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Ascension Time-Line Update

By on April 26, 2017 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments

Ascension Time-Line Update

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by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

This is an ‘intense’ and deep energy ascension time-line update of our Soul and Spirit, that is covering what in Real-Time is currently occurring in the Human and in Spirit linked and also linked of the Divine.


Take your ‘time’ – read and feel and visualize as you do so. As those that are ‘ready’ for this will read and feel this and take this in and process what this is for them as to where they are currently ‘at’.

As this is a time-line flow of an Ascension Trailblazer/Pioneers updates in Real-Time as they ‘come’ to humanity of the Divine/Spirit….of Pure Divine White Light and Golden Energy of Christ consciousness.

Summary of past Blue Beyond updates – Parts 1-5

Pt 1 – 19th of April – We had a huge opening/shift of energy. Upgrades/downloads that were topsy-turvy as they came in.

Regurgitation of the old and past emotions, feelings and situations.

Like all sides of a diamond spinning around in like a ‘cycle’, until it comes through clear and clean. Clearing out the old, shining up of the new and many *New* diamond facets shining up, to clear remnants of the old.


Pt 2 – 21st April – New ‘group’ energy frequency came through. One of the most ‘massive’ felt and heard this way.

Many layers at once and very intense = Energy Overwhelm. Pull our energy back in, with a ‘difference’. We are needing to continue ‘on our own’ as in our own personal energy space.

The energies have altered with those that have had links to their spiritual family groups. We have reached a new stage of re-group, pull-back with and for ourselves energetically…and then we can continue and ‘carry-on’ with others, yet in a new and different way.

Pt 3 – 22nd April – We are in a *New* process. Pulling ‘threads’ of energy back from others is a process that can take time.

Stop and Breathe.

If we find ourselves ‘forcing’ things and they are not flowing smoothly just ‘let it go’.

Stop, Breath, Regroup and settle ones energy and center oneself and then ‘go again’. Wagon Wheel Method of how to bring ones energy ‘back in’ very empowering to do and shared.

As we are needing to find a *New* way of pulling back, adjusting and then adjusting to the other persons energy AND the new space they are in as well.

Pt 4 – 23rd April – Overcoming Fear to Step Into Our Own Power – Due to the energies that have come through in a ‘group’ energy with many layers, this has brought up fear, insecurity and overwhelm.

‘Fear is the factor which we must all over come in order to STEP INTO OUR POWER’.

A new power or empowerment more than just your energy, but of a ‘group’ energy expansion within, of our power. Expanding all we have endured and gone through to bring us to where we are – this is much larger than what we have previously ‘known’.

This is a very big breakthrough for mankind, this is taking this to the next ‘layer’ or level outwards from inwards, an inward expansion.

Visualize a white dot being the epicenter of an earthquake (like seeing it on a map)…and then see rings/ripples flowing out from this, the waves of the initial core of the ‘explosion point’…filtering and flowing outwards.

We are the epicenter and we have expanded our energy outwards to the next ring or layer! Which is our family group energy that came in just recently.

So in this next ring out from the epicenter, the area is much larger in that which it encompasses. And as this layer or energy ring is larger, in it contains more energy and all that comes with this as this is to do with others of our close spiritual families.

That is why it is imperative to bring our energy back into ourselves within this other ring or layer of energy that has expanded outwards….back into our epicenter.

I have expanded on this as it definitely is much bigger than what was briefly shared in Pt 2 and there is much more within even this.

Pt 5 – 25th April – THE MASKS HAVE FALLEN OFF…and by this it means energetically this has come in as in, the old can NO LONGER BE GONE INTO!

We were given insight into this coming in by Gregg Prescott from in5d in March…and now this has actually energetically actualized in linking our Spirit to our Soul.

This is so very huge as well! As with this we are now creating *NEW* light paths and like stepping off the ‘old black tar sticky path’. Being created bit by bit as we shift and change from the old to the new, linked with the new ring of the ‘group’ energy that came in.

This also brought up Fear of stepping into our *New* Power=Self Empowerment.

No longer are many able to suppress, old anger/frustration…and the Dragon within is needing to Roar for so many to release, purge and heal so much of the old that was suppressed…which now can be released due to the ‘group energy’ that has come in.

It is realizing we need to find a balance within this, as a guide. Be aware of ones ‘roar’ and how it may affect others, yet at the same time, the ‘roar’ is needing to be released as a catalyst of shifting ones energy…as always, it depends on each individual and each situation.

The masks have energetically fallen or come off in Spirit and the Human and the truth is being revealed as to what is going on within and deeper. And this is being seen with others now in a way not like before!

Also be very aware of others Dragons that are roaring. Step back, protect and be an observer.

And now we come to Part 6 – THE DOOR/S TO THE OLD ARE NOW CLOSED!

As the doors to the old are now closed, we are needing to open new doors and stay very grounded in doing so, as there can be a tendency to drift, float or detach. Due to so many needing to link their Spirit to the Human.

Those that have not done the ‘work’ on their emotions or have only done so much in the astrals (which we are unable to remain in all the time as we need to link the two) are needing to constantly ground and re ground and re ground over and over.

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We we are now facing our Inner fear of owning our own *New* Power – which has expanded into a group energy.

The Inner Truth of coming home to our Power.

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This is where the overwhelm has come in!

Many do not realize that the old door/s are now closed as remember it is bit by bit. So as one is not ‘used to’ this new group energy and coming into a NEW POWER, and not realizing the old doors are now closed – can find themselves in ‘limbo’. Of feeling many ‘aches and pains’ physically as the flow of energy is not being reconnected in the NEW.

Gregg also wrote of this in a recent quick energy update: “Hang in there. The systems of control are ALL breaking down, which will create temporary chaos around you, but if you continue to STAY GROUNDED, it will be as if you’re watching as the observer“.

We are needing to ‘get back on our White Power horse’ and take the reigns back.

There are those that are brave enough and strong enough and have done the hard work on themselves and yet there are those that have not and are causing such mayhem for others!

Those that are not prepared to go in deeper and feel and do the hard work and so are sabotaging those that are…be aware of this, be very aware! As this is so freaking huge!

That is why it was shared to pull ones energy back into our own bubble or space (epicenter) in very new way.


I saw a new vision today when I was doing my removal of energies and I have not seen this before. It was like the picture of the matrix with the green lines running down with information – yet this was in the astrals realms and lighter and an energetic version of this – new downloads and then Gaia is bringing up new uploads as well…and they are yet to meet.

Until they do, in-between there is like a space or gap of ‘limbo’. Where one may not want to do anything and that is fine, yet, keep moving to SHIFT the energies. It is very important to STAY GROUNDED. Yet also keep moving and shifting your energy!

As in this gap or limbo are shadow sides that are coming up and out as well! From deep deep within that are linked to beyond just us. There is so much more to this as well.

So visualize and see yourself back on your White Power horse, take the reigns and continue on!

Sitting in your new power space for all else to flow and follow.

In reading this even if you do not fully ‘understand’ all of this, if one reads and feels and is open and connected, then somewhere this resonates and helps ones vibration to raise.

Anastacia-Blue Beyond Divine 11:11 Master Healings are available for those who resonate and feel they are ‘ready’ for assistance and guidance in helping themselves in all they are, to gain clarity, insight and further healing or what ever it is for you to take the next step/s on your Soul and Spirits Divine Journey.

May I honor and gift you the reader that has taken the ‘time’ to read and feel this.


Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Ascended Earth Master
In 6D human embodiment

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge as a Trailblazer and WaySeer in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions.All she shares is by experiencing first hand and then sharing Energy Real-Time Updates of Humanities Ascension as it occurs. Linking 3D and 5D and Beyond, guiding and teaching in Service to Humanity and Gaia. She had a vision as a child when Christ came to her and lifted her up…and more recently was gifted her Spiritual Soul, when Christ came to her again as their palms touched with Rainbow energy….so she is able to see all that occurs in the Astrals and Multi-Dimensions in having two souls, double the information and insights. Having cleared her vessel from Spirit to Soul by going through the Abyss and back to be a clear vessel of Pure Divine Light, coming from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness. Anastacia is Australian and was ‘tasked’ by Spirit to be part of teaching and leading Australia’s Ascension in linking our Spirit to our Soul, through our Emotions, as part of her role here as well. She has written many articles over the years and has been going within for 20 years, so much of what humanity is feeling and going through, she has already been through, while still experiencing her and Humanities Ascension as an Ascended Master.

Image: Pixabay

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