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Bigfoot’s Surprising Role In Ascension

By on March 12, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Bigfoot’s Surprising Role In Ascension

by Sarah Lines,
Contributing Writer,

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, hairy man. The names merely reflect our human perceived concept of what this being actually is. The truth is, the hairy man (as I will refer to them) is an extra-terrestrial civilization. A beautiful one at that.

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I always believed in the existence of bigfoot, but I couldn’t have ever guessed the reality of their existence. Light beings.

These beautiful creatures are full of so much unconditional love for humanity. They are here to help us, just like our other benevolent galactic partners. They are here to help humanity and our planet ascend. To help us embody more love for each other and all there is. This is our natural state of being in spirit, but once we have incarnated, we are born with amnesia and forget who we truly are, infinite beings of love and light, here for a purpose, a mission.

Our galactic partners have been helping fight the war between the light and the dark, real Star Wars style. And finally, during this pivotal time in human history, this magical transformative time, we are ascending, light is winning, and we are entering into our new earth status.

This is such an exciting time for us as humans. Many of the star seeds, crystals children, indigos, blue rays and more have chosen to incarnate at this specific time here on earth, at this specific time for humanity, to help each other wake up to the true reality.


The hairy men (and women) are from the stars; they have been around long before humanity. They are the keepers of the light. Helping Gaia with her mission. They help us remember who we are; the lightworkers, way showers, thought leaders. Star seeds.

Their message for humanity is that our souls are born here to change each other’s lives, to anchor our light, making divine transformations to help Gaia on her mission of ascension.

We are all a part of a collective whole, the matrix.

They want us to know it is ok not to be able to help everyone, that the ones we do help will have an overflow effect on the planet, on our collective consciousness.

They send light, and they protect the light. Changes are upon us all. All will be affected, all will be upgraded, up level.

Some will be expelled from the planet for the greater good. This comes in the form of severe weather, natural disasters and other events. No one is taken before their time; we all choose wen we will leave this planet before we are even born.

For those who have chosen to stay, we will have a monumental influx of light frequency upgrades and huge scale DNA code activations.

We will embody so much light, be, so much light. The world as we know it will be a different place. Look different, smell different, be different.

People will be kinder, gentler, more perceptive, in tune.

Gaia’s mission will be complete, and we can all, all galaxies, all beings, live as one; in peace and harmony.

The hairy man’s role as an ET is to watch, help, and connect with humanity at this time to help us embody more light frequencies and live from our hearts. They are not tall, hairy, scary animals, as some would perceive them to be. They are beautiful, loving, light beings. They want us to know that love is all there is, love wins.

They are waiting for us to be activated, to wake up to our mission, so that they may help us closely.

Bio: Sarah Lines is the creator of Goddess Alchemy and Goddess Warrior the Collective. Helping lost souls, Stars seeds, Earth angels and Lightworkers to remember who they are, and live on purpose. Sarah is a Spiritual awakening coach, Author, 5D Quantum Light healer-grandmaster, Meditation teacher, Multidimensional channel, and Happiness life coach. On a typical day, you will find Sarah meditating with her crystals or cuddling up to her cats while reading an interesting article on alternate realities or the quantum field.

Get in touch with Sarah on facebook or Instagram. Facebook: @sarahchakraclearing Instagram: @sarah_sarahchakraclearing Email:

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