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Collapsing Timelines  –  Breathe Into The Process Of The Unknown

By on June 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Collapsing Timelines  -  Breathe Into The Process Of The Unknown

by Zoe Davenport,
Contributing Writer,

Those times you feel the time line has collapsed as you decided to peak into potential future realities of experiences. Those times you feel the rug has been pulled from beneath your feet and you feel like your falling with no-one to catch you. Those times you suddenly feel the safe, warm comfortable protection of those realities are now flung back into the cosmos never to truly land in front of you for viewing pleasure. Those times you feel it’s all gone to chaos, your head is spinning — old thoughts, limitations and fears start to creep in as the ego needs something to hold onto — something familiar and sometimes there can be a little hope found in the experiences we have already witnessed as observer.

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Those times — are the very building blocks for something far bigger, far more aligned, for more expansive and houses the potentials for even greater dimensional experiences.

It’s important to know and to remember — that those timelines did play out in an alternative universe — and for what ever reason — unknown to you right at this time as observer is there was a better route for you to follow.

The key is surrendering into the unknown — let go of the need to cling onto the story as it starts to collapse, let go of the need to tell the story of what could have been and get back into the present moment — as present is key to creating new time lines, new realities and new experiences most aligned with observer at this time.

Breathe into the process

It’s important to stay grounded, be in your power, be present and treat self with the upmost self-care possible as the alternatives will lead to overwhelm, procrastination, and the feelings of time lines moving backwards as ego wants to hold onto some form of truth which would make sense.

But for you — You right here in this moment — this is NOT your truth — the previous experiences have already played out and the uncertainty of the future variables is a challenge to really show up for your needs now. Sometimes it can be and feel easy to romance the future visions — seeing it as a wonderful end goal, a job well done for all the hard work put into the now. So how could it have possibly all “fallen” apart.

Your experience is in the NOW and trusting in divine of now!

Now — now now now now now now — are you being present NOW?

Are you in JOY now?

Are you grounding now?

Are you how you need to feel now?

Trust and surrender to the unknowns trust and surrender to the space that is now lovingly being created in your reality, trust that you are not walking towards pain and suffering you are actually walking away from it. trust you are walking into your expanded power — the light you truly came here to be not acting as a dimmer switch next to another,

Trust this is the time you have called in -the time You have been waiting for and needing- trust that this is divine and it is ALL a reflection of YOU — Your wishes, your desires your deepest hearts yearning.

Trust that the future potential is still very much a possibility right now for you, if you do the work in the Now if you do not dwell on the could haves and should haves of preview experiences that timeline is no longer the future is no longer and the NOW where you can truly step into your creative power and be present — this is a time to truly honor what your higher self has called in for you and to trust in the process. You are no longer a human singular you are ascending into multi light code frequencies and multiple times which will of course have an effect on those close to you and around you.

You do not need to fall into the same traps of ego limitations from and like before — this WILL NOT SERVE you. You know love is an inside job you know love comes from you and u have an abundance of this to share and gift to the world.

Trust in the now, trust in the unknown, trust in something better is aligning for you now, trust you are loved, trust all is in divine perfection of your soul’s calling.

You are so loved.

Zoe Davenport
Ascension Guide & Crystalline Grid Activator

Zoe DavenportZoe Davenport is a channel, master ascension guide and crystalline grid activator. Her multi-dimensional connection helps to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension path. ​ She is running a ​Crystalline Activation Workshop — Join us live on July 1st 10am PT for 2 hours of in depth crystal activation magic — learn to create powerful portal opening grids to expand your potential.

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Image: Pixabay

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