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Ascending Into Your Higher Self

By on August 18, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascending Into Your Higher Self

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by Odette S.P. Loney,
Contributing Writer,

You wake up one day and you feel you are totally outside your body. You feel tired, you experience intense headaches that have no explanation. Your entire psyche seems to be floating around in the ambient, something is moving around inside your head, opening and closing parts of your brain and transmitting information on who you are that totally baffles your mind – you are not who you thought you were. That same entity is blowing warm to hot air in various parts of your heart and thoughts to heal you. One day you look into the mirror and see yourself for an instant, shockingly with a third eye, vertically placed and smack dab in your upper forehead. You considered yourself a calm and rational person but nothing you come across from now on fits anyone else’s rationale. You hear and perceive sounds that no one else does, your cellphone rings – but it really does not and there it is on the screen, mirror time synchronicities such as 11:11. The Angels are talking! Upon receiving sunlight your eyes perceive light in waves and if your heart flutters strangely, you thank if for working so beautifully and its beats recommence its resonance, strong and contented in your chest.


The Universe is commanding you, kicking and screaming though you are, to Ascend into a Higher Self – but is it worth it? Yes, for you are being prepared to vibrate at a higher level to meet the challenges of a new type of dimension that is before us all with the imminent changing of our universe.

Your biological power cell, filled with Higher Source Power, is letting you know that you are not really in control and it is frightening. You notice that religious praying no longer works and you find yourself realizing that religion only separates us from the Divine Love of who God really is. Ascension teaches you that you were operating in some form of deception all along and it is time to live in more light. Your Higher Self lets you into several secrets of the Universe, that there are beings that want you to walk in the Truth, and that is that you are part of an awesome and infinite source that is not angry with you.

On the contrary – that God Source is filled with love and energy. You learn to respect your time, everything you do is experienced simultaneously by several beings around you who are benevolent and interested in changing your rigid thoughts of yourself first – then others. You are able to perceive something about anyone you set your mind on, but your Higher Self is able to tell you if this person is connected into the new programming of our near universe. If you are a Type One Indigo, with psychic abilities, you notice that the paint on your walls seem to wash out in any place where your head faces. If you wake up at night, feeling stuck as if your life is going nowhere, the Divine speaks to you and tells you to turn your face towards the door of your room and not the corner post, advice which works wonders as you rest.

In many instances, the ascension experience around those who are not yet awake can be a lonely walk. For Type One Indigos especially, the psychic attacks make you believe that you are going crazy. Your dream world is lucid and most times as you relax and enter sleeps threshold, you just know your spirit leaves your body without ceremony. But there is a presence with you to protect you as you wonder on another astral plain. Sometimes when you speak, you hear God’s Consciousness actually saying what you are going to say before you do so. As you notice flu like symptoms such as runny nose, body aches, pain and sneezing, you ascertain it’s not because you have a cold – you are actually waking up to God’s timing as your body is prepared to house more information and you treasure Creator/Source as a true friend.

Despite the perennial misuse of information concerning spirituality, the Universe is still preparing people for the impacts of several dimensional changes which will affect the planets and us. You cannot really do anything about it, just learn to love yourself and honor the Divine’s spirit within you. Respect what you are being taught. Learn that you are a unique being! Your thoughts and opinions matter. You learn to appreciate that you love what you do for a particular reason. You are here to accomplish something, whether great or small, and be a light to others who are preparing to walk the same road as you did. When others start to feel the same processes you did, you are able to suggest somethings that may help them along their unique walk to self-discovery in relation to our living and extraordinary Universe.

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Of course, no one is suggesting that you ignore any situation which requires a doctors input. However, as you ascend you may realize that medication may not aid you at all. Get around people who have gone through the Ascension process. Do not expect ‘sleepers’ to tell you what is going on with you because hearing misinformed people who you love suggesting that you may be mentally ill, may be devastating at best and put a negative light on spirituality and metaphysics. Keep your mind open to love and do everything possible to get enough rest, for extrasensory perception – especially auditory and visual – may prove to be emotionally draining if you do not. Try not to compare yourself with others, your ascension may impede you from staying in the massive competition for material wealth that is currently preoccupying our planet. Nevertheless, it is a promise that in the Universe perfect timing, everything will be returned to you and you will be shockingly ahead of time – a well-respected pioneer who is revered instead of mocked. The Universe will bring your desires to pass with surprising ease, whatever you seek will be given to you with abundance and you will be promoted for going through the Ascension process.


Just remember, God/ your Higher Self, is in this time with you. You are not going through anything that someone else has not been through before. Smile, maybe sip on some lemon water and try to soak in a warm Epsom Salt bath whenever you can. Go for walks in exquisite nature to ground yourself and breathe fresh air. The Universe has a reward for you. Do not give up, Ascension is worth it!

About the author: Odette S.P. Loney is a citizen from Trinidad and Tobago, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in English. She is currently teaching this subject at an Adult Education class. Although she does not consider herself to know much about being Indigo or the Ascension Process, waking up one day and feeling herself entirely out of her body lead her to realize that the metaphysical world was more important that the religious system that sought to suppress the knowledge of it. For several years she has experienced much phenomenon which lead her to note she may be a Type I Indigo and the unexplainable body discomfort she felt was part of the Ascension process.

Since then she has overcome several years of coping with the discomforts of ascending and is starting to walk in some of the benefits of the Universe of love. She has researched being a Type I indigo somewhat and learned that her DNA is partly angelic and that she is the descendant of the Elder Race of Hebrews. She continues to have number synchronicities and experience psychic phenomenon every day. She is yet to manifest the love of her life, as well as the baby boy she hears talking to her from another dimension, whom she has seen with his angel on more than one occasion. A logical person, she considers her experiences dual, both beautiful and harsh. She believes in taking one day at a time! 

Image: Pixabay

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