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Are You Awake, Or, Only Dreaming Of Waking Up?

By on April 11, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Are You Awake, Or, Only Dreaming Of Waking Up?

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by Robyn Leigh Saavedra,
Contributing Writer,

It is liberating to be free from the mass imprint of lower consciousness. A weight is lifted when you realize that the false teachings about life and death are not the truth. All that is conducive to your soul has been hidden or colored in shades of fear and lies. The choice to be awake can be the greatest gift that you can give yourself.


Yet, I introduce to you the possibility that there are many levels of awakening.

Do not be discouraged if you find you that you are not fully awake and find yourself only dreaming of waking. This dream of awakening is the precursor to total awareness. There is so much collective confusion parading as truth that it has permeated the universal mind. You have a brain and it sends it’s thoughts and intentions to the mind. Nothing stays in your head. Everything is connected. Many thoughts in your head repeat themselves appearing to run overtime. They never stop. You cannot conceive that a purpose could be silence. These thoughts and patterns in your head are sent to the universal mind where both truth and error now reside. The awakened must watch their thoughts and send only pure intentions out to the universe to receive more of the same.

This is your dream and you create your own reality. Do you blame a group of people like the Illuminati for holding you back with tricks to keep you tied to 3D dimensional thinking? They are creating their own dream and you chose to walk in. Imagine yourself walking away from this. When you are fully awake, all parts of yourself merge into one and the idea of being separate from anything cannot be perceived. No one or anything is separate from you. It is a grand illusion and since our birth, and we have programmed ourselves collectively to be what we are not. You can wake up when you decide. Life is likened to that of a dream because you create it. All of it. You can easily change what you are creating or experiencing, because it is only held together by your belief that it is real. Regardless of how the illusion manifests itself, your life is created by you. Imagine for a minute that no one judges your behavior or actions and no one else can make you play a role you do not want to play. You would then be responsible for everything. You do not need a savior if you are not a victim.

The ego mind must stay alive with purpose and identity. Everyone reading this has likely changed their purpose and identity when discarding previous belief systems. When you changed your thoughts this resulted in the way you perceived the entire world. Where did the ego go during this transformation? It is still there. Ego is your tool for human survival and can be your personal demon or angel. The personality or ego will realign itself to fit your new thoughts and beliefs. Change is the only constant in this reality. In ignorance we strive for security and stability, unable to see that everything is changing and nothing remains the same from one minute to the next. If not in this body, it would be apparent that you are not your ego. Teaching that the personality survives physical death is an appeal to the ego to accept the new thought. The ego is frail and fears death. Your errors in thinking creates your reality. Whatever you believe is true becomes the living truth for you. You cannot keep something in your life that is false and next to a pillar of truth and have clarity. Personality can be interchanged for ego for simplification. This is where the inner work becomes essential. Well dressed, the ego can protect and serve you. The Ego, however, depending on your thoughts and how you nurture your beliefs, can also grow into something akin to a poisonous plant that binds you and holds you to your pain and nightmares.

As a collective, judgment is something that should be examined. We see people with a severe handicap or living with different cognitive functions such as mental retardation and immediately feel a loss for them. Do they feel a loss that we are so consumed and constantly in motion? Or, do you answer that they could not possibly understand what they are missing as they do not have the same tools for living that we do. Why do we still judge what we do not understand? Do you know what is right and what is wrong? Do not be too quick to answer. Unless you have prejudged something as desirable or not good…. You cannot apply these labels. Labels are given to reinforce the illusion of separation. There is no good or bad unless you deem it so.

Most reading this have experienced a multitude of multidimensional shifts in consciousness while still living. This perhaps was the wake up call for you. Previous esoteric philosophies have taught that these experiences, as seen in the mandela effect, were reserved as a reward for those who had ascended such as a Guru or Master like Jesus. Why you? Unless……There is no unless. Why not, you? Since this is a world of opposites, it makes sense to question everything from both directions. Quoting from an unknown source,”How can you know the end if you don’t know the beginning”


When you think, because you have awakened, that it is your duty to wake up the world the ego jumps for joy. The ego emerges in the newly awakened, as the director of the play, and assures you that you are on the right path. Though the egotic eyes, you see those awake and those poor souls who are still asleep. This judgement of others elevates you to a better place. It also separates you from the real truth. Now, you reside in an dualistic world. Not so unlike the earth in which we live. Simply put, how can you be awake if your concerned about what is going on in the dream? When you are awake the dream is no longer relevant.

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Seekers of the truth, like you, did not expect to experience multiple timelines while still alive. Change of frequency moves us into a new way of experiencing life. It is important to know that nothing exists except the present moment. Eckhart Tolle explains this concept of time in his book, “The Power of Now”. No one can create anything in his or her past or future. Everything is created in the present moment. Everything exists in the present moment. This is now. You are an eternal being of light. Doris Cannon elaborated on this principle when she stated that everything exists now in this moment, but clarified that it did not happen simultaneously. Her example was that of a growing child. It appears that the stages of growth occur over a span of time. However, the complete life of that child exists now. Everything exists now at this moment. We are expanding in consciousness and experiencing awareness of this moment because we asked for greater awareness. Nothing outside yourself has any influence over you. The outside world is a reflection of what you expect to see. If you created it, but had forgotten that you are the agent of this change, would that change the author? No, it would not. Whatever you are experiencing now is not because of a “wave of light” or the “veil being lifted”. You are the wave. You are the veil. You are the reason you are having this experience.This world is based upon your perception of separation. This is the illusion. You are not separate from the universe. You are the universe. We have chosen to have this experience of separation. But, that doesn’t make it real.

Thoughts are things and nothing you see outside of your body with your eyes existed prior to a thought. In fact, now, most people reading this are aware that much of what is seen in the outside world is not real. The course in miracles, to paraphrase, tells us that if God did not create it…then it is not real. Open your eyes and what do you see? What are your thoughts telling you now? The new earth or emerging spiritual community by awakening has changed the universal consciousness, thus, changed the world. With this acceptance comes a great individual responsibility. No one else can be blamed for anything. It is your thoughts that have created your world as you know it. When you resonate with others it only means that those souls are thinking the same vibrational thoughts as you. Now, just imagine that your thoughts are so powerful that each and everyone shoots out and away from you and like an arrow lands on something and sticks. Do you want that thought to be a loving thought, healing message or one of ignorance and fear?

Take back your power with your awakening. You are not a victim nor could you ever be. Are you feeling like this is a bad place? How do some live their lives on earth and never express the believe that this is hell? In fact, they might think when they leave this life that they are rewarded by going to heaven. Jesus said, heaven is right here and now and you just can’t see it. Food for thought, imagine everything is here right now and heaven and hell exist simultaneously. As many thoughts and ideas that exist for possible outcomes are all here right now. Whatever you choose to focus your awareness on becomes the foundation from which you build your reality. When you shift your attention your reality changes. Choose love not fear and spread the light to expand the view. Be mindful as you create your world with eyes wide open. It is your consciousness that creates what you know as reality.

Robyn Leigh Saavedra

About the author: Robyn has had a life long path of discovery and interest into metaphysical topics. Living near the A.R.E. association for research and enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia has allowed her to explore the work of the late great prophet Edgar Cayce and to develop her own natural talents as an empath and healer. She has an extensive background in psychology and medicine working as a nurse practitioner for over 10 years and therapist in the traditional mode. She is a non traditional healer now and works as a lightworker going wherever the universe directs. Robyn was raised as an only child by both parents who were “spiritualists” She was taught the art of soul travel and was initiated into eckankar at age 13. She currently is a student of the course in miracles and continues to study with the same group of peers in Virginia Beach for the past 10 years. Robyn is an intuitive psychic and has precognitive dreams. She reads tarot cards and has been a lifelong student of the esoteric arts. Aside from the background, presently Robyn is a motivational speaker and leader. She believes that all things are living and death is a myth. She is both a creative and esoteric writer. She is also the oldest living indigo child. Her philosophy on life is “consciousness, is the only state worth consideration”.

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