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Collecting The Pieces Of YOUR Cosmic Puzzle

By on March 8, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Sterling Nicole Bennett,
Guest Writer,

Completing inner work and providing yourself with self healing practices can come in many different packages. We are all different beings living together on this round rock floating through space, and we all have different experiences and points of view.

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Honor your experiences and learn to practice self love. You will find that when the inner work begins, so does the transmutation process that leads to the cleansing of your soul.

In honor of the complete customization that comes with learning to love yourself, I will share something that relates to me personally. Through this example, it is my intention that you may see the once perceived obstacles in your path could actually be viewed, instead, as opportunities to learn just what it takes to love you for who you truly are. After all, no one knows you better than you do.

Sometimes I feel a sudden urge to break out my Nintendo Switch and roam the beautiful green pastures of Hyrule Field in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The relaxing sound scapes and scenery provide a complete freedom to explore. This open world RPG provides a sense of peace and puts my mind in a state of meditative bliss.

The ecstasy inducing soundscape makes the entire experience feel like a dream. I invite you to hit play on the video below for the remainder of our time here together.

Far too often, my mind wanders to this beautiful virtual place.

I come back to reality and am reminded that I have to stay focused on my mission. We all have paths we want to follow, and far too often the path is littered with tests and trials created by those who want to bring you down.

Staring that ugly Bokoblin in the face and using their own Bokoclub against them while exclaiming with your loudest warrior cry, “BEGONE, THOT!” , or, my personal favorite, “NOT TODAY, SATAN!!” sometimes is all it takes to release the built up energy.

When something you truly love and enjoy participating in is constantly knocking at the door, it can be very difficult to ignore and can hinder your work. If it’s that distracting, maybe you should let it in.

In this instance, playing a game is a way that I have found speaks to my inner creative child and allows me to exercise a practice of self love that is tailored to me. Granted, going on a 12 hour bender in a quest to defeat the calamity Ganon might be over doing it, but this is where moderation comes into play.

Playing video games can be a wonderful use of your time, if this is done in moderation. Allowing yourself maybe 1-2 hours to release that built up energy will actually help you focus on your work.

Once you release the mental block that has been formed in your mind against whatever might be distracting you from your work, you will see that through this release you are allowing true freedom and soul development to occur. Finally, you are able to flex muscles that you previously didn’t believe you had.

Learn to love every part of your soul. Through this process, you will learn what it means to truly love another.

About The Author: Sterling Nicole Bennett is a millennial on a mission to bridge the gap between mainstream entertainment and the disclosure community. Sterling has spent her life thus far studying and experiencing all things paranormal and metaphysical. Sterling is dedicated to sharing her awakening journey with the world, always learning and constantly growing. Her mission on this planet is to serve others by teaching them how to serve themselves. “It’s not about where you go, it’s how you get there.” Some of Sterling’s recent projects include: Youtube Channel Sterling Nicole Bennett, Appearances on Jimmy Church Radio Fade to Black, Interview about Psychic Connection and Astral Projection on Stillness in the Storm Show, working as a Conscious Agent for Stillness in the Storm, and Exclusive Interview about Blue Sphere Beings with Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode.

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