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What Does Ascension REALLY Look Like?

By on October 16, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

What Does Ascension REALLY Look Like?

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by Kim Semetis,
Contributing Writer,

Ascension is raw, its messy and we feel at our most vulnerable. It takes us to our deepest darkest places, you know, those places that we never wanted to go before. It takes us places that we thought we had released and resolved, as they cycle back around in an upward spiral of beautiful releasing as is necessary, albeit painful, at times. It can be painful as we see clearly as never before as our consciousness always takes us to higher awareness. Sometimes it feels as if we are going nowhere(or at a snail’s pace), yet we really are, as with each new awareness, each new release we become lighter and fly higher than we ever did before.


What Does Ascension REALLY Look Like?

Ascension has been talked about for years yet not many discuss what is really happening as we ascend to higher planes of existence. As we embody the light of our soul, we are on this incredible journey of transformation. This is not all “love and light” as this occurs. While yes, we are “remembering” our true selves as pure love, we are also releasing our density that allows this to occur. This is a very real, and at times, difficult on our emotions and physical vessel.

We have a hard time being around inauthentic souls as we crave true, deep inner connection and fake caring and small talk can be excruciating for us. We may feel so all alone as we have a hard time making these deep connections.

We tend to take life/ascension too seriously and may need to “lighten up” as then in becomes “too heavy” and then, in fact, it actually lowers our frequency. We may need to learn to go and just “have fun” a lot more often as this can assist us more than taking it all so seriously.

We may feel bipolar as we teeter totter back and forth from feelings of incredible despair( ego and releasing very deep rooted emotions and programs) to feelings of immense love as our entire vessel becomes our heart. This can go back and forth throughout the day or these feelings may last for days/weeks/months at a time and then shift in a moments notice as we spiral back to what we thought was already done releasing to release yet more. We hold much more in our physical vessel than we realize from all our planes of existence. Ascension is assisting us in releasing all of this in many ways, through our tears and emotional releases, in our sleep state, and through a cosmic flush as we release through our bodily functions in all ways.

We do so much work in our dream state that we wake up exhausted and can barely do anything. This is because we do not have resistance in our sleep state and can accomplish much more there than in the waking state.

As we are constantly shifting as a multidimensional being going ever higher as we continue raising our vibration we become foggy/groggy and can at times, barely remember our name, what occurred yesterday as many of our memories are wiped away. This occurs as we are creating all new holograms all the time and we are no longer in those old outdated timelines. We are not going crazy or losing our minds, we are ascending!


We get the FLU (frequency light upgrades) that force us to slow down and rest. As we integrate the lightcodes we are knocked on our butts and resting much of the time.

We experience the death of the ego many times along the way, which actually feels like the physical vessel is dying, and the ego may even tell us that we are dying. Just before this occurs we will hear the ego telling us all kinds of untruths of our unworthiness, loveability, competency and all kinds of so called nasty things. This is a signal to me now that it’s about to go down and is fighting for its life (literally). This is not a fun experience, yet is much needed.

We experience template wipes all along the way too. We can experience a huge template wipe that may last for months and then there are some that a much smaller and can be a few days or even a few hours. This is a complete reset for us and is quite exciting, yet challenging at the same time. When we are in one we have no desire to do anything, our creativity is thrown out the window, food doesn’t taste good and there really is no joy. This is a void space/feeling of nothingness. This is also not a very fun space to be, yet it is also necessary as we are being given a gift to create an all new reality.

We experience nausea as we are constantly shifting dimensions at an accelerated rate.

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Experiencing long periods of not wanting to communicate/talk/write much as our preferred method of communicating becomes telepathic.

It is important to remember that we are not victims or to become enslaved to the victim energy to ascension and while yes, it can be very uncomfortable at times, it is an amazing transformation as we evolve into a lightbody.

This allows us to experience “Heaven on Earth” which is an incredible experience. To feel this joy and wonder as a child. To be able to see fairies and unicorns, for REAL is an amazing reminder that we need to PLAY more and worry less, for all will be provided for. As we release more and more of our lack and suffering energy we realize that we no longer “need” to experience this in our reality, therefore it will no longer present to us. All we need to do is BELIEVE that this is so and it is!

As always I am right there with you.

Love blessings, Kim

Kim is the Author of “Divine Warrior Goddess “Step Into Your Power” (link below) , WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper, Ascended Master (we all are) of the NEW EARTH. She has studied, practiced and taught spirituality/metaphysics for twenty years and served as a co-founder and ordained minister of a spiritual church for many years. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity. Kim no longer “channels” as she once did as we integrate all of our aspects, we merge those aspects within, as all of the universe is held within.

Transformative/Empowerment Energy Sessions, Activation’s, Andara’s, Crystals, Sacred Oils, Mastery Courses, Live Events and her book can be found on her website.  Her book is also available on Amazon

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