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The Change, Transformation To The 5th Dimension, And Ascension

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by Bartek Indygo,
Contributing Writer,

If you are reading this article it means that you must have awakened, that after years of not seeing the world with your own eyes you have started using them now. No matter at what stage of the ascension process you are there are things which tend to reappear on the path and which we need to shed light on for them to be transformed into Love. As we are now all exposed to higher frequencies arriving at Gaia on regular basis together with every Solar flare and rising Schumann’s resonance, not to mention the amounts of the photonic light coming from the center of the Multiverse.  All that has been hidden from the light now comes to the surface to be finally let go so we can enable our energy fields to embrace more Love frequencies.

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There are numerous realizations that strike us during the spiritual journey and they may vary from person to person. Despite being ONE, we are all unique expressions of the source energy. However, there are some which seem to be applicable to many of us so let’s take a closer look at them.

Unconditional Love is the very basic building energy of everything that surrounds us. This is what we are all made of and what is deep within every person. When we come to this world, we agreed upon taking on several ‘filters’ that separated us from that Love. During the lifetime, we tend to take on even more of them in form of energy blockages on either a mental or an emotional level. The ascension journey is all about shedding off those filters and becoming Love again. To be able to re-connect with our inner Love, we need to start consciously generating that vibration and provide ourselves with that first. Only then we have the Love to share with others.

What I have identified during my journey was this nagging tendency to immediately start spreading this Love around by keeping very little, if any, for myself. I have experienced being sucked out of this energy unconsciously by people around me.  I ended up feeling a lack-of-energy and needed to cleanse myself to regain my energy balance again and again.  At that time, I did not realize that after shedding just one or two those layers that were separating me from the source of my connection was not yet that strong and had to be literally distributed all the time. Since then, what comes first, no matter what, is UNCONDITIONAL-Self-LOVE. The more you have it within you, the higher your frequency becomes. Do not be afraid to say ‘no’ to people who try to take it from you because there is no flow of energy between you. Even if it comes to your Twin Flame or soulmate, Unconditional Love should be always applied to yourself first!

Attachment seems to be a source of many energy leaks that prevent us from following the ascension path smoothly. Imagine that life is a river and you are swimmer. In the past, the current was not that strong and even if you did not want to swim you could just catch some branch sticking out from the bank and you stay there for a long time as holding it did not cause much effort. Since 2012, when Gaia started rising her vibration, this current is becoming stronger and stronger and is now holding to something that is supposed to stay in its place that seems no longer possible. Sometimes, the attachment is subconscious.  Sometimes, we are simply karmically entangled. Either way, it is always worth examining these things and how they relate to our daily lives. From the ego-mind perspective, which is rather limited, it seems so difficult and challenging. When coupled with your journey, your perspective broadens and there are more of those things that you can  identify as attachments.

At this point it, is also worth mentioning the tools that are available to us on this path. I believe that every tool serves its purpose at some point of the journey, but with time, we tend to outgrow the tools. However, we are still so attached to them that we do not want to let them go. The times are changing, the frequencies are rising. What worked in the past may not be efficient now. Additionally, our energies are changing through DNA activations.  As our frequencies raise, we may no longer need outdated tools. If you experience a ritual, a certain meditation, or some healing technique does not work as effectively as it used to, then be open to finding something new, or simply look for that knowledge within.

The Change, Transformation to the 5th Dimension, Ascension

Social conditioning plays a huge role and most of it is connected to religious programming. There is a tendency to look for change outside of ourselves, such as foretelling the future energies or reading the news about changes in politics and weather. The ‘external’ change is gradual and proportional to the change within.  Naturally, it is nice to hear the views of others in our physical reality but the biggest change is happening within you! This internal process that we’re all undergoing is the most important part of it.  This is where our focus should be. Remember, what you are within attracts all that is around you.

Even among those who are awakened, I observe this tendency for ‘fighting-the-old’ but for “The Event” to happen, we must focus on manifesting and building the New Earth.  By fighting with old systems, we are still feeding them with our energy which should be directed on building the New Earth. The choice is always yours!

The ascension path is not a straight one, it has many turns that make it so exciting!  Simply be present in the NOW moment as much as possible. Once you decide to ascend, there is no turning back! Flow with the stream of life.

I wish for your journey to run as smoothly as possible in your highest good.


Bartek Indygo

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