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Moving Beyond Religion

By on February 9, 2018 in Awareness with 0 Comments
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Moving Beyond Religion

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Chances are we ‘teach and learn’ from our students, friends or from people who listen to us while we talk at socials or gatherings we participate in and from those who observe, they learn from us. On occasions there are questions unanswered, academic, practical, third or fifth dimensional in nature, right or wrong, which we cannot give a firm reply nor act appropriately. On other occasions, teach-learn are life threatening and in my case spine chilling and destructive to social relationships.

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Dreams tell us of these detailed awkward experiences, happenings. The events are laid out simultaneously in a dream, unlikely events with different persons, relatives, friends and acquaintances alike where you experienced a ‘teach and learn’ unfortunate, erroneous situation or of the highest good. In most cases, the person leading you is an unknown being, but you end up talking to people familiar to you in your dream, a 4th dimensional event. As you awake, learn to record these lucid 4D reality as they may lead you to some unfinished business with your family, friends or acts of service for others that need completion. A desire to incarnate again can be your concern as you need not return to third dimension-3D to complete it had you listened to your dreams and acted on it. Instead, you can go onward to a higher vibrational frequency, to a much more fulfilling evolution.

In the Philippines, we belonged to a Roman Catholic faith born into it’s beliefs. It is good my father changed when he retired and got out of these untruthful teachings and beliefs. I directly asked him if he still believed those olden teachings and he replied with an outright NO and told me of his newly awakened beliefs like what we have this MOMENT. His consciousness inspired him to get out of those foolhardy untruthful money based cannibalistic beliefs designed as control-power over others.

Some of my neighbors do not like my way of being an Observer, a Teacher, no longer a follower like them. I simply told them I do not believe cannibalistic and money based rituals performed daily by our pastors and priests of the religious Christian world.

The Mayans, Incas, and the other religions have rituals that are directly cannibalistic, virgins slain at rituals and the Romans replaced them with the same stories and rituals hidden in mysticism of a supposedly advanced being, in created names copied from beings of their time who are egoistic and manipulators but powerful beings. They are the only one correct, untrue for people to believe. Imagine at your subconscious mind, you eat and drink the body and blood of another supposedly advance being taught-repeatedly to you daily or weekly, at your choice that seep, stay at your consciousness. These are methods of control by the dark, all for power over others, generation of money to be used against you thru mainstream media…. Read “In God’s Name” by David Yallop and understand a little of these Gods, how they assassinated a pope and replaced him with another, avoid conviction for assassins, manipulate followers further and control the Vatican. This is not the cup of tea of awakened humans.

These are the unfinished business of my dreams, how to get out totally without being simply an observer and is a mighty job as my present relations with my 49 years partner will be harmed. Listen, record your dreams, a message to humanity by the beings of the more advanced higher realm, higher self and higher vibrational frequency consciousness of the righteous kind, for the highest good of all. The moment is NOW!

Love and light,


About the author: ANGELCCJR., shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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