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Behind the Scenes On The World Stage

By on February 13, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Behind the Scenes On The World Stage

by ELdoRa Rose,
Contributing Writer, 

Here is a current snapshot from a higher perspective of whats transpiring ‘Behind the Scenes’ on the World Stage.

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Behind the Scenes –

*** The Ascension process is in full swing and we are on the brink of a MASS AWAKENING on a global scale. Until now, North America & South America were the biggest hubs being focused upon in terms of the Awakening. Very soon, the entire world will feel the effects on a massive scale and incredible and powerful changes will begin to occur all around the Planet. Those of us who have been on the Ascension Path are going to get very busy in the very near future; our assistance and our services will be in high-need and high-demand as the masses will need guidance and support in multiple ways.

Behind the Scenes –

*** The Dark ones who once controlled our Planet are now being forced to leave. The vibration of the LIGHT QUOTIENT on this planet has made it unbearable for them to continue to remain here any longer. This means the light forces are in full control behind the scenes, despite the mass chaos that may be shown on the surface.

Behind the Scenes – Economy

*** The old Economy is on the verge of a massive collapse and will be replaced with a new system that will re-distribute wealth and resources amongst all citizens of this planet. Money is being eradicated altogether and being replaced with a new non-corrupt system. Over time, this will mean an end to wage slavery and significant improvement in the standard of living of the average person. The basic necessities of life such as water, food, clothing, and shelter will be provided for everyone. There will still be a system of compensation based on the contributions one makes to society; however, poverty, homelessness, starvation, etc will be completely eradicated for all of humanity.

Behind the Scenes – ET’s

*** Several extra-terrestrial light forces who are members of the Galactic Federation are building up the magnetic field around Earth which will culminate in a grand FLASH of ENERGY, also referred to as ‘THE EVENT’. This will assist in free’ing our bodies of toxins and trauma from our auric fields, remove negative/toxic people from our energetic space, and open up new doors of abundance and activate all of our powers as ANGELIC beings <3 This has already been taking place for many of us who now find it unbearable to binge-eat on unhealthy foods like we once used to, and are craving more and more RAW foods in our diets. Similarly, many of us are being separated from our toxic family and friends on a global scale, and this is all by design.

Behind the Scenes – Critical Mass

*** Earth has reached a critical point and the stage is set for humanity to make a QUANTUM LEAP IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Earth is splitting into two timelines. There will be an Ascended version that we are all going to see and enjoy. There will also be a lower version for souls that are yet to learn their soul lessons around love and peace and gratitude and compassion etc. Eventually, these souls will be transported to a different planet for them to go through the cycles of their lessons as Earth simply will not be a match for their needs due to her high light quotient.

Behind the Scenes – Twin Flames

*** It is imperative for Sacred Divine Unions to come together at this point to assist with the Ascension Process. This can only take place when both parties have mastered their EGO lessons and anchored self-love within themselves to bring back wholeness to their beings. We can expect a lot of new divine soulmate and twinflame unions taking place over 2020 and the coming years to support the larger mass-awakening that is about to occur. When a sacred divine union occurs and overcomes the initial hurdles and trials in the first 2-3 years of their relationship, they then create a very powerful merging of their Merkabah light bodies and are able to positively affect millions of souls around them with the power of their SACRED LOVE <3 This is a beautiful process that many will get to experience and through this union, we are able to transmute immense amounts of negative energies from the surface of Gaia. This sacred union also unfolds higher-level psychic, telepathic and spiritual abilities which are currently unheard of in the history of humanity.

Behind the Scenes – United States

*** The United States will be the first to emerge out of darkness and be known as an Ascended Nation hosting the new energy of the UNITED STATES OF ATLANTIS <3 This was planned intentionally by the forces of light as the United States used to be the headquarters of the Cabal, so it only made sense to start the dismantling process here.

*** Donald Trump was recently acquitted from his impeachment on all charges and is resuming to carry on his service to the Light to help with the massive clean-up that is taking place behind the scenes in the White House. Trump is the Leader of one of the most satanic crime-infested Countries in the world and his work is creating HISTORY! Trump definitely has his obvious flaws and is far from perfect. However, it is now a widely accepted fact that he has unconsciously been working under the guidance of St. Germine to unfold a very masterful and intricate plan to dismantle the Cabal. His tweets also make hidden references to prove beyond doubt that he is working with the underground organization known as Q-Anon (#wwg1wga wherewego1wegoall). Trump works with a team of Light-forces called The Alliance, which includes ET’s as well as Military Leaders of the United States Army. 144,000 sealed indictments are being released in the very near future resulting in arrests and imprisonment of high-profile leaders and politicians and many nefarious scandals will come to light including the child sex-trade, satanic rituals and the massive misuse of tax-payer dollars to fund illegal operations. This will cause mass-hysteria, anger and panic, and all lightworkers are being prepared to maintain a heightened sense of PEACE to allow the energy on the Planet to stabilize.

Behind the Scenes – BREXIT

*** The BREXIT and Trump’s acquittal are all the more evidence that the Cabal is losing power over us. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING 😀 The LIGHT has won and Dark energies are being released from this Planet on an unprecedented level. Our beautiful Planet is being returned to its heavenly state known as EDEN that it once was <3 And we are here to witness this grand unfolding <3

Behind the Scenes – The Cabal

*** The Cabal, until now, had been hiding several high-level technologies from humanity in order to maintain their control over us. However, now the time has come for these technologies to be revealed which will take place over the next decade. These technologies will include the ability to reverse aging, instantly heal any dis-ease, grow back lost limbs, correct genetic imbalances at the cellular level. There will be technologies that allow us to walk through portals and arrive on the moon in minutes as well as travel inter-dimensionally all around the Universe to distant inhabited planets and star-systems.


Dearest Family of Light,

Our Galactic brothers and sisters wish to relay to us that the lightworkers of Earth are surpassing their wildest expectations!! The amount of patience and resilience that we have displayed so far as a community has been unprecedented, and we are all going to reap the rewards of our painstaking efforts and sacrifices by enjoying HEAVEN ON EARTH for eternity.

The Souls who graduate from Earth-School are going to be the most in-demand and sought-after souls in the entire Universe because of the skillset we have acquired on Earth. As a result, we will have the first pick of any job that we wish to be assigned to, which may include assisting other 3D Planets or civilizations with their Ascension or working in Dimensions of Light that we cannot even fathom with our logical minds.

It is time for us to finally be reunited with our TRUE FAMILY OF LIGHT and celebrate what we have achieved together. We are the mega-souls that signed up and that were picked out of millions to be here at this incredibly exciting time to ASSIST with this transition <3

Brace yourselves and enjoy the ride for the best is yet to come 😉 <3 The Light always prevails!

We love you all from the bottom of our hearts <3

– EldoRa Rose and Siman-Ra

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