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Ascension Stages – Exiting 4D

By on April 5, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Stages - Exiting 4D

by Amanda Lorence,

I am STRONGLY aware to write this now, as many will be entering the below Stage of Ascension. If not Now, then MANY will soon. Whilst there is a lot I could write about the stage, I’ve already spoken about it some months ago, but I have not mentioned below in any great detail. I am absolutely certain to just write about this NOW, as one aspect of the Stage itself, in the hope this helps either now or very soon.

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As you exit the 4th Dimension (Ascension Dimensional Space), you will experience a ‘letting go’ of the spiritual community around you. All sorts of emotions may arise in that ‘letting go’. Just know it’s part of the ascension process. Remember that spiritual communities, and many businesses started in many areas of ‘spirituality’ were set up in 4D to assist all with this MASS ascension and 26,000 year Galactic Timline. Groups and businesses, teachers, gurus etc came forth to assist people unawakened in 3D that require life and spiritual guidance outside of themselves. And to assist MANY awakened human beings. Credit to all that have helped and assisted so so many. But bare in mind also, that all those awakened humans HELPING are also on a path ascending in frequency, on their own awakening stages, at the very same time as helping others in whatever area or subject they have chosen.

When we exit 4D, we may as well be seeing in OUR OWN PERCEPTION… 4D fall in front of us like a burning pack of cards…it no longer resonates, BECAUSE we have just left that 4D BANDWIDTH. So each dimension we experience IN, resonates, gels, UNTIL we leave it. You will recall a similar experience when you initially awoke from 3D asleep mode…3D no longer resonated. Remember what YOU went through? WHY, because you were LEAVING that frequency bandwidth of asleep mode, to become an awakened being based in a 4th Dimensional perception. It’s all about energy bandwidths, energy frequencies, that we feel resonance with or non resonance with, because it’s ALL ENERGY, based on OUR ever changing human energetic frequency.

I am mentioning this now, as many will go through this stage now or very very soon. A huge amount of people. Just know…you leave 4D BEHIND, to then come back. You don’t go back to 4D to reside and pick up where you left off. You only visit 4D, to help, support, assist…then you jump back to your own world.

I have mentioned the “Passageway” many times now. So check the videos and written posts on that if it helps you. But basically, after you exit 4D, you go into a Passageway. For a period of your time (I was in the passageway for maybe 2months?). It’s whilst in this “Passageway”, you are between worlds. You’ve left 4D, you can’t go back, every time you try you get yanked away, burnt. Your energetic magnetism pulls you away from it because you are being magnetized towards a 5D Bandwidth. Yet, at this point, you are not in 5D either. You’re between dimensions. And it’s this “Passageway” that many personal realizations, expansions, wisdoms occur, for YOUR path, unique to you. And it’s here you realize you no longer fit into previous 4D spiritual arenas. When we JUMP or SHIFT in our OWN frequency at any stage of our own journey, new people magnetic into our experience, and others leave our life experience. So this stage is quite hard as you no longer resonate to the “4D” spiritual community. Because you see through. Acutely so. Your awareness rockets, yet it feels very mixed emotions as you are still very much human. The “Passageway” Stage is YOUR Stage, no others. It’s yours, it’s unique, and to be frank, quite isolating between worlds. Yet your strength and unwavering TRUST at this point allows you to ONLY keep going, one day at a time. A time for recuperation. Because you need it. Yet TIMELESS beautiful wisdoms are given too.

After the “Passageway”, is a waiting period (energetically it’s like a sub-station), where you energetically GIVE UP ALL your 3D and 4D experiences, in energetic form. You release them ALL, hand them over. You’re then an empty vessel, empty of all attachments to previous 3D and 4D experiences. Ready for jump…into 5D. At right time.

So, I write this NOW, as a reminder and as caring support…for I am sensing MANY will be experiencing exit of 4D soon, if not already. And they will experience a variable ‘way’ of letting go of spiritual communities. Of not wanting interaction. Of not resonating to what’s being said, taught etc. Just know…it’s all OK. You are ONLY leaving to then be able to come back for visits. For when you do become ready to come back, it’s as a higher version of you. It’s a being of oneness, in service to all. With utmost compassion for all at ANY stage of life. So you will return, but as a 5D frequency Human Being, where you are able to sustain your frequency, unaffected by lower frequency energies. You only visit 4D to help, then go back to your innocent, beautiful, loving world of 5D Oneness. Where there is no separation. Where all others in 5D have already that ONENESS and Service to the WHOLE of Creation. It is from THIS perspective, you are able to start again, and build NEW, from that new world and NEW sense of being. One step at a time.

There is no rush, no pressure, no lack, so just go easy on yourself, whatever stage you are currently experiencing. It’s all so very perfect by divine design. I truly hope this post helps. You are so loved.

If you are not as above stage, please ignore as each are at their own stage. And many read this wall. As always, just discard if it does not resonate. x

One Love,

Amanda Lorence

Image: Pixabay

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