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Angel Message For The Week #45

By on November 26, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

The levels of your reality are like the keys of the piano with “high octaves” a “middle C” and the base notes. On sheet music, the treble clef and the base clef are divided by middle C. The universe is similarly divided into 22 levels between the two polarities. 11 lower “octaves” and 11 higher “octaves,” which meet at a central “note” that divides the lower and higher densities. Within each level, there exists infinite possibilities and/or timelines which exist simultaneously. Everything you want already exists in some vibration, frequency, timeline and level of reality. It is you who attune to or “play the melody” that aligns you with the vibration of what it is showing up for you right now. If you want something different to present itself to you, then play a different song.

In our universe, there are 22 levels of reality before reaching the so called “top note” and “base note” of absoluteness. 11 positive and 11 “negative” levels. In the the center point between these levels exists neutrality. This is the “middle C” of realities. Numerically, this concept looks like the number on the clock, 11:11. This is a visual trigger to awaken your remembrance of this structure. There are 11 levels of reality below the neutral point, which take on increasingly negative polarity as you descend the levels. In fact, this is where your idea of “hell” being “down below” originated. It is actually a lower level of reality that some souls have visited or experienced. It does not exist buried down deep in the earth but it is a lower dimension or density with amped down vibration.

There are also 11 higher levels of reality above neutral which are increasingly positive as you ascend each one. The highest level of existence before absorption into “the All” is “Level 22” or 11th density positive. It is the most joyous, beautiful, light, bright, loving, positive level of existence filled with great splendor and sparkle. Many of you came from the upper levels of reality to be here in 3rd density (You are currently in the third density above neutral on the positive end of the spectrum.)

Now that you are aware of the neutral space that divides the 11 positive and 11 negative levels of reality, we will explain to you why there are those of you who keep seeing the number 11:11. The complete separation of the levels of reality at the neutral point is at hand. This era is foretold Biblically as the “separating the wheat from the chaff” and “the sheep from the goats.” Now is the time, 11:11. It is the 11th hour. Once this division takes place, the pendulum will no longer swing as widely in either direction. The two worlds will separate into negative to neutral and positive to neutral.

The same will occur for individual beings. 11:11 is to remind you that the time is coming when those who sit on the fence must make a choice before the splitting apart of these dualistic realities right at the neutral point (symbolized by the colon between the two 11’s in 11:11). This event can be likened to the splitting of an atom. Anyone who is 50% positive and 50% negative is metaphorically sitting on the fence. 49% positive to 0% positive will split off along with the 11 lower levels, no longer allowing the pendulum to swing as far into positive territory. Those who are 51% positive to 100% positive will split off with the higher levels no longer allowing the pendulum to swing so far into negative territory. The word “positive” really represents those who are composed of greater than 50% LOVE.

Many of you came from higher levels to help shift those who remain “on the fence” over towards the positive (love) and this is your soul’s mission, and life’s work. This may not feel as “fancy” or glamorous as it seems. In fact, there are far more of you higher dimensional beings blending into this reality in the most unlikely of places. There are more of you working behind a cash register than in the political arena, we assure you. Wherever you are, do not be fooled by the role you are playing, for as we see it from our level, you are positioned right where you are needed! Every one of you is needed here for this shift to take place, and nothing you do is ever wasted. It will resonate for you, if this is what you chose.

Some of you higher souls will choose to stay back in lower density with the negatively polarized beings and will continue to assist in heir ascension. This not for the faint of heart, but as soldiers of divine love, your soul can never be harmed. For example, Jesus came and chose to assist as many as possible to a higher level of living and being. He knew the risks, yet he courageously took the assignment. Some of you will choose a similar destiny. No matter what you choose, you are here now and you are greatly loved.

“Rise and Shine!”

Elise Cantrell

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