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Break Out Of The Matrix – Silica, Crystalline Body, Live In 5D Naturally

By on December 19, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Break Out Of The Matrix - Silica, Crystalline Body, Live In 5D Naturally

In5D Note: As with any supplement, use at your own discernment. 

by Paraphos,
Contributing Writer,

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Do you meditate and feel nothing?

Do you listen for your inner voice and hear nothing?

Silica is the answer.

Silica is another form of quartz. We all naturally have silica within our bodies. Electromagnetic Frequencies that flood the planet rob us of this precious element. (Cell towers, cell phones, computers, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4g, soon to be 5g which is even worse). Therefore, it is CRUCIAL to supplement with silica.

When the body is flooded with silica, the blood becomes flooded with Crystal. Crystal is the solid form of light. When you have plenty of “light” within your body, your ability to connect to higher realms is much easier.

There are many dimensions beyond the third but in order to connect with these dimensions, your light body must be intact. Supplement with silica and sit back and observe the magical events that will happen.

  • You will find crystal clear intuition.
  • You can connect with passed loved ones with ease.
  • You can manifest events/opportunities in your life with ease.
  • You can Hear the voice of your body ‘crystal clear’ which allows you to heal dis-ease through the power of intention.

Everybody is born with these abilities, they simply lie dormant within our DNA. (4 strands, only 2 are active). Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and every other ascended master who had descended to assist us, all had the exact same message. Know thyself and thou shall know the gods.

Crystallize your body and live within the 5th dimension where intentions mold your reality and instant manifestation is natural, if you dare. Stay far away if you have not looked deep within to heal the broken parts of your psyche or else you will create a more magnified/intense version of what you are currently experiencing.

I know that because I’ve been there. Many times.

With great power comes great responsibility. You are your own doctor, your own teacher, your own lover, your own being. All that you welcome into your space is extra and just for fun.

For the skeptics that don’t believe this, research watches, lasers, cellphones, sonar, radios, ultrasound. Every single one utilizes the piezoelectric effects of quartz. If this technology can by utilized externally, that means it can also be utilized internally.

Telepathy is no different than a cellphone. The only difference is that instead of having a device that emits harmful EMF in your pocket all day, you can utilize the pineal gland (which we all have as a birth right) to send frequencies to wherever you like. That’s what telepathy is, anyone can do it, nobody is special.

Make the outer the inner. The Lower the higher. Step into your power.

If you want to try a mini experiment

Unplug your WiFi, put your phone on airplane mode and unplug All electronics in your bedroom. Observe the sleep you have and the transcendental experiences you have in the sleep state.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

The true human beings power is beyond comprehension. Consciousness sleeps in minerals, awakes in plants, dreams in animals and self realizes in humans. The human being is consciousness that has used itself to discover itself.

How amazing?

The only issue is that the true human being cannot be predicted and cannot be controlled. Hence, the oppression we have been dealing with for eons.

Break out of the matrix.

Silica, silica, silica.


About the author: Sirian/Pleiadian Starseed that is dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. Paraphos codes universal and cosmic teachings within Art, Music, Pyramids, energy healing and much more. Paraphos is here to help all beings break out of the matrix and live in 5D. This is every human beings birth right. There is no master needed to ascend. The master is within you. Sometimes all you need is an activation. If you are interested in learning more about paraphos or would like to access any one of the mediums, follow @Paraphos.

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