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Angel Message For The Week #49

By on January 21, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

2019 is a year of celebration. Fully engage in your own re-creation. Out with the old and in with the gold! Recreate yourself on a higher plane with a higher plan.

Recreate yourself without the pain. Discard old paradigms whose contracts have expired. Up-grade now to paradigms you desire. You create with the power of your expectations, so make sure to focus upon that which is worthy of exploration.

When you reach the higher spiritual planes, paradigms dissolve along with pain, and limitless possibility is all that remains. Do not allow an inferior reality to be created for you, for you are the sovereign creator of what you choose!

Ask not what will befall you this year, and resist the temptation too create from your fears. Decide what you truly desire to do, be, and have. And move towards it, letting trust be your salve.

Indecision is a decision too… Careful not to let your reality be unconsciously chosen for you.

This is the beginning. This is the foundation. Day by day you move closer to satisfaction. The reality you desire has been waiting for you. It longs for you to choose it too!

We light beings and angels have gathered from all time, space and dimensions, to come together to assist in your assertion. The strategy to bring about the light burst “event”, begins with you choosing what makes you content. From this place of contentment, joy and peace are born.

The winds of grace moved us away from the storms. Everyone of us beings begins to alight. Collected together our energy is bright! Remember filling a jar with fireflies and watching them light up together?

This is what happens when you all shine together.

That is exactly what you came here to do!

Now nothing can stop you from following through. Ready… set.. shine!!!!

Elise Cantrell

Angel Message For The Week

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