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Ant’s Energy Update – Friday The 13th Ego Death

By on October 13, 2017 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments
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Ant's Energy Update - Friday The 13th Ego Death

by Ant,
Contributing Writer,

The day of the 13th, equating in the lexarithmic sum of 4, in numerology associated with death. Four represents the mutability of the divine feminine waters. Out with the old, in with the new. ??

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With the benevolent urge of Jupiter moving into Scorpio on 10/10, the transformation of the stormy energetic waters becomes very real in the physical reality we perceive. These are the motion and dance of particles in constant change and the true nature of the Universe. Letting go of all we ‘latch’ on to out of fear which moves us out of balance, to sin off the mark of our high heart intent of love and light for One. Choose love over fear in the power of Now. Always a triad of potentials with a polarity in ego, and a polarity in spirit, but in the middle we balance and walk in the intelligence of the heart. We balance into this eternal Tao and our power is expressed through compassionate action in the sacred heart. ?❤️?

The inner protector of the ego, a compartmentalized survival consciousness that is a summation of all the relative beliefs and perceptions we hold towards ourselves and reality. The eternal truth, the emerald tables of wisdom, lies within the sacred heart. The only eternal truth is Love and everything else is prompted to change. Ego is the limitation which alchemically transforms Now through surrendering to the Divine. Within the numerology of 13 and 4 in this transformative Pluto energy of Jupiter in Scorpio, represents the death of the mind’s ego. ?⚡️

It is ego that keeps the mind enslaved to belief constructs of security, destabilizing the connection with ones innate intelligence (intuition) in the sacred High Heart. The High Heart is the divine resonance with Source, always in communication with the Higher Self. When we surrender to Source with full unconditional faith and trust, the heart is felt and begins integrating. It is only the ego that holds us back from our divine power and energetic connection to our astral and etheric light body. Each and every one of us holds the key within our Akashic field, a library of all of our incarnated experiences on Gaia. This field is our energetic imprint and we are melding and integrating with this Now as we reside into the limitless heart space. A Merkabic field of light which is pulsating with photic intelligence, always communicating and operating through the sacred heart center. Feel into this Now. ?? ?

No more latching on to quick fixes of pleasure or security, which the ego thrives off in response to our negative habitual reactions and behaviors. When we feel emotionally unstable, but our unable to reach into the heart to find and ‘feel’ why, the ego has the capability of coming through and a possession by an archetype/persona takes place. We can start behaving through the head and not out of truth, but merely fear as the ego latches on out of emotional imbalance. Be receptive to the subtle yet powerful waves of energy pulsating in your heart. Emotional intelligence is the key towards releasing the binds of ego. This is your intuition, go with your instincts Now. ??

A persona no more. We are evolving and transforming as we integrate the truth of our being in our divine High Heart. With Jupiter moving into Scorpio as of 8/10, we are feeling the inner urge to transform and reform our realities. The sea of reflection that is physical reality shall bring us an abundance of synchronicities and all of the joy, love, and blessings our heart desires. Merging with the higher self through the heart and surrendering through the mind to diminish and stomp on the egos false sense of control. No more forcing, just flow with change and surrender as the power is always Now. Letting go of all that hinders our soul from expressing love. Love over fear always ?

Love and light


Image: Pixabay

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