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Ant’s Energy Update – The Emerald Ray Activating Our High Hearts

By on October 9, 2017 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments
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Ant's Energy Update - The Emerald Ray Activating Our High Hearts

by Ant,
Contributing Writer,

With the 8/5 full moon being in fiery Aries, we are embracing an authentic urge for wholeness and Universal harmony in the dance of reality.

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Having the Mars and Venus conjunction establishes our motivations for the union of the sacred marriage. Through this balance and integration, we are blessed with a pure heart of compassion for all of the divinity in life. Enlightenment constantly in motion in a cosmic interplay of yin/yang elements to bring the pieces of Source back to harmony. ??

The law of of attraction is establishing us with heart led motives of expression as this is our gateway to rapid spiritual development. The neural pathways within the heart center are roughly 60 times more receptive in sensing electrodynamic energy than the brain. Therefore, we have this innate resonance shining into the ray of divine wisdom, to perceive with the Mind-Body-Soul link. Consciousness in awareness of this ray bridges a unity of heart and mind to move fluidity with nature, living a balanced and compassionate life. ❤️?

With all of the balanced Libra energy being felt, we can be facing a shedding of latching egoic armor (karmic ties) needing to be resolved. Instead of being in thrall to illusionary judgment and fear constructs of the mind, we choose love through the high heart of divine wisdom.

Move through the gateless gate of perceived separation and into heart led unity with the One tribe. Peace and love are expressed in nature with the sacred marriage in balance.

Everything is enlightenment constantly unfolding through the organic rhythm of change.

Flow with this organic patterning and live in the heart.

Blessed be by the emerald ray.

Love and light


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