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Awakening From 3D To 5D – What Are These Energies And What Does It All Mean?

By on November 27, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Awakening From 3D To 5D - What Are These Energies And What Does It All Mean?

by Jaimie Kulikowski,
Contributing Writer,

We are entering a new cosmic era. There is very little doubt about that. There is a lot of discussion about The Awakening and moving from 3D to 5D. What is the awakening process? What is our 3rd dimension? What is our 5th dimension? And what happened to the 4th dimension? What is that one? This article will address all of these questions.

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The awakening is indeed the process of evolving from a three dimensional human to a five dimensional one. So what is the 3rd dimension? Our 3D energy is our ego. The ego is yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) fighting against each other in scarcity consciousness. Our feminine energy is frozen and our masculine energy is fiery. When trapped in ego, we are embodied passive aggression. The ego is very fragile. Imagine an eggshell that surrounds each person’s energy vessel. It is our protective wall that shields us from getting hurt any more than we already have been. Egoic wounds are trapped survival instinct energies that get stuck in a person’s blood memory from unhealed ancestral trauma (survival instincts cause the stress response of fight-flight-freeze more commonly known as the emotions of anger, fear, and shame).

When I say ancestral, I mean all life forms that preceded and are still energetically connected to the current version of you. Ancestral spirit energies include all the versions of you during childhood, the past life you, all your blood relatives who lived before you going back 1000s of generations, as well as your unique cosmic and earthly origins. During the awakening, the ego is cracked open, shed, and the wounds are integrated into a person’s 5th dimension. The wounding doesn’t go away just like the past never disappears, but it is no longer trapped and causing a person to stay on a loop of karmic suffering. The wounds are consciously and fluidly woven back into a person’s 5th dimension as they become whole again and are no longer fractured.

So what is this 5th dimension?

Our 5D energy is our soul. The soul is yin and yang flowing harmoniously together in abundance consciousness. Our feminine energy is open and receptive and our masculine energy is protective and active. When thriving in soul, we are embodied love. When I say embodied love, I mean a person’s foundational and unwavering energy is an unconditional love for self and others. That doesn’t mean they will never fluctuate emotionally once they are awake. We are still earthly human bodies that house the past, and nothing brings up old wounds like being in relationship with others. An awakened person will still feel and express anger, sadness, fear, shame, jealousy, excitement, contentment…and all other emotions that come up in relationships. Consciousness understands that emotional fluctuation is a part of life. It is actually the gift of life. Our hearts fluctuate up and down. Our breath fluctuates in and out. Therefore, our emotional states will continue to change for as long we’re living on Mother Earth. What doesn’t change is the 5th dimension’s powerful essence of love.

In addition to connecting with their 5th dimension during the awakening, a person will also find their 4th dimension, which is source. Your source energy lives in your body and speaks a sacred language that only you can understand. It is your earthly bloodline. During the final stages of your awakening, all of your blood memories and wisdom will awaken into consciousness and you will watch yourself begin a new karmic trajectory that supports your divine calling and truth.

Awakening From 3D To 5D - What Are These Energies And What Does It All Mean?

Our five total dimensions are mind, spirit, body, source, and soul. Through the awakening process, our four dimensions of mind, spirit, body, and source start thriving together as they integrate with our fifth dimension – soul. The soul is very sensitive. Imagine the deepest, most beautiful depths of the ocean.

Awakening From 3D To 5D - What Are These Energies And What Does It All Mean?

When the awakening is complete, a person experiences an energetic flip flop within themselves as their feminine yin (body and source) energy starts leading their masculine yang (mind and spirit) energy. This journey is for the emotionally strongest and bravest of souls who are ready to evolve into the New Human – Integratus Essentia (Whole Being).

About the author: Jaimie Kulikowski is a soul counselor and founder of Source Therapy. She offers readings, online classes, and virtual support groups for those going through the awakening. You can find her at

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