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Channeling: Did Your Guides Overtake YOU?

By on September 8, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Channeling: Did Your Guides Overtake YOU?

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

How could you possibly know when those you trust with your life, your social image and your social circle are actually here to help you and others? Or, to relive a human experience through you as well as bring some disruption into the lives of other human beings? The trickiest is when it is actually both. The beings that are only interested in the interests of their nations and not of the cosmic direction it’s heading now, can be really crafty and feel genuine, because they are. Think of them as rebels, they believe in their cause, they trust they know what’s best for the rest of us, whether we gave our consent or not, and they will do anything to support the cause they follow.

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Yes, we are here to talk about the guides and beings we work with, who get to channel their information through our voice cords, or simply put their words into our minds or influence our choice of words when talking to larger audiences.

Of course, many of our guides and beings are genuine and here to help our ascension process. So how do you spot which one is which?

Here is a list to help you on your journey with your guides and to stay in check with your own ‘I’:

1. If your guides are genuine, the messages they give will be somewhat heartfelt. They won’t be necessarily soft or airy, they just give you that sense of “Honestly it makes sense! I can’t exactly explain why but it just does”.

2. Your guides are not playing to your ego. Yes, it’s important. You do need to regularly stay in check for this one. The questions you need to ask yourself are: “Do my guides make me feel superior and special compared to other humans?” “Do my guides tell me I am the one to awaken others?”

The awakening process is happening, with our input or without. Meaning that some will come to the realization of the bigger cosmic picture sooner, through their internal intuitive guidance or by simply interacting with like-minded people or reading relevant articles, or later. Where in the later stage means that you need to do absolutely nothing, no one will leave you behind. The process is not for a select few but the whole Earth Community, angels and all.

3. Your true guides will never tell you “Do this!” “You have to do this…” or “You must…” … you get the picture? Your genuine guides are here just to provide you with support, the information you need at the time that you need it and supervise your state. For example, if you are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of spiritual exposure or work you may get, they’ll be sure to guide you to some rest or somewhat forced ‘disconnection’. It is not really a disconnection, it’s more that they won’t provide any more information your current self can’t take in. Have you ever heard “After I shared the information I remember nothing”? There is a reason for that, your information is for you to keep, the information that’s for the others is literally for the others. That does not mean that your guides can’t be direct! Quite the opposite. But never instructional or somewhat bullying you.

4. If you feel tired, overwhelmed and the need to resort to drugs of any kind, the chances are the guides are there after their own interests and they do not care about their host ‘shell’, (that is you by the way.) Seek help in separating yourself from the guides even if temporarily until you put yourself back together. Although often when you undergo such a process, the so-called guides are gone and the new ‘true’ guides are able to come in.

5. If your guides are genuine, they will provide you with the information that is verifiable. We are not talking here about your entire past, present, future, but there will be a specific information that will make your friends, or a client perhaps burst into an emotional release. The words you’ll get from those you delivered information to will be something along the following lines: “WOW – that got me all emotional”.

6. If your guides are giving you a lot of information that sounds farfetched and is definitely unverifiable, for example “you are an old soul and you’ve had 3456 reincarnations so far” then perhaps you need to check whether it’s worth continuing with this team of guides. As they chose you, so can you choose the ones you want to work with in spiritual realms. In short, if the guides provide you with the information that helps you or your audience grow – fantastic, but meaningless information at this stage can only bring further confusion into our already overstretched energetically minds.

7. If your guides are demanding you call them “Mother”, “guru” or something else, it is worth checking again. No guides are superior. Just to be clear. I have been working with people who channel Archangels or those beings most can relate to, and at no point have they made their human counterparts feel lesser, in fact, quite the opposite. Often it starts with “We are not superior to you. As you are learning through us, we are learning through you”.

As a general word of advice, remember that no matter where you originate from, you are here for many reasons and one of those reasons IS to go through a human experience. If you wouldn’t want to do that (even if you got somewhat earth-bound) the initial choice was that, I want to experience what it’s like to be a human or what it’s like to experience a heart chakra on such a physical level. Yes, I am talking about love here. And in that sense, you do not need guides to be who you are. You are enough. If however you choose to work with other beings, please go through the list regularly.

Lots of love and light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

Image: Pixabay

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