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We Chose To Forget In Order To Re-Member

By on July 7, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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We Chose To Forget In Order To Re-Member

by Raphael Awen,
Contributing Writer,

We chose the veil. We chose to forget.

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But why would we do such a thing? The answer to that question is something that is now coming clearer and clearer in our dawning awareness.

What we are coming to realize now is not only the fact that we chose to forget, but even more importantly is that we knew that the process of re-MEMBERing would be something hugely MORE for us, something MORE for the universe, something MORE for the infinite love that we actually are. This ‘greater glory’ was so apparent for us, that even the giving up of our present glory and entering a path of suffering was something we were willing and ready to chose. Only a powerful being fully in charge of their will and sanity could and would make such a choice.

Each and every one of us are being ‘re-membered’ back to our essence as we live into this soul choice we made. This is an essence that you never lost actual possession of, but only willingly gave up your conscious awareness of. This was the chosen forgetting. Your subconscious essence however fully retained this awareness of essence and it never forgot the resulting mission of bringing remembrance back to our conscious awakening selves.

This essence was never a static or finite amount of essence, but is rather an infinitely expanding, super-intelligent, magical mystery tour of life itself.

The awakening life you presently live and the consciousness with which you presently live your life, down to every single wanted and unwanted detail and emotion is ALL part of the sacred remembering of yourself into conscious awareness of this infinitely expanding love ‘essenceness’ that you are. You are literally becoming consciously that which you ALREADY ARE subconsciously. THIS is the whole purpose of this ‘life’ story you are living out and the chapter in the story that you are currently at. You chose the power of story to transmute your way back into remembrance, one piece at a time.

The minute details of your present life and what you feel about them are all a part of your sacred remembering. Not one of the details of your suffering or your joys are in any way more or less sacred than the other in your chosen path of experimenting with experiences and experience itself in your awakening process.

It all hinges on feeling. And feeling all hinges on choice. What are you ready and willing to feel now in this process of making known consciously what you’ve only known subconsciously up till now? What is your emerging truth? How will you consciously choose this? What choices is life asking you to consciously make now as life gives you the courage to take this step?

You definitely did not chose to endlessly suffer. This is only a projection of our darkest fears which also is a part of our ‘remembering alchemy’ intended to guide us back to the infinite love source that we all are, together and individually.

I am infinite love that chose to forget, so that I could re-member myself in awakening process back to myself, back to you and back to love.

by Raphael AwenAbout the author: Raphael Awen is a heart and soul guide, spaceholder, group facilitator, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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