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Blue Full Moon Throat Chakra Activation

By on April 1, 2018 in Meditation
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by Morag,
Contributing Writer,

Struggling to stay expansive? Having a hard time moving? Barely eating? Sleeping at odd times? Giving up becoming a viable option? Yep. I hear you peeps. Slushy, heavy, sticky, tricky, slippery, sketchy energies crashing into each other is the Energy Update for today. Blue full moon rays fight to penetrate gloomy, dark matrix wavelengths as we push through everything retrograde. Lunar light sparkles in our energy field when we connect to our present. When we inhabit gratitude. When we meditate. We are immersed in chaos of clashing cosmic forces. The energies are being pulled back with such force we may literally feel floored from the backlash. Heavy limbs, vertigo, nausea, headaches, sinus issues, spaciness, stomach sensitivity and dehydration can all be caused by energetic whiplash.

Upgrades are coming so fast we can’t process them. We feel overwhelmed, paralysed, shocked and stunned. Too many karmic inner revelations coupled with global elite exposure can and does cause us crash. Slow down and take in only what you are ready for. There is no rush. The energetic climate is sparking with static, clashing frequencies, wavelength weaponry and cosmic intervention. Personal challenges, emotional upset, irritability and hyper sensitivity all fizzing away at the edges of our being. Childhood memories being triggered, too much looking backwards happening. Our ego, the inner child, is in overdrive, chattering at us, throwing negativity every way it can. These are the first ripples of a cosmic, from out there in the cosmos, tidal wave of higher frequencies. We are being prepared. Prepared for an intense period of higher dimensional wavelengths. If we are aligned and ready we will experience fifth dimension and beyond.

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We are experiencing throat chakra activation. We are learning to speak our truth with humility and inner strength. We may experience throat palpitations, difficulty swallowing, sticky cough. Stretch the head back, letting the throat chakra breathe and expand. To find our true voice is to take back our sovereignty and be who we truly are. The upgrades coming through are going to empower those open to truth. Slow down and try to inhabit an honest space even when it hurts. Be prepared to look into your soul and be happy with who you are. There is an inner calm that comes from accepting our mistakes, our flaws, our regrets. From accepting trauma, recognising we did not invite it. There is freedom in making peace with what we have said and done, and what was said and done to us. We are liberated from the all consuming draw of dissecting the past. We come back into our bodies. Back into our souls. We remember to breathe again. We stretch. We look around and see the seasons, nature, our life. Exhale the past. Let it go. What’s done is done. We are who we are. We do as we do.

Connect to the world around, tune up our antennae to energies. Be kind to yourself. Allow time to breathe. We are awash with intense energies overload. Our minds are being expanded. We are seeing over the walls of the matrix and yes the truth is ugly. Beyond ugly, it is horrific. We cannot panic. This, all of it, has been going on for decades. The mainstream media mind control programming, war, poverty, disease all caused by the extremely wealthy for their gain. It’s been going on for thousands of years if you zoom out and look at it from a religious or historical perspective. Conditioning of the masses to do the bidding of a small number of obscenely wealthy people has been going on cosmically for eons as well. So it’s not like we the humans of planet earth are going to fix it in a day.

Yes we are receiving cautious warnings from extra terrestrial allies that a separation may occur when the Great Shift reaches its tipping point. And yes there is a great big tidal wave of high frequencies coming this year. We are already experiencing the ripples. But hey, panicking is never a good idea. When we wake up and see we think it’s only just happened but the rot has been spreading on Gaia for a long time. Vastly accelerated in the last 100 years, this may also be part of the Great Shift of Gaia to higher vibratory fields. The multi verse is not linear. It is quantum. This is the leap to expansive consciousness. When we begin to see that the universe responds to us. When synchronicities, number sequences, premonition and vivid dreams nudge us to awaken our consciousness. We see the world breathe. We begin to align our breath with Gaia’s. Inner calm takes seed.

We are mired in a great maelstrom of frequencies. We are relentlessly distracted and drawn into fear by our news and media programming. The general consensus seems to be that as the frequencies rise our infiltrators, the cabalistic elite, malfunction. Theirs is a low vibratory field of existence. Technologies created by them in the third and fourth dimensions break down as we and Gaia raise our vibrations. Some say when their holographic masks finally break down they will no longer care. The reigns of power will be firmly in their grasp within a one world order police state. They no longer make their chess moves surreptitiously. In fact they seem to be getting desperate in their bid to keep the vibrations low and heavy. So maybe one day of sunshine we can grasp onto in all this giving-up gloom, the vibes are rising enough to put them on the attack. To cause them to overplay their hand, blow their cover. The sleepers still sleep. But those who have awakened are on a fast track rabbit hole of exposure and disclosure. From ufos, portals in the skies, to the snake pit that is the media, Hollywood, politics and organised religions. The snake does seem to be eating itself.

Hold tight friends. Catch rays of blue moon light in breath, meditation, love and laughter. Dance in lunar love. Ignite the light warrior when it all starts to get too dark. Throat chakra activation is powerful. It is childhood, the state of the world, personal relationships, it is our identity. Who we are. Stay on those cosmic surfboards beautiful people. It’s not time to give up, it’s time to conserve our energy, calm down and get back with the mindfulness. We are who we are. It is what it is. It may look like the apocalypse out there for now. If we keep our inner souls still we will navigate ourselves and Gaia out of this chaos. Breathe beautiful people. Rest. Do good things for good people. We find our balance and hold it. We strengthen our Solar Plexus with exercise and meditation. We expand our throat chakra with self care, self knowledge and self respect. And stay tuned to the universe she’s always ready to chat. In light and love.

I am who I am, I do what I do, I accept who I am.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I know who I am, I accept who I am, I forgive myself, I love myself.


About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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