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What Career Path Should You Take Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By on August 12, 2017 in Astrology

What Career Path Should You Take Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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by Tasdid Alvi,
Guest Writer,

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in the working world, you got tired of your current job or you just want to make sure if your job is the ideal fit for you, you better stop hitting your head against the wall and look up to the stars for career advice.


Choosing a career path early in your adulthood is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make. With an abundant selection of jobs you could possible take, how can you know which one matches your personality or which one will make use of your skills best? Sure you can make a living out of every job you take, but what counts most is to love what you’ll be doing on a daily basis. One great way to find what career path should you pursue is to look for a job in which your zodiac sign’s core characteristics answer the job’s requirements. In this article, we highlight the best traits of all 12 astrology symbol and list several jobs at which each zodiac sign could be best at.


Aries people are full of ambition, confidence, enthusiasm, energy and are born leaders. Though finding a job for Aries is easier than for most zodiac signs, there are certain fields in which these determined individuals can thrive in, fields that involve a lot of risk-taking and adrenaline. Being their own boss, creating their own business or being an entrepreneur will allow the Aries to make use of all their energy and skills. Their great social skills are also a big asset for these particular fields. Due to their incredible bravery and impulsive nature, they make awesome real-life superheroes as police officers, soldiers or firefighters.


Taurus representatives are calm, more grounded than any other zodiac sign and have a constant need for security and stability. They are people anyone would want to rely upon, as their incredible power to make everyone around them feel grounded and safe too is quite necessary in a variety of careers. Tauruses are quick to maneuver from leader to follower and vice versa in any situation. Being the determined hard-workers as they are, these stubborn individuals can thrive in a career in which they are in charge for taking care of others, such as a doctor, nurse or caregiver. Due to their methodical and practical mindset, Tauruses can be really good at accounting, financing and banking too.


Gemini may not be as indecisive as Libra, but when it comes to their career, the dual-natured Twins are bound to have a though time finding a job that will keep them both challenged and entertained on a regular basis. They are intelligent, energetic, optimistic and tend to get bored too easily and too quickly unless stimulated. Geminis can thrive in fast-paced environments that provide an opportunity to discover new things regularly, be it people, things or environments. Since they can not be tied down in one job for a long time, the energetic Geminis can be best in travel jobs where they practically get paid to experience new things, new places and new people.


Ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancerians are natural nurturers. This zodiac sign is the mother of the signs and similarly to most mother figures in life we know, these caring and supporting individuals know how to get things done. Protective, philosophical and often dramatic, Cancerians can be best in the caring field. They can do a splendid job in a career as gardeners, teachers, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, psychologists and even veterinarians. Every job that would allow the Cancer to give advice and solve problems is a match. Cancerians are excellent multi-taskers and they like to be in charge of their own tasks.


With powerful leadership capabilities, incredible energy, fearless spirit and positive attitude, Leo representatives are highly likable in all environments. They have a constant thirst for recognition and tend to get dramatic quite often, but these passionate individuals give themselves fully to everything they do and they make sure it’s done in a proper manner. Leos can do well in leadership or authority roles, such as CEO, managers, editors or politics. The qualities that people born under this sign posses make them great for a career in acting, as they simply love being the center of attention and cannot get enough of praises. Other careers in entertaining such as singing or writing are also ideal for Leos.


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The perfectionist Virgo is basically the perfect employee every employer wishes for, as they pay attention to every little detail and always get the job done as supposed. Considerate, compassionate and practical, Virgos do seldom stand out from the crowd, while in fact they usually deserve most of the credit which is given to others. Thanks to their detail-oriented mind, Virgos have an amazing ability to make order out of chaos. With the combination of skills, talents and traits these individuals posses, Virgos can thrive in a career as a detective, teacher, researcher, scientist, writer, editor, accountant, graphic designer, organizer and engineer.


Libras are diplomatic, manipulative and charming people who like to keep their life in balance and harmony at all costs. Consequently, people get along with Libras perfectly and they just love having them around. The sociable and easy-going Libras are great mediators and always find a way out for their team to make it work. As they have a mixture of various talents and skills, Libras can find careers in many paths, but they excel in careers where they work with other people. Careers such as a musician, lawyer, therapist, personal trainer, architect, travel agent and wedding planner are some of the best career paths a Libra can pursue.


No one does better in high-pressure and high-intensity situations than a Scorpio. No one keeps a secret better than a Scorpio. Scorpios are resourceful, trustworthy and hard-working individuals, capable of blocking all sorts of distractions and focusing on the task at hand. They are challenged by complex tasks and thrive in intellectual jobs. They approach every deep and difficult, whether personal or professional problem fearlessly and thanks to their intuition, tackle it in an efficient manner. Scorpios’ most suitable career paths are detective, psychologist, archaeologist, social worker, surgeon, financial officer and researcher. They are also good at coping with routine jobs, as they never lose motivation.


With an upbeat attitude, optimistic spirit and unlimited amount of energy, it’s impossible for Sagittariuses to get stuck at a boring job. These rebels never settle down for something they don’t like, and they find themselves rather often in such situations due to their tendency to get bored too quickly. Nevertheless, they waste no time on continuing their quest of finding a new thrill, be it a job, a hobby, a partner or a place to live. These spiritual individuals can thrive in careers as travel agents (or any other job in travel), theologians, salesmen, animal trainers, sports coaches and motivational speakers. Sagittariuses can do well in careers that involve making big decisions too.


Reliable, dependable, responsible, organized, ambitious and ever motivated – Capricorn’s personality is basically the profile of the ideal employee. It sounds unrealistic only to those who haven’t met a Capricorn in a working environment. These enthusiastic and goal-oriented individuals have the attitude, the charisma and the skills to lead a team. They can make sure everyone in their team is contributing and all deadlines met. Careers that offer growth, self-improvement and financial risks such as banking, financing, management, administration and web development are ideal for Capricorns. They love challenges and cannot stand a defeat, which is why they always go the extra mile to get a job done.


The thinkers of the zodiac are intelligent, creative, inventive or simpler put, visionaries. With a free spirit and lots of curiosity, Aquarians are known for thinking outside the box most of their time and can be found in environments most unconventional; they cannot help it – that pulls them like a magnet. These eccentrics are ahead of time and are fantastic problem solvers. The best career paths for Aquarians are those that provide them with the space and freedom they seek. Engineer, scientist, inventor, app developer, astronomer and artist are ideal careers for the ever-analyzing Aquarians. Also, they are humanitarians at core, so they can do well in jobs as social workers, therapists or counselors.


Pisces representatives are least money motivated of all the zodiac, as they are guided by their feelings and artistic sensibilities. Of course, they won’t work for free nor will they choose just any sort of a career for themselves. Pisces are generous, sensitive, intelligent and emphatic people and they cannot see themselves in stressful working environments with a lot of pressure. They can thrive in music, dance and all sorts of arts. These born artists can do wonders whether it be on a canvas, an instrument, clothing or interior design. Since Pisceans are capable of picking up on other people’s emotions and moods and are natural humanitarians, they can do well in jobs that require helping others.

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About the author: I’m Tasdid Alvi. More than a writer, a pet lover, a storyteller, an artist in the making. As a writer for I write about life, love, work and the pursuit of your best tomorrow.

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