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Angel Message For The Week #34

By on September 10, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

What you have been through was your initiation. What you are about to experience is your celebration. The turmoil is over and the TRIUMPH is here. You have been sifted like wheat but you have risen like yeast. We are proud of your progress to say the least.

Each one of you who came through the fire is emerging now to rise higher and higher. You now know your courage, you now know your strength, your wisdom has deepened by reaching the brink. You achieved it yourself with love cheering you on: ancestors, masters, angels, all a part of the throng.

Your light has shone brightly when for others it dimmed, as badly as you have been broken, you have kept up your chin. The world has been changed by the force of your grid. This planet is brighter because of the things that you did.

You looked beyond all matter and time, and sought to understand the mystery of the divine. Through you is born the consciousness of the Christ. Through sharing the light all things are made right. The brightest souls took the brunt of the pain, but in the end, you rose up and overcame.

Victory is upon you, you’re now in the clear, for your soul won the battle for all you hold dear. The battle resounded on all planes of existence and through all of the chaos, you went the distance.

Breathe my child, breathe for the the time is near, when you can reclaim all that is dear. You have attained your mission here. It is with great love that we gift you now, the keys to the palace, and humbly bow.

You are a part of the wave of light, that has made the difference and set the world right.

Elise CantrellAbout the author: Elise Cantrell is an author, teacher, healer, wife and mother. She has authored 6 books in the mind, body, spirit wellness genre including her award winning book 40 Days to Enlightened Eating. Elise has a master’s degree in education, is a ERYT 500 yoga instructor, Ayurveda Practitioner, and owner of Shining Lotus Yoga and Wellness in Kohler, WI. Elise has communicated with angels telepathically and through automatic writing since she was a child. She passionately strives to inspire everyone towards their best and highest self through living and teaching a variety of lifestyle and healing practices.

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