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Breathe In Love And Light, Exhale Negativity

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Breathe In Love And Light, Exhale Negativity

by Kari Ghanem, 
Contributing writer,

Breathe In Love And Light, Exhale Negativity

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How many times have we heard others say “breathe in love and light and breathe out negativity”? I have always been fascinated by this statement. It is used so many times in our spiritual communities whether it be yoga, workshops, meditation or the like. Yet one question has always remained for me.

If we are to breathe in love and light and healing yet our out breath contains negativity and hurt, what are we actually filling up our space with for our next breath? To me, it seems that if the masses around the world are breathing out negativity then although we proclaim to breathe in love and light are we not actually breathing in that which we have exhaled?

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I am sure many would say that the Earth is here to absorb and transmute the negativity that we breathe into her but where did this concept which has been transformed into a truth come from? And who says? Our Mother Earth is a living and breathing entity, same as us and although from our earthly perspective she seems much larger than us, in the totality of Creation she too is just a speck on the canvas of infinity. She, too, breathes in and out with every spin and shift.

We seem to have forgotten that we are powerful Creators and manifesting beings that are here in collaboration with Creation and all of its moving parts. To me, this means that we must cease thinking that another whether it be a person, religion, group, spiritual community or Mother Earth is responsible for transmuting our personally generated energy and experience into something that is of a higher vibration or outcome.

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We choose to take the breath of life and we choose to breathe it out. We are here ultimately to experience all that this life in duality offers and we are, as a collective, thinking each facet into being. This means that we have the ability to truly shift all that we see as misaligned or negative externally from an internal zero point or event horizon and then with our intention, breathe this out into the world.

Duality in this world is part of its very fabric which at times can be overwhelming or scary yet our stars would not shine so brightly without the assistance of the darkest backdrop. Through our challenges we achieve triumphs and we gift ourselves with the ability to see what we are capable of and how we can rise above during those times we are in the valley yet longing to stand on the mountaintop.

Our perspectives create our outer reality yet many of us have left ourselves out of the equation by thinking ourselves too small and insignificant and yet every breath we take allows us the opportunity to breathe out into existence that which we desire. So, instead of following the old outmoded model of breathing in light and exhaling negativity, lets vow to transmute anything we perceive as negativity on our in breath by utilizing what we choose to breathe in like love and light and allow it to do its magic and then on our out breath let us breathe that love and light back into

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Creation tenfold so that we can, as a collective truly shift the balance back to that of harmony, joy, peace and love. Now take a breath and see what you feel with this new perspective in mind.

~Kari Ghanem

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