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Are You Ready To Activate Your DNA And Physically Integrate Your Higher Self?

By on March 23, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing Writer,

Lightworkers, it is time to answer the clarion call.  6 times they have attempted to bring humanity to light and failed.   This is the last and final attempt.  The time is now to awaken from the long slumber.   To know that we are not alone and there are things available to assist in this turbulent time.   Surrender and know that as the icy grip on fear is released, there is a lifeline being tossed to assist in this transition to light.  It was only the passing of Earth through the Photon Belt in 2012 that allowed the higher dimensional energies to be brought down and anchored here.  Passing above the Milky Way provided access to higher frequencies and finally enough lightworkers were “awake” to anchor the energy and share it with humanity.   Marconics energy was brought down at this this time to assist with the ascension mission.  It is light encoded energy which through a recalibration process activates previously dormant DNA.  When triggered it re-awakens the consciousness critical for survival in the higher dimensions.  Marconics allows connection through the 8th Chakra to the higher self and physical integration into the individual occurs.

The new energetic frequency is the plugging in of the human incarnate to the Unified Field Matrix which consists of the Axi atonal A, B, and C fields.  These consist of the personal auric field (A), The auric field of the Earth, which is the crystalline grid (B) and the Universe (C).   Through raising the vibration permanently, previously dormant DNA activates creating an awakening and remembering of all that you are.   Marconics creates the human upgrade.  As higher frequencies are sustained, the rise and expansion of consciousness allows for connection to multidimensional experiences.  Abilities long forgotten start to accelerate and grow, and connection to the higher self creates alignment, clarity and detachment around the 3D world we are shifting away from.

The recalibration process is permanent meaning the frequency is constantly matching the 5D frequencies and higher.   The recalibration process involves the uncapping of the Chakras which were nipped and capped creating the earthly experience without experience of reality as fully conscious and “awake” beings.   51% of karmic debris is removed going back to the inception of the soul.   This is the leg up so to speak allowing the human incarnate to shed what has been holding it back lifetime after lifetime, the old karmic imprints and patterns.  The 7 Chakras expand to include the galactic chakras and as the uncapped chakras expand, they interlock creating such rapid spin new karma begins to skip off.  Like the grains of sand slipping down the hour glass, we have run out of time.  Humanity is unable to clear enough karma and density they have created to go higher, to meet the new frequencies and energetic vibration required to exist in the 5D and above.  The shift is upon us and the expectation was for more lightworkers to be awake.  Sadly, this has not been the case.  People have clung to the fear frequencies and responded to life with lower vibrational choices.  The Ego has resisted and fought valiantly to remain in control and allowed negative spin as more karma was created than cleared due to fear manifesting as jealousy, anger, lack of self-love and worthiness.   Something had to be offered to give humanity a chance as the small ascension window was fast approaching and has now arrived.

In addition to helping to move personal ascension forward, people holding the Marconics frequency anchor light down into the planet helping Earth in her ascension as well.   The individual becomes a negative ionic generator.  There is a shedding of the old paradigms and imprints which can feel like the complete destruction of the self, which in a sense it is.  It’s the releasing of the patterns of thought and behavior that for lifetimes have repeated, looping on the timelines over and over, while the human incarnate continued to miss his/her cue, responding to every situation in the same way spiraling down rather than ascending.   Every encounter was an opportunity to rise or fall on the spiritual path.    As Earth shifts into the higher dimensional bandwidths, humanity must shift with her, some will transition out of the physical vehicle as it will be easier for them to ascend from the 4th, some will cling desperately to their old ways of thought and behavior creating such friction the physical and mental suffering will intensify.   Many will do the internal work to break free of the chains that have held them hostage for so long and rise like an untethered balloon to the higher dimensional realities.  It is up to each person to choose which track they will follow.   For awhile people were straddling both tracks with a foot on each rail, but alas the train tracks are diverging, and a choice must now be made.  Will it be the fear frequencies or love frequencies that are chosen?  Marconics energy offers a temporary 2-week bump in frequency through a no-touch where karmic debris is removed, but to a lesser extent than the recalibration offers.

The intention here is to provide awareness that this Marconics energy modality exists.  The Elohim have been working to bring humanity to light.  Resistance has been strong, and many have wandered in a fog unaware and unconscious of the karmic wheel they are on.   Marconics has been brought down at this time to assist those who feel tapped by their higher self to unlock the dormant DNA, to accelerate the life path, to create such alignment to the higher self to source that they in turn can step into the roles they have come here to play.   Wherever people are on their journey is exactly where they have chosen to be at this point in time.  If someone is feeling a light tap on the shoulder, or a feeling that there is something more available to unlock their human potential, there is.   We must connect to one another and anchor the frequencies to assist the all as we walk ourselves home.

About the author: Wendy Hutchinson is a writer, certified level IV Marconics energy practitioner, and intuitive life and spiritual coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. In 2017, she wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was also voted Life Coach of the Year. She is a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential. Contact her here: or blog:
Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson:

Image: Pixabay

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