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Carl Boudreau Astrology Bulletin – Aggravated Mercury And Jupiter Retrogrades

By on January 5, 2016 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Carl Boudreau Astrology Bulletin - Aggravated Mercury And Jupiter Retrogrades

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by Carl Boudreau,

Aggravated Mercury and Jupiter Retrogrades

I’m guessing many of us are checking the headlines and wondering what in the world just happened – and what will happen next. This might be a good time to issue a brief bulletin.
Astrologically, it’s all about Tuesday and Thursday.


Please, keep in mind. This is just a bulletin and it lacks the broader astrological context that I will offer in my next astrology status, due out in a couple of weeks.

By way of context, though, things are a not as bad as they might appear right now. Underlying momentum is still in a positive direction. Innovation continues. The spirit of reform and activism has not suddenly died.

The buoyancy and resilience we have been seeing in the world has not all of a sudden vanished. It is just temporarily obscured by debris from the collapse of things that need to collapse and confrontations with things that need to be confronted.

This is the kind of turmoil associated with reform and healing – with people waking up and responding to long-standing issues and the crises that accelerate awakening and fuel determination.

This is not the kind of turmoil associated with decline or disintegration, although people could be forgiven for interpreting it that way.

People will be feeling confused as well as impatient, impetuous, self-righteous and confrontational. Did I mention vexed, frustrated and resentful? Quite a lively mix of emotions.


Carl Boudreau Astrology Bulletin - Aggravated Mercury And Jupiter Retrogrades

Tuesday January 5, 2016

  • Mercury squares Mars
  • Mercury stationary/retrograde

The Mercury/Mars square might as well be simultaneous with the Mercury station.

Expect the usual delays, cancellations, postponements, no shows, misfires, all made more difficult to endure by hot tempers, impatience, impetuousness, impulsiveness.

  • Venus square Neptune

This square will compound the confusion usually surrounding a Mercury station. Venus governs both personal and business relationships as well as personal finances. The realms of Venus and Mercury overlap a great deal.

This square promises considerable confusion surrounding some aspect of your personal relationships and financial life. The confusion will do little to calm flaring tempers or sagging moods.

  • Moon sextile Jupiter

This benevolent little sextile promises a modicum of luck and positive synchronicity in your efforts to dispel any confusion or or work through an inconvenience. It will bring some grace under pressure.

  • Sun conjunct Pluto

Our conscious mind collides head on with the forces of transformation.

Many of us will respond stubbornly, forcefully or very assertively to obstacles or interference, real or perceived. We will feel the need to impose our will or impose order – a familiar, comfortable order – on new, unfamiliar or unexpected and inconvenient situations, or people.

However, these are forces of transformation. They are about what is new and unavoidable emerging with the full force of the universe behind them. Exasperation is likely.

The Moon is Void of course from about 1:00 pm until about 2:00 am the following morning (New York Time).

The cosmic transmission will be disengaged. The clutch will be out 🙂 (for those who remember what a clutch is). We will get zero traction in our efforts to achieve our goals. Any plans we do make are highly likely to misfire. This might be a good time to binge watch your favorite TV series or sort your laundry.

Layer upon layer of confusion will compound overlapping delays, all made worse by high levels of irritability and a generally confrontational mood. Patience will be in short supply.

Thursday January 7, 2016

  • Moon conjunct Saturn

There will be a clear sense that greater order and discipline are required in any given situation (duh!). A somewhat serious-minded, downbeat, no nonsense aspect. However, the levels of chaos and potential chaos will be such that the desire for order and discipline is likely to be unfulfilled and will only serve to increase frustration levels and stoke tempers.

  • Sun square Uranus

We will collide head on with the forces of change, often in a way that is inconvenient and uncomfortable, difficult to accommodate or even to understand correctly.

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  • Moon trine Uranus

This aspect will cast a pleasant aura of novelty and serendipity over events. This could, however, be shallow and deceptive, given the difficult aspects accompanying it. It might cheer us up, but it might also encourage us to drop our guard when we shouldn’t. Your mileage may vary.

  • Moon square Jupiter

We will be given to overestimation and overspending. Question your own judgment. Maybe do a little more research before buying.

  • Jupiter stationary/retrograde

Financial, philosophical, religious and/or educational matters will lose forward momentum. So will economic issues. It’s time to take our belief systems and our investment ideas back to the drawing board. Things won’t pick up again until May when Jupiter resumes forward motion.

Blind faith will give way to doubt and a willingness to reconsider things, to serious second guessing. Economic assumptions will come up for reconsideration. None of this will be helpful, though, amid rising levels of confusion and annoyance. We must commit ourselves to remaining calm and patient.

The Moon will be Void of Course from about 10:00pm on Thursday until about 10:00am on Friday (New York Time).

The cosmic transmission will be disengaged again, this time overnight (in the western hemisphere). We will find it difficult to gain traction in our affairs. Progress could be deceptive.

Briefly, we are looking at a potentially vexing, chaotic week, lacking in positive synchronicity and overflowing with inconvenience and annoyance.

The big mistake would be to let this week’s vexations color our expectations for the future or to lead us into self-defeating confrontations in the moment.

Still, this week’s challenges cannot be brushed aside. Strive to be realistic about what is possible under present circumstances. Suppress the kind of negative emotions generally reserved for short-term annoyances. This stuff is going to take patience and lots of it. It’s best not to try anything fancy right now. The universe is very serious about the delays it is imposing on us now.

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