’s Aura.

I will post the dates for the next 3 months that I have received since they have been accurate, but it is usually weeks prior to each wave where I have confirmation. I do have dates up until 2032 but it is about activations and the Stargates/chakras on the planet.

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