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An Unconventional Approach To Synchronicity

An Unconventional Approach To Synchronicity
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by James Hallahan,
Contributing Writer,

Upon closer inspection of reality, disregarding the facade of mainstream science, it seems conclusive to say that, indeed, there does seem to exist a subtle underlying intelligence operating behind the scenes. A kind of “celestial authority”, which, contrary to the popular assumption, seems not at all to be a singular being with supernatural ability, but rather a kind of conscious energy intrinsic to the fabric of reality itself. It is an energy which inhabits the entirety of existence, and in actuality is of far greater dimensions than the observable universe. From what has been surmised, this universal consciousness appears to have within its interests the prodigious goal of enhancing its constituent energy to a more refined resonation. This process, presumably, is likely meant to advance some large-scale evolutionary agenda, though its ultimate aim, from our standpoint, is probably beyond speculation. What’s of concern to us particularly is the apparent aptitude it has to administer direction. It seems as though our existence entails an obligation of some kind. This has often been referred to as the “soul purpose”. It generally consists of certain prescribed directives, which in the grand scheme of things appears to be the underlying mechanism by which the Universe coordinates its sentient aspects in the process of energy refinement.

The manner in which these directives are conveyed is curiously subtle, but perhaps not ordinarily so. What I mean to suggest is that, due to the way in which society and our culture has been fashioned, as well as the uncommonly low frequency range in which we operate, our normal capacity to receive guidance from the divine may potentially be somewhat reduced. In fact, our connection with source may be so thoroughly impeded that it has sought to establish alternative means of communication, which may be to some extent unorthodox. In normal circumstances—presumably at least—the communication would be conducted exclusively via thought-transfer with the higher-self (intuition). However, because of the predominance of rational-based thinking and the energetic disparity between higher-self and lower-self, the information obtained this way tends to be substantially less defined, and thus perhaps an incomplete and less than sufficient means of imparting guidance.

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Due to these irregularities, it is my personal opinion that the external phenomena we know as “synchronicities” are in fact a kind of exceptionality and may have been introduced supplementarily as an alternate form of guidance and as a means of correcting this problem. They not only serve as an additional channel of information, but alternatively they are a rather inventive means of transcending rational-based thought. I’m sure this hasn’t gone unnoticed, but the purpose of the 1111 phenomenon, I suspect, is to serve exactly that function. It is to provide a succession of experiences which gradually overturn our tendency towards logic-based reasoning, and thus gives rise to a new-found receptivity towards intuitive subtleties. It seems typically to unfold in the following way: Right at the moment preceding soul-purpose activation (the spiritual awakening), we’re witness to uncanny synchronizations, which defy the conventional causative explanations. Immediately upon simple analysis, we’re confronted with the strange possibility that these are somehow being intelligently arranged, and furthermore that they seem devised for our own personal observation. From this inference, we’re inadvertently led to conclude that there must exist some kind of supreme intelligence capable of such feats, and also that these seemingly random events and occurrences may on another level carry some kind of meaning and significance. And thus, in a quite convenient about-turn, the foundational mindset required interpret divine instruction through synchronicity becomes engendered.

So to explain this in another way, what I think is taking place here during the initial phases the awakening process (in regard to the synchronicities) is a kind of peremptory demonstration of the universal consciousness that underlies reality. It is essentially the source creator revealing itself—not simply as a “tip of the hat”—but as a gesture of summons. It is making it known that it has business with us and that there are significant matters to be attended to. Beyond that, as one continues to observe, it progressively reveals a surprising capacity for responsiveness—that it seems clearly to be interactive and evidently very much inclined to establish a communication of some sort. The mere possibility of this would of course seem doubtful to most; however, spiritual adepts have long been aware that the divine is easily accessible and does not require any kind of religious appointment, nor exclusive status. From the observation of most, it seems to have a rather attentive and accommodating nature. However far-removed it is from that of human experience, it nevertheless is remarkably disposed to cater to the specific and unique conditions of our comparatively primitive nature. So for what it’s worth, I would say it’s reasonable to infer—in confirmation of the widely held belief—that it is of benevolent constitution.

So to just affirm what I may have been subtle to imply, I honestly believe, having experience with this in some depth, that this external form of divine expression (via synchronicities) is not only fundamental to the ascertaining of soul-purpose, but can itself be developed to an incredibly comprehensive system of communication. To exemplify: The existence of synchronicity demonstrates, quite clearly, that the divine has some extraordinary means of manipulating our reality, and thus the capacity to present us with visible phenomena—which are meant, underneath, to signify concepts and ideas. Hence, this particular and quite elaborate medium contains all the necessary elements needed to form language. The obvious complication, which few have thought to resolve, is the lack of mutually understood symbols. There is, alas, a terrible ambiguity with symbolic meaning, which no one can quite seem to unravel.

With attention to this problem, I offer the suggestion that the generally held notion of symbols having fixed universal meanings is perhaps, at the very least, ungrounded. It just seems to me that the immense diversity of perception would constitute such an extreme impracticability that there would have to be some deliberate variation in order to adequately communicate the appropriate information. For instance, if you were to try to communicate an idea to two different groups of people using a symbol, but there was a divide between the two groups as to what the symbol meant—you of course wouldn’t use the same symbol for both groups. For the group that had the less accurate interpretation, you would find a more appropriate symbol that more closely conveyed the meaning of the said idea. Now, of course, if the creator had conveniently furnished us with a complete lexicon, containing the approved meanings for every symbol, then naturally this idea of universal meanings would have more merit. But as the situation stands, it would seem more reasonable to suppose that there is intentional differentiation applied to symbols—that the symbols we’re presented with (in dreams, visions & synchronicities) have been designed and chosen according to our own unique perception, and therefore would not necessarily have the same relevance to another observer.

Assuming this to be the case, it comes readily to mind the idea that perhaps a more active form of participation can be applied to such communication. Perhaps there can be some kind of “self-establishing” of symbols, which can be gradually built upon, and thus eventually enabling a more developed and effective method of correspondence. The feasibility of this, to my mind, seems straightforward. If it is in fact ourselves who are unconsciously ascribing the meaning to the symbols, then surely the same result could be achieved through a deliberate conscious effort. This, I’m fairly sure, would require no formality and would be adequately accomplished through the simple formation of the idea—wording it out in one’s mind, if one needs to. As to the Universe’s cooperation with such an endeavor, I feel absolutely certain, now in retrospect, that it will obligingly consent. Keep in mind, lest we forget, that it is after all a conscious, reasoning being and not a pre-programmed machine incapable of stepping outside conventional parameters.

To illustrate this idea further, I’ll provide a series of personal accounts demonstrating the essence of what I mean. It should be noted that of the countless examples I have witnessed of this, there was only space here to detail a few.

To begin this correctly, I should first make clear that the system of communication I describe, at this point in time, had already been largely developed. I had gradually established a base of self-defined symbols, which consisted of numbers as well as iconographic images—the meanings of which, necessarily, were spiritually applicable. At the other end, there was unmistakably clear acknowledgment from the Universe. I had observed throughout the entire period, over a course of years, a remarkable correlation with the chosen symbols and the succeeding synchronicities. On one occasion for example, in an effort to corroborate a potentially important piece of information in regard to my soul-mission, I decided to designate a temporary (one-time) symbol, which, if it occurred as a synchronicity, would act as a confirmation that the information was valid. For this I chose the symbol of an owl. An owl seemed ideal due to the relatively intermittent periodicity of it occurring naturally—mitigating the possibility that the symbol might arise by chance. No more than six hours later, that very same evening, my dad, seemingly out of the blue, but not entirely, made some small remark about an experience he had with two owls while he was living in Missouri. Following this, during the same evening as well, I passed by the television and glanced at it just in time to witness the bathrobe-clad owl from the TripAdvisor commercials. And as if that weren’t sufficient, the very next morning my sister stops over my house bringing her daughter with her, who, to my amazement, was wearing a bright green shirt adorned with the image of a large owl as centerfold.

As a precursor to the next example, I should like to briefly explain the idea with numbers and this communication, and their particular suitability as symbols. What I mean by suitability is that they appear fairly regularly in our lives and can turn up through a diverse range of different sources. This provides a kind of flexibility in the sense that it allots the Universe with a greater number of avenues by which the symbol can be transmitted. In addition to this, the relative frequency of their occurrence enables an increased capacity for the symbols to be conveyed at a precise timing. This provides the means for synchronicities to indicate particular moments and events, either to signify importance, or to perhaps draw our attention to an area of spiritual concern (depending on the meaning given to the number). Ultimately what this facilitates is almost a kind of real-time dialogue, which can become progressively more complex, and more frequent, as further symbols are designated. As a final note on this, I should mention that the employment of numbers as symbols would be potentially less viable for certain applications, such as the previously described confirmational purpose—unless of course the chosen number was long and uncommonly occurring.

An example of a useful number symbol application is illustrated through the following story: During the period immediately following my spiritual awakening, I had taken up a job at a personal care facility near my home. I seemed to have been led there by my intuition and felt that experience that would come from it would be exactly what was needed during my initial stages of development. Throughout working this job, I had begun to derive a fair amount of spiritual guidance from a variety of different sources. It soon became apparent through this that the level of integrity expected of the spiritual aspirant (according to the Universe’s standards I suppose) was actually above what I had anticipated. It was, I would say, pretty much maximal—and of almost all-encompassing responsibility. It actually required some divergence from my instructions in many instances, namely on occasions where there were unfair rulings being administered by the management. Because of my initial reluctance with endangering my job in this way, I decided it would be prudent to designate a number symbol, which I’d hoped would identify and substantiate these moral obligations, ensuring me that they were indeed being sanctioned before I went out on a limb. On the grounds that service-to-others is central to divine precepts and also that of spiritual advancement, it seemed feasible to me that assistance could be rendered in this area. And so as it happened, almost immediately upon designation of this symbol—of which I chose to be 25 & 52—there indeed came to be an undeniable correlation with the appearance of the numbers and incidents of ethical concern.

The onset of this began practically the following day. I had recently arrived at work and while preparing the morning coffee was approached by my co-worker with the deplorable news that the management intended on cutting back the already meager serving sizes. Instantly thinking to myself that this must certainly qualify, I swung round to view the microwave clock and was somewhat surprised to find that it read 6:52 a.m. exactly. Shortly following this, there came an incident where a certain resident of the home, through no fault of his own, had accidentally urinated on what had been deemed the “good” sofa. My supervisor, claiming that this had not been the first time and holding the questionable opinion that he was in full control of this function, had rashly decided that he was from now on debarred from the living room after 9 p.m. This was clearly unreasonable and in my estimation had very much the semblance of a concentration camp. It essentially confined him to his bedroom where he possessed no TV, and consequently was not able to watch his sports programs—which was beyond doubt his primary interest in life. Luckily, as it would happen, my supervisor was not present during the evening hours and so the enforcement of this rule fell conveniently to me. On that same night, as it was nearing 9 o’clock—the time when I was supposed to enact the unscrupulous ruling—I was finishing up the evening meds and decided to check the remaining doses on the three inhalers to see if new ones needed to be ordered. Somewhat unusually, the first two inhalers I checked both happened to converge on the number 25, and the third, significantly as well, happened to be on 11—which was an additional symbol I designated to signify occasions of spiritual importance. Very much emboldened by this, I abruptly announced to my co-worker that the ruling was decidedly absurd and was going to be disregarded—and that perhaps a plan could be contrived in order to continue its circumvention. Immediately following this I entered the living room to make this known to him, and as I sat down on the couch I was suddenly aware that prominently displayed before me on the television screen was a football player exhibiting clearly on the back of his jersey the number 25.

An additional example of a number symbol application occurred roughly during this same period. I had been undergoing a long process of trying to correctly ascertain the nature and parameters of my soul-mission. Eventually, after sifting through a lot of the clearly distractive elements that suspiciously come one’s way, I was able to narrow down what I thought to be one of the central goals—at least as far as my development was concerned. It was to undertake a rigorous but highly effective form of spiritual practice which involves a prolonged duration of abstinence from the five-sense pleasures. I regarded it as a kind of watered-down, westernized version of asceticism. As I had really no idea the level I was to take this, nor the extent of what it would encompass, I had decided, for the hell of it, to designate symbols representing this practice to see if perhaps their appearance would correlate with pertinent information or events, which could maybe shed further light on it. I decided to use the numbers the 14 & 41. What thereafter began to eventuate, rather interestingly, was the marked appearance of the number upon each and every occasion where my actions constituted a violation of the practice. It wasn’t just a possible correlation that I was observing, the meticulous and precise timing of the number was so regular that it became an almost predictable outcome. And so what culminated from this, through a sort of trial and error, was a clear delineation of the parameters of the practice—or at the least the specific measures that I was to take in particular.

Provided is a small selection of the many examples of this: The first demonstrates what I would say is the most common way in which it would occur. It was during the very beginning and having gone a week and a half on a completely tasteless diet, I was feeling a bit deprived and, by virtue of the cold winter day, decided that a hot bath was in order. The notion that this might have constituted an infraction had entirely escaped my awareness, however, was quickly brought to mind upon settling into the water. I acknowledged this, but, subdued by the warmth, remained stationary. When I did finally resurface, I deliberately made my way to the kitchen so as to confer with oven clock. It displayed to me the time of 11:14, and so I therefore reluctantly conceded that hot baths were now apparently out of bounds. This same result, much to my dismay, occurred unceasingly upon virtually every attempt to listen to music. I would go to put on a CD in my car and, invariably, it would either be 14 or 41 minutes past the hour; a car would drive past bearing the numbers; or they would exhibit themselves through some other means, such as on a mile marker beside the road. Likewise, when any of my musician friends would text me proposing a jam session, they would very inopportunely always text me precisely during the aforementioned times. Even on inadvertent occasions I was accordingly notified: I’d park my car to get gas and upon getting out and hearing blaring music from a nearby speaker, I would generally discover that the previous patron had unwittingly pumped an amount of gas in surprising correlation with the designated numbers.

Another feature of this communication, and its distinct advantages, can be gleaned from the following: During this same period following my spiritual awakening, as is common, I had become acutely aware of the astonishing sophistication involved with spiritual deception. Quite reasonably, and very early on, I had come to the conclusion that virtually all of the various channels by which multi-dimensional information can be transferred were, undoubtedly, compromisable. So out of sheer necessity, I decided that rigorous procedures needed to be put in place, and that all information, gotten from wherever (trusted source or not), needed to be thoroughly evaluated before taken into account—an exercise that should be absolutely mandatory. The strategy that I ultimately came to, as to how I could authenticate information, was essentially what I have described in the first example. It was to establish confirmation symbols and additionally a general-purpose symbol which could function as a kind of “indicator”—alerting me in the contingency of a deception. To provide added flexibility, I chose two symbols for this: the numbers 39 & 93 and—but of course—“the snake”.

The numbers, as I had discovered with the other applications, worked considerably well. They would arise with almost persistent regularity each and every time upon taking in information which later, in hindsight, was recognized to be questionable. Whether they would appear on the clock, on a license plate, or through some other source, they generally would always show up—appearing to coincide, in approximate timing, with an apparent deceptive scheme of some sort (frequently of varied type). As to the symbol of the snake, it too became used semi-frequently, but not always in the expected way. Interesting case in point: As I was working at the same personal care facility, I was at the time very much focused on the sensual abstinence practice that I mentioned. Throughout this, I had determined that the practice needed to be carried out with strict consistency, and at the time of this story I was well into the process—roughly two and a half weeks. So, I was at work on this day, managing quite well with the practice, and upon preparation of the evening meal, perhaps due to the aroma (and perhaps something else), I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my resolve and began to rationalize partaking in the meal. It was quite a strange episode, because I knew how foolish it would be to end the process prematurely and that the vibrational gain depended upon a longer duration. Nonetheless, as if an influence was exerting itself, I felt forcibly compelled to eat. And as I was serving the last old woman her meal, I prepared to do just that—when, abruptly, and with no preamble, the old woman blurted out the words “don’t let the snake get you”, and correspondingly raised her forefinger—as in a gesture of warning.

Momentarily stunned, I stood there fixedly, contemplating what had just transpired. I was confounded not least because of the bizarre timing of this statement, but also for the reason that I had never heard such an expression before, and afterwards wondered just how on earth this could have organically originated from her own mind. I was even tempted to walk over to her and inquire about it, but in the end thought it better not to. Could it possibly have been the Universe who issued this warning, relayed via the higher-self of the old woman? Synchronicities do tend to occur this way, made possible by the interconnected nature of energy fields, which of course are in turn linked to the higher levels of consciousness—where presumably such divine emanations originate from. However, in all honesty, the seemingly inorganic and unnatural emergence of this utterance, had me relatively inclined to doubt this. I would expect that in authentic cases where the Universe conveys its counsel through humans, that there would always be an explanatory basis and legitimate context for why the words were spoken; that the Universe does not simply override the person’s speech faculties, but rather that its thoughts are, at all times, intricately enmeshed with our own—entailing that the contained message is perhaps being overlaid, inconspicuously, during the course of normal dialogue. Additionally, this may suggest the intriguing possibility that our thoughts and words are, perhaps regularly, containing a higher level of meaning, existing concurrent with the ostensible meaning. On account of this, returning to the old woman, I couldn’t help but have the sneaking suspicion that perhaps, at that moment, there may well have been an “externally” transmitted thought-form, upon which she hastily, without thinking, decided to verbalize. In which case leaving a multitude of questions, which for our purposes here would be slightly too far out of topic.

I should mention here that the preceding examples are by no means meant to be taken as evidence for this. They were included to provide the reader with illustrative descriptions of how the synchronicities would typically occur. They cannot and should not be taken as proof, as the phenomenon of synchronicity is, by its own nature, largely subjective. Its truth is entirely within the eye of the beholder and cannot be adequately translated to an outside individual. All the same, I still feel it necessary to mention here that the volume of such synchronicities that I have witnessed was, to say the very least, substantial—and, for me, certainly weighed in favor of their legitimacy. They not only occurred on an everyday basis, but always in the same extraordinary and uncanny fashion. From a rational standpoint, I completely agree, this kind of regularity would seem highly improbable. The only explanation I can offer is the possibility that through becoming in alignment with our soul-purpose, we enter into this sort of “divine-timing”, where all of our external circumstances have been arranged to occur on a precise schedule in relation to our observances. I would also suggest that the reason synchronicities don’t normally occur on such a regular basis—for instance with ordinary people—is that they simply aren’t “watching”, and therefore, due to this unawareness and lack of receptivity, perhaps nothing is being transmitted.

I think it’s also important to note here that the nature of synchronicity is extremely multifarious. The information I’ve given is certainly in no way meant to encapsulate their essence, but rather to draw attention to a certain aspect of their employment, which I feel hasn’t been fully appreciated. So any and all of the preconceived notions we’ve had about them, as well as the conventional methodology in which their normally utilized, I do not by any means wish to invalidate. I would not even refrain, if it suits you, to attempt to glean the meaning of symbols from an external source, such as a book, or even a website. I say this, not contradicting my previous statements, for the following reasons: If one is in the habit of using a particular website to define their received symbols, it’s plausible that the Universe would find this situation as a useful expedient. It would provide a ready-made pool of symbols and their attached meanings—to which it would know you would refer to. So as long as the website contained meanings possessing the necessary utility, it would only be advantageous for it to make use of this arrangement by choosing from these available symbols ones that would closely correspond with its planned messages. Additionally, I would also think that the act deriving symbolic meanings from a database, and this aggregation, would perhaps be somewhat favorable and may potentially culminate into a slightly more developed system, such as I have described. The only issue with this approach lies with the characteristics of the borrowed meanings—whether or not they have genuine serviceability, and of course the potentiality of their being malignant.

To draw this essay to a close, I would just like to elucidate further the kind of value this may potentially have and also its broader implications. If we are in fact able to achieve a more direct and comprehensive form of communication with the collective consciousness (the Universe), then it would take very little imagination to see the profound issues that this might help us solve. The most problematic of these issues, and perhaps the most urgent, I would think would be the extreme pervasiveness of disinformation. This issue, though widely recognized, I would suggest is more colossal, and more penetrating, than we care to admit. I think there would be very little disagreement to conjecture that the entire underpinning of New Age philosophy has been largely contaminated by maleficent influences. If we agree this is the case—then where exactly does the deception lie? How far does it extend? Are, perhaps, some of our more accepted beliefs tainted in a way that we haven’t yet recognized? This, from my own point of view, does not seem to be strikingly clear. And so, on account of this uncertainty, and the entire spiritual enterprise that rests on it, it would probably be advisable to begin sorting this out. Perhaps it should be standard practice to routinely challenge our conventional model—to on occasion redirect our scrutiny from the already unveiled mainstream and position it in view of our own beliefs. Upon an even cursory examination of orthodox spirituality, I think it’s evidently clear that this is exactly what is needed. The unyielding obstacle, of which I previously alluded, is that there are truly no sources of information capable of turning out material with a high degree of certainty. On these grounds, I think it would be a shrewd maneuver if it were possible to implement an alternative strategy, such as perhaps the method I’ve described, which could circumvent the conventional channels of information and in such a way provide a functional means to obtain authenticated truths. Such a tactic is certainly possible, however, is most definitely not without its complications and, of course, would not be entirely invulnerable to deceptive interference. Nevertheless, considering the unsatisfactoriness of the present situation, as well as the lack of better alternatives, the use of synchronicity as a means to establish truth may be prove to be of considerable benefit and quite possibly the most resourceful solution we have available to us.

About the author: I would consider myself a spiritual advisor who’s focused primarily on the newly awakening—helping to facilitate soul-purpose activation. I see it as central the task of bringing abstract metaphysical concepts further in range of acceptability of the rationalistic mainstream. In addition to this, I see it as also vital the need to reassess the whole of spiritual philosophy and to establish with greater certainty the veracity of our prevailing beliefs. It is an exhilarating line of work, and I’m greatly honored to take part in it. I reside in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania USA, and I make myself fully available to anyone who wishes me to expand on anything or to discuss spiritual/esoteric topics in general. I can be reached at:

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