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Changes In The Brain – A Shift To Balance

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by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

It was in a morning meditation that I saw these changes occurring in my brain.  Now although I have seen changes in my brain space before this was a little more intense or progressing to a completion of a cycle for me and where I am in my life.

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All our ascension “symptoms’ or shifts that are occurring will be different for each one of us and at different times.  We are all on our own personal and unique journey of evolution, and although the human race is evolving, it evolves as fast as the fastest human, and when I say fastest, it is not a race, just using words can be so dense, but it is about the most evolved at this time.  Jesus was a very evolved human, and although we crucified him, the worst of humanity, there was the love that followed, the gratitude for his life.

So back to evolving self which happens in our own time and space, it is no race.  Remember it is the ‘progress in the process that holds purposefulness’.  Our purpose is just to be pure balanced loving humans, so this means our physical structure must shift as the light quotient in our body/cells/DNA cannot hold the heaviness anymore, so it is shedding.

The human brain is one aspect of the human.  When I say brain I literally mean the left and right hemispheres and how they operate.  The brain is one of the most intricate parts of the body with scientists still finding out more and more each day.  With basics, many of us know about the left and right hemispheres which control opposite sides of the body.  The left hemisphere is where speech, writing, comprehension, science and mathematics is processed (see the brain needs to ‘process to progress’ function) which is called logic at this time.  The right holds the processes of creative such as art and music abilities. Each side is connected by the nerve fibres corpus callosum (CC), which is situated in the centre of the brain.  This area, also called white matter, transmits neural messages which communicate to each hemisphere sharing information. I am going to focus on these fibres, for this is where one of the major changes are happening.  This is where the balance is taking place.

The corpus callosum (CC), the fibres in between the hemispheres, are amid change in many of us.   These pathways are in a sense starting to connect both sides to work together.  This creates the culmination of expanding human abilities taking us to the next level.  This white matter is made up of around 250 million axons which in basic terms are long thread-like part of a nerve cell.  Along these nerve cells impulses are conducted from the cell body to other cells, transmitting information.  In effect, the Axons are the primary transmission lines of the nervous system, which are electrical impulses, and as bundles they help make up nerves and the nervous system. Electrical impulses are the most significant and the most influenced within our system.

As I have mentioned this part of the brain is in the process of change.  How it changes for each of us depends on each of our experiences.  The ultimate shift will be a cohesion of both sides being able to access parts of the brain we have never been able to access or haven’t been able to access for thousands of years.  You may find that many of the children of our time have more productive active or expanded CC fibres within their brain, for they have come onto our planet at a time where it is happening any way, they are just progressing the process for the continual evolution.

This is also a gateway to many electrical energies and impulses outside of us, there fore many reasons for people going a bit loopy, medical term of course, is because this part of the brain, on a physical level, is becoming over active, in a sense, where parts of our brain are firing that have never fired before.  And I say loopy because that is what is happening, there is a loop in the brain going from one hemisphere to the other creating a bit of confusion and mental instability for a little while as it is stuck in a little cycle to create new pathways.  I must share as I was writing this paragraph, I was listening to the radio and what happened was they played the new song and forgot to turn of the last one, so what I was listening to were two songs on the same channel mixing it up for a little bit.  So, your brain is on a frequency and there may be a time where both songs get played at the same time which causes confusion in the head.

I am not bundling this up with mental imbalance, but it may be a time of imbalance in your life until it balances up again.  How long it takes I cannot say, when it happens, I don’t know that either as we all do it in our own time, what I do know is that it is happening to many of us in many degrees of light shifts or changes.  The light quotient in your brains white matter is changing to a higher frequency.  That is why it feels like an imbalance is occurring and why there seems to be a lot of people on our planet hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing things they have never felt heard or seen before, things they cannot explain, things that they just know and because there is no solid scientific explanation, may seem to us as going mental.  You are not. If you understand what is happening on our planet, you may be more understanding or accepting of these new things, but also understand that much of human race are being opened to this very quickly and in a way that they have not known before.  It can be frightening, confusing, frustrating, depressing, anxious, exhausting or even peaceful and easy.  Whatever the experience, learn to embrace tools that can help you ground yourself into your body and into earth.

There is just a big shift occurring in the brain space, the space where the electrical currents are being transformed into something new, creating new shifts in the brain and nervous system, therefore the cerebral spinal fluid breath is important.  This helps with the grounding of these new energies into our bodies and the earth and giving a sort of balance and peace within the brain and nervous system.

You may even be led to do exercises or things for yourself to help you during this time. Remember although these physical changes are occurring, you still can oversee the next step you take, so if you may be feeling afraid, confused or anything that is fearful or vulnerable, or thoughts of confusion or destruction of self or others take over, this is where stepping in and reaching out to someone is required.  It can be done, and you can stand up and take hold.

We are all in this together and in truth, the human race is kind to one that needs and asks for help.

In Light Love Wisdom and Truth

Angie x

*Remember with all my messages I ask for your discernment whether this information resonates with you, for in truth the wise one is within you.

About the author: A writer, messenger, wellness advocate, channeler and spiritual leader, Angelina’s journey has taken her to a point where she is now working on a public platform as a speaker in seminars and events around the world, in relation to health, wellness and the evolution into the New Earth. “We are light.”

Image: Pixabay

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