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New Earth News- The Ticket To The New World Is Transformation

By on February 19, 2018 in New Earth News


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by Sonja,
New Earth News Correspondent

The universe took on a new appearance recently as the flow of restoration began. This look resembles individualized osmosis as this process was installed into each vessel in the network. This action of the movement of energy is intact and has begun to generate new beginnings in each moment.


As the polarity of each field enters its own personal system, the filtered output catapults into the flowing flowered fields of hopes and dreams that had only once been visualized through the thick milky glass divider that separated one from the other. This action was not powered by the electricity bought and sold from money, power, beauty or fame. The electrical current powering this magical event comes directly from the effervescence emitted from the equation of Pure Love. As the non-identity of pure love once began from the heart of one creator longing to share this purity with one other, it now resides in the hearts of billions of new faces. Since this process has officially began, an individual may accelerate the action by understanding that is easily accessible.

To change the momentum of the transformation taking place in the air in which you reside, you can momentarily step out of this experience and look directly at the location of where you are. This physical action may sound impossible but it is not. You just need to understand what is happening in order to speed the process up.

If repetitive situations have become apparent in your own space, then somehow the message has not been received into you by the sender. The sender is the Christ consciousness residing in you and warranting this movement.  This manner of reception has now become the complete focus of my personal walk that moves the human body out of the web of the matrix. No one can lead you to a faster pace or tell you what to do because it is your own walk. We are shown the way out only by the internal guidance of each individual vessel that allows us to locate the pattern that was left by the original design.

An energy pattern that had repeated itself with numerous different faces in my reality for over 50 years has just recently transformed, thrusting my body into new and wonderful changes. Several days after this took place in my reality, I received a phone call from a person I care for dearly. As she was speaking it became obvious that the event that took place in her reality carried the same energy pattern as what I had just stepped out of. Oddly enough, the words to communicate did not flow well from my end. I could hear her talking and could see the energy pattern from her point of view but I no longer embodied that emotional disturbance that had attached this physical body to that polarity. Once this energy pattern had disappeared out of what I was viewing, the aired polarity of the environment in which I had been residing changed. This alteration in time is an extremely obvious transformation that does not require confirmation for the satisfaction of the human senses.

Conversely, the overall feeling was odd and uncomfortable beyond the entrance into this new space. Being unable to realize what had happened, the normal human response was to jump back into the loop where emotional confusion is apparent. Being in unchartered territory can be unsettling at first and it’s possible to want to step back into familiar surroundings. Quite quickly the understanding allows a smoother flow into the area that at first feels so extremely awkward. The second time accrued with more ease and each time the surroundings seemed to soften and blossomed into the satisfaction similar of wearing a favorite pair of shoes molded to my own personal gate.

We are literally swimming upstream and this space can very well seem accelerated against the natural flow of our own personal nature. As you push through the barrier, the augmentation of your individual body’s aura becomes intensely apparent. Consequently, it allows for the movement of the physical vessel to become abundantly agreeable.


The illusion that each one is not capable of conquering accelerating this task on their own has become extreme and simply not accurate. The initiation of the individual Christ consciousness is what allows this to first be the possibility then become the action. Each step into this new space can make the prior step seem slightly insignificant. It’s even quite possible that previously spoken words by your own vessel may now seem almost duplicitous when looked back on.

You are transforming history with every step and by doing this very thing, you are adjusting the space in which you reside to a more balanced and personalized environment.

The most important lesson I had to learn was not to expect my immediate people to totally understand what I was saying, hearing, or seeing. We have moved out of creation mode to transformation mode. The creation walk of most carried more similarities than that of the transformation walk. My personal walk now is viewing things from my own perspective and knowing and expecting that others will be different. The roads traveled at this stage can seem identical in one moment, and in the very next take on a totally unconventional look. Although we are exploring through our own creation, we are now going against the flow in which it was created.

You will start to recognize what you are passing by and then be able to see the polarity of which it was originally designed and what it is now becoming as you flow through the creation. The paths which were co-created become apparent and distinctive from those of your individual roads as the nodes of each cross over begin to illuminate with the different personalities attached. You will know which roads belong to you as the transformation takes its first step into action from the feel of your immediate surroundings.

Agree to disagree with your people if you share of yourself, and try to use your intuition openly to incorporate each detail as everything presents itself as another clue or puzzle piece that becomes a ticket to your own New World. The portion of divine balance that we hold has increased and will become like a magnet for those precious to you and for those that will reside close with you.

This process begins by the first step taken in this space. The walk of the individual road stabilizes the polarity of where the co-creators previously crossed over and softly radiates a loving pulse which is picked up instantly and their personal polarity begins to transform. The physical distance between the two bodies is irrelevant because the walk is within. You may feel the need to travel to certain destinations and that is not uncommon, but know if something does not manifest then it was not required or divinely planned. You now embody Christ consciousness and you would not expect more of yourself or your loved ones that could possibly be manifested at a specific time in space.

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Throughout the history of expansion, mankind did their utmost best to control others by their own ideas. The friction caused was a huge success and we did a fabulous job expanding into an infinite number. Now we are walking directly into that creation, embodying our enhanced portions of consciousness with the ability to claim our individual stakes that were promised in the beginning.

Standing out, waiting and watching for the Savior of mankind to manifest may have been the theme for creation, but perhaps the road to the truth has become lost in the different identities within history repeating itself. No one must look outside of their own vessel for their Christ/God or higher power to appear and save them. Each one has their own personal savior instilled, guiding their every move and waiting patiently to be recognized.

I’ve read stories about various artists that while creating a masterpiece, they had to step away from the canvas for a moment and then take a second look with a different mindset to be able to complete it. Step out and away from your creation for a moment and then step back in and look again. The existence of the path to your own New World cannot be denied and is located right in front of you. It is individualized containing and pulsating with the archaic glow that only can be recognized by the owner.

Each aspect of any version of evolution has repeated itself from the beginning of time. The repetition exists not only from the thoughts manifested into experiences by the layered generations of mankind, but also the layout of the land itself and anything seen with human eyes.

Conquering the understanding of the transformation of creation is not that difficult, nor is speeding up the action. I personally achieved this present state of mind only by internally trusting and following my own personal aspect of God/Source. That embodied trust allowed that voice to become my distinctive guide toward the outside New World.

I want to be clear that that I am not stating that I have arrived at my destination. I am saying that Me, along with everyone else has literally pierced through a very thick veil that now puts our present location a profusion closer to the divine targeted space we have longed for since the beginning of time, that of the New World or New Earth.

Love, Sonja

Here is the latest video from Michelle Walling and Sonja:


About the author

Sonja is an intuitive visionary, holding a direct connection with the Divine since childhood. She has been blessed with pin point visionary skills plus, enhanced spiritual gifts and abilities. Her path has now led her from behind the scenes and into the public, focusing on blessing the people of the earth with Pure Love. Assisting with delivering the understanding required to find truth in knowledge.  Sonja’s extra sensory gifts will now be shared in areas directed by Divine.

“Changes are made through the generations of time by enhancing consciousness. By enlightening ourselves, we transform the World!”

Image: Pixabay

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