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Angel Message For The Week #63

By on May 20, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

Our message to you this week is one of simplicity! Complications, confusion and conflict are quantum entanglements that keep you enmeshed in the matrix web of 3rd dimensional reality. 3rd dimensional time-space is a place of opposite extremes where the positive and negative charges between the two polarities, magnetically hold and contain everything that exists between the two poles. There exists no other plane of reality where such vast contrast exists. You could say that 3D itself is “bipolar.” The magnetic pull is so strong in this dimension of time-space,that it is difficult to transcend. 5th dimension is the time-space plane where simplicity prevails due to the vibration of harmony and balance that resound. The polarity that exists in 5D is merely a fraction of what is experienced in the 3rd dimension. This creates a quantum field that encapsulates “Ease of being”.

5th dimension can be accessed though your own states of consciousness. To align with 5D, you can begin to release clutter, distraction, chaos. These are interferences or diversions which hijack your consciousness, keeping you orbiting in the “outer rings” of the lighter way of living and being available to you in higher states of consciousness.

Our message to you is to consciously simplify your life by deliberately decluttering your personal reality, on the material, mental and energetic levels. Remember that “less is more” in 5D. This is a plane of consciousness where you do less, yet receive more, you try less and enjoy more, strive less and live more. We liken this level of reality to a spider’s web in which the spider exists in its own sovereign plane of reality, a matrixed web, in which everything it needs to live and thrive just shows up.

You too will have all of your needs show up in this new 5 D matrix that you are in the process of creating. Here there is no interference, and it is not complicated!

It is time to begin the process of unlearning and deprogramming your ideas about the way things once worked and realign with the you that creates and manifests by allowing the momentum and forces of Universe to work with you rather than against you. It is a place where your natural instincts of giving and receiving, doing and allowing, thinking and feeling, action and inaction, trusting and following your awareness results in all that you want and need. FEEL your way forward to break free of thought implants and imprints that hold you hostage to ancient belief systems. You have already learned to “surf the web,” now is the time to surf the flow of the universe.

“Rise and Shine!”

Angel Message For The Week

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