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Ascension Support Checklist For Starseeds And Lightworkers

By on November 7, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Support Checklist For Starseeds And Lightworkers

by Bryan Tilghman,
Contributing Writer,

Ascension Support Checklist For Starseeds And Lightworkers

How are you Starseed? Whew, is this a crazy ride or what? Most of us don’t remember signing the contract to embody here because part of the agreement is that we would forget who we really are and where we really come from…aka the veil of illusion. I often remind my Higher Self that “I have no recollection of signing any agreements.” I imagine he just laughs out loud and goes about his business.

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Obviously, everyone’s journey is unique. Each of us came into this experience with a divine purpose and mission, or perhaps simply to bear witness. By the way, all that we’re asked to do in this experience is to Be Love. It’s really no more complicated than that. In addition to assisting the collective, all kingdoms and the planetary ascension process, we apparently surmised that this experience would again offer us valuable opportunities for further learning and soul growth. They are often recognized as challenges, setbacks and obstacles. Oh Boy!

Seriously though, ascension ain’t for sissies. We’re so happy that more and more people are waking up to their inner truths now. We’re all being guided to reconnect with our soul groups and family members with whom we’ve traveled the cosmos together for who knows how long? Not so long ago, it may have seemed like we were on the fringes of society but that’s quickly changing now. Get ready Starseeds. In the days to come, more and more people around you will be looking to you for advice and guidance because you somehow seem to know what’s really going on down here.

We’ve been working in the daytime and we’ve been working in dreamtime. Many of us are tired now. We feel it at the soul level, ready for some relief, ready to see the fruits of our labor manifesting around us in tangible ways. Because we’re Starseeds, we’re out front, leading the way. As empaths, healers, artists, teachers and messengers, we feel it first. When the Schumann Resonance spikes off the charts or when the eclipse energies hit or when another Lion’s gate comes calling who feels it first. Right! You do. Our Higher Selves are observing the effects of these various energetic upgrades on us to see how even greater amounts of energy/Light/Christ Consciousness will affect the collective. Not to worry. That’s what we signed up for, remember?

Many of us have been on this roller coaster ride for years or decades even. We’ve been clearing and cleaning, clearing and cleaning, clearing and cleaning ourselves and our four lower bodies. We’ve been clearing karma for ourselves, our ancestral lines and the collective. We’ve passed through more initiations than we can recall. We’ve retrieved lost soul fragments from other timelines and we’ve been balancing our chakras. Our three-fold flames of divinity are expanding. We’re working to release the shields of protection we placed over our heart space long ago so that we can open, receive and embody more Christ Light and expand our crystalline DNA. We’re learning to step beyond our perceived limitations to reclaim our divine sovereignty. Like those who came before us, our diligence and hard work begins to clear a pathway for others to follow, thus making the journey just a little easier for them. This is service work.

Remember, this life experience is transitory. Once we return to our Heavenly home, outside the holographic matrix and illusion of time, it may seem that we’ve only been gone for a matter of minutes. It’s important that we do our best with what we have right now. We are quite literally in the very best of company. A full planetary ascension, such as the one we’re co-creating and experiencing now, has never been done before in all the cosmos. Gaia and all kingdoms, all life are ascending while in physical form. It’s kind of a big deal and that’s why we have so much support from the many, higher realms of Light. There are more beings, from more dimensions and levels of experience watching us and supporting us now than we can comprehend and each and every one of us is known, seen, appreciated and loved beyond our imagining. Hang on brothers and sisters. Hang on.

As the energy waves continue to flood the planet and as the planetary frequencies of unity and love continue to rise, many others will be guided to begin their journeys of awakening in earnest. The old ley (energy) lines are falling away as the New Earth crystalline grids come online. Gaia’s frequency is rising and so is ours. The ego/dominating masculine energies are being offset by the influx of divine feminine energies and the divine masculine prepares to make its return. Recognize that we are bearing witness to and participating in the great shift that has been predicted and prophesied by sages and masters for thousands of years.

This writing was inspired with the intention of assisting those who now find themselves in the midst of a personal/spiritual shift. Shifting perceptions and questions could be the result of any number of circumstances brought about by your Higher Self in accordance with divine timing and your own divine blueprint. For many of you reading this, you’re already well versed in these topics and much of this will be “old hat.” Others, who are beginning to come online now, may be looking for guidance.

The following is a list of things that have assisted us (my wife and I) on our own personal journeys. We recognize a couple of things. This list is in no way comprehensive. It just reflects various, beneficial things to which we have been guided. They are shared here with love and good wishes for your own consideration and success. Secondly, everyone is unique and everyone’s journey through this experience will be unique according to what’s right for them. Please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Establish a daily practice. The pace of life can be quite busy for many and yet, everyone can find 10 minutes a day if they choose. Practice gratitude and forgiveness. Find a short meditation (or a longer one) on YouTube and follow along. Practice stillness. Calm the “monkey mind.” We’re learning to tap into our inner knowingness. We’re learning to heal our hearts. We’re learning to balance and create a space for divine love to flow and anchor.

Take care of yourself. The energies can be intense at this time as they flux in and out with higher and higher vibrational frequency. These shifting energies are not going to stop anytime soon so we need to learn to navigate the tides. Diet and exercise are important. If you feel pent up energy or anxiety, go work it off. Go to the gym, ride your bike or take a hike. Allow the energy to release. On other days, your body may require rest and quiet reflection to integrate the new energies. Whatever is right for you at the time, honor that.

We won’t delve too deeply into the subject of vitamins, supplements and smoothies but there’s a lot we can learn and do to support ourselves through these transitions. Just as a few examples, we like magnesium, vitamin C and cilantro for removal of heavy metals. We take silica to support the move from carbon based life forms to crystalline based life forms (crystalline DNA activation). We add tamarind, raw honey, flax, blueberries and other ingredients into our fruit/green smoothies for various benefits. You get the idea. There’s a wealth of good information out there for us.

Drink purified water. Despite what we were told in school, we don’t believe for a minute that fluoride is necessary for healthy teeth. Our opinion is that, over time, it calcifies the pineal/pituitary gland and works to dumb us down, not to mention the chlorine and other chemicals that are being added to our municipal water supplies. Water is life. Water carries consciousness. See Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work if you don’t believe us. We’re fans of the Big Berkey water filter.

Do a Detox. There are many ways we can work to detoxify our bodies. This supports the transition and our overall ascension process. By releasing the built up toxins in our bodies, we allow the new energies to flow freely. It also assists us in releasing those things/energies that no longer support us. You’ll find modalities such as; fasting, 3-Day lemon juice detoxes, colon cleansing, detox foot pads and Himalayan salt baths. Many of these are very easy to implement. See what’s right for you.

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Did you know that each of us has a lifelong companion known as the Body Elemental? They are from the elemental kingdoms. We made agreements before coming into this embodiment. They are here doing their service work and evolving just as we are. Their goal is to assist us in every way that we will allow, particularly with our physical health and overall well-being. Make friends with your body elemental. They may not speak to you in language but rather in feelings and pictures. We owe them a debt of gratitude and it should be our goal to assist them in this experience as they are here to assist us. Speak to your body elemental. You might be amazed at what they can do to assist you.

Chakra Balancing is key. These are our energy power centers with each one representing different aspects of our experience and being. Are we working in the lower (physical) chakras or the higher (spiritual) chakras and how are they related to our day to day experiences? Ronna Herman Vezane, Fabienne Fooij-Tilghman and Archangel Michael have teamed up to bring us a beautiful and beneficial guided program that can be found here. You’ll find many others out there as well.

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Spend time in Nature. We could write a separate blog post on this topic alone. The pace of life and swirling energies, commitments, drama and perceived responsibilities create pressures and serve to take us away from our inner serenity. Remember. We are a part of Gaia. Gaia is ascending and so are we. It’s important for us to slow down, balance and harmonize. We can’t think of a better way to do this than to get outside. Leave the cell phone at home. Unplug for a minute. Remember what it’s like to be a human, connected to Gaia, the animal kingdoms, the elemental kingdoms, your soul essence and the very pulse of our Father/Mother God which is present in all things.

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Becoming familiar with the seven primary rays/flames of God Consciousness. The flames are a 4th dimensional activity so we don’t actually see the flames when we invoke them. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. The nature of all of God’s rays/flames is to ascend so they must be invoked with love and sincerity. Once invoked, they are with us in an instant and with the nature to ascend back to Father/Mother God from which they came. We are especially encouraged to make use of the 7th ray activity of the Violet Flame of God’s transmutation. The violet flame transmutes discord, negativity, sorrow, anything less than God’s perfection back into pure crystalline substance where it may be released out of the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and the atmosphere. The violet flame is also referred to as “God’s Freedom Flame.” The violet flame may also be used to assist in your manifestation work.

Are you aware of your own Beloved I AM Presence? Are you aware of your own Higher Self? Your I AM Presence is just that. It is the presence of our Father/Mother God that created us. This is what we might think of as our point of origination/life/creation that resides right now within the heart of Father/Mother God in the Great Central Sun. Your Higher Self is also an aspect of you and he/she is with you every step of the way through your sojourn in a physical body experience with Gaia. He/She is guiding you to your highest destiny. The Higher Self is often referred to as the Holy Christ Self. Meditate on these things. Seek your truth.

Who is your sponsor? We mentioned your Higher Self but who is your sponsor? Who are your spiritual family? We’re all multi-dimensional beings, yes, but as starseeds, where did you come from? Did you embody from the angelic realms? Many of us did. Perhaps you came in from one of the galactic star nations such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans or Lyrans. As you go forward, you may find this noteworthy and of value to you. You are most dearly loved by all of beings of light but you may find yourself drawn to one ascended being/Archangel or group in particular for good reason. This is your true lineage and they can assist you in, among other things, remembering who you are, where you come from and what you’ve come to do.

Set your firm intention for your personal ascension in this lifetime. We have an unprecedented opportunity in this cycle to earn our ascension. For instance, dispensations have been granted whereby we are only required to balance to 51% of our karma. It’s never been easier to achieve our ascension (God Freedom) than it is right now. Set your clear intention in this direction and let it be known to Father/Mother God, your Beloved I AM Presence, your Higher Self and your spiritual family that you wish to be guided every step of the way and to be supported in all ways that are available to you. Sooner or later, everyone will have the opportunity to make their way home. It really comes down to choice. Are you ready to re-join your Heavenly family now or would you like to remain in the experience of duality for thousands of years more waiting for the return of a similar ascension cycle? Claim your divine sovereignty and your victory in the Light.

Understand karma. It’s simple. We must experience all of that which we create. The law of the circle; what goes around comes around. Be kind.

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Understand the laws of manifestation and practice gratitude. We are always creating with our Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions whether we believe it or not. We must learn to take personal responsibility for that which we have created and are experiencing now. We learn to change the inner world first then, sooner or later, the outer world will reflect the good things we have created. There’s a time lag in this holographic matrix but time is speeding up now and so are our manifestations. We’re learning to choose our thoughts, words and actions wisely.

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Forgive yourself and anyone you feel may have wronged you. Cut the energetic cords of people who may be siphoning your energy with or without your conscious awareness. This happens in the illusion of 3D. Forgiveness opens the doorway to inner peace and a heart centered approach to life.

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Much of our programming lies within our subconscious minds and our current realities are mostly the externalization of our subconscious mind programming. These are all the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world at large, most of which we absorbed like little sponges as children. This is one reason why we’re encouraged to make use of tools like positive affirmations and guided audios to positively reprogram ourselves to think and act in certain ways for our best benefit.

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Many of us have a natural affinity for crystals. Crystals carry consciousness and different varieties of crystals carry different energies. We can think of them as having different kinds of information or specialties. Crystals can be useful allies for us. Helping us balance the chakra energy centers is one example. If you’re innately drawn to the magic of crystals, you’re not alone.

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Essential oils are Mother Nature’s healing medicines. Essential oils can assist us with both physical and emotional well-being. For example, we like to take a few inhales of frankincense or rose oil before beginning a meditation because of their high vibration. It seems to put is in a good place of receptivity and heart centeredness. Lavender oil is popular for its ability to calm and relax. We might use peppermint or eucalyptus for sore muscles after a long hike. Use a diffuser with oils like orange or peppermint to uplift your mood and energy. There are lots of great resources of information available. How can essential oils support you?

Protect your home. This is your sacred space. Again, our friends from the crystal kingdom can offer assistance. Tourmaline, orgonite and amethyst may help diffuse negative etheric/spiritual kinds of energy as well as what is commonly referred to as energy pollution within the home from wifi routers and nearby cell towers, etc. Smudging with sage and Palo Santo wood will help to dispel negative energies or astral hitchhikers within the home. If you’re home has a smart meter, use a smart meter cover to reduce high, negative emissions into the home and the same for your wireless router. There are things you can do working in the quantum and spiritual realms as well. Use of the violet all-consuming flame throughout your home will be of value. Set your own boundaries of light protection (crystal sphere of light) around the home. Call on Archangel Michael and ask him to keep you, your home and your personal belongings safe at all time. These are just a few examples but the point is, there’s a lot you can do to maintain a healthy, positive and peaceful environment in your home.

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Surround yourself with beautiful things and beautiful people. As we enter into and continue our journey to awakening and unity consciousness, we become more sensitive to the inputs, energies and people around us. It’s important for us to create a home environment that serves as our sanctuary, a place of rest, reflection and harmony. Get rid of the clutter. Surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you.

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Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. No one wants to feel isolated or different and yet, many of us have often had these feelings, even from a young age. Perhaps we didn’t understand why. Now we know. We didn’t come here to play small. We’re only here for only a short time and we have work to do. It takes courage to speak our truth and step outside of the programmed, societal definitions of “mainstream”, “normal” and “acceptable.” Our programming tells us we should just follow the herd. To be sure, “normal” is falling apart at the seams right now. Be yourself. Let your love light shine.

Don’t get too carried away with all of this. We’re all human. Let’s not to take ourselves too seriously. Make time for fun, adventure, friendships and laughter. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff. – Richard Carlson

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Nobody said this experience was going to be easy. Great undertakings rarely are. Make no mistake, shifting a planetary body, and all life forms present with her, from a 3rd dimensional experience of duality to a 5th dimensional experience of unity/love consciousness and God Freedom is an accomplishment worthy of our best efforts. There are more previously ascended masters here now than at any other time in the history of the planet. We’re told there were many souls who put their names in the hat so they might have the opportunity to participate in this great undertaking and cosmic event. You were chosen for a very important reason. It’s no accident that you’re here.

The great news is this. We already made the ascension timeline. There is nothing whatsoever that can prevent the full manifestation of New Earth. The only question now is; “What happens between here and there?”

You’re in the very best of company. You are most dearly loved. May you have every success, every victory. Open your heart to receive and may your life be filled with God’s infinite supply of prosperity, health and happiness.

Bryan Tilghman

About the author: Bryan began his spiritual journey in earnest in 2012 via a series of life events guided by his Higher Self. Several years later, after putting in the work, he was invited to move to Mt. Shasta to be a messenger for Adama, the High Priest of Telos along with other beings of Light such as our beloved Archangel Michael. Their first book, “Telos, Welcoming New Earth” was published in 2017. Bryan has facilitated tours for spiritual seekers and visitors to Mt. Shasta. Through his talks and workshops, he is grateful for the opportunity to share what he’s learned for the benefit of others. Bryan and his wife also own an online apparel store, aptly named StarSeed Gear, who’s goal it is to promote a sense of community with our every expanding family of light by sharing beautiful designs that express qualities of love and higher awareness. |

Image: Pixabay

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