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Connecting With Our Spirit Guides And Higher Selves

By on September 28, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Connecting With Our Spirit Guides And Higher Selves

What is the secret and the divine or universal timing of connecting with our spirit guides and our higher selves?

By Sabine Launius,
Contributing writer,

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Connecting With Our Spirit Guides And Higher Selves

That is a good question for many of us considering that we might have heard the phrase: ” Just ask your guides” a couple of times but have no clue how we can connect or when this connection will happen. The longer we struggle with this question the more frustrated we might get. And, of course, we want a glimpse of what the higher self actually looks or feels like.

Sometimes, it will take a long time to make the connection- or, as it happens quite often, to realize that we are already connected but we just couldn’t understand it.

Why is that you might ask?

The short answer is: we will connect when we are ready for it, when things “align” and when the timing is right- “divine” or “universal” timing. And when we finally do connect, we have to keep in mind who we are and what we believe in.

Do we believe that spirit guides are “people” or “energies” such as arch angels, colors, tastes, ancestors, gods and goddesses, past life connections, twin flames maybe? Or do we believe in other traditions such as spirit and totem animals or maybe both?

It all depends on your spiritual beliefs- it only matters what works for you and what you can connect to. There is no mold that will fit all of us.

Long before I finally made the connection with my main spirit guide, I “listened” to the messages that nature provided for me in the form of spirit animals. If you do Shamanic journeys, you have probably encountered quite a few of them and they might give you a message and guidance for a specific situation or time in your life. They will be around for a while- you might even encounter them in your dreams or in nature- hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, reptiles, birds just to name of few. Once you have made the connection with your higher self, you will know what messages are for you.

Some of us might also believe in a totem animal that was chosen for us at the time of birth. Your totem will be always with you along your life’s path and we might only recognize it after it has shown up repeatedly in a journey, in a dream or in nature. We can form a strong bond with these spirit and totem animals and/or our spirit guides who might appear in the form of an animal, color or taste. For some it might be even cartoon characters or ET’s.

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So, what is one possible definition of the higher self?

After much research of many excellent resources, I would have to say, for myself at least, that the higher self is equivalent to our soul’s “microchip” that has all the experiences of our past lives, emotions, trauma and lessons from these lives stored to be accessed when we are ready for them and when they are needed. Some might call this microchip the Akashic records- our soul’s journey. The guides might be the record keepers if that works for you. Yet, nothing is absolute- definitions are not important but might help you to understand the concept. Let your intuition guide you what works best for you.

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For some of us, trying to access the Akashic records might open up the channel to the spirit guides; for others it might be a natural process that seems like it has always been there.

Do we approach this methodically or intuitively? Only you can answer this question.

Meditation, sound healing, hypnotherapy, mediumship etc. might be a helpful way to connect to the guides. One important aspect of connecting with your spirit guides is that they all have their own “energy signature” whatever it may be- colors, lights, sounds, energy, vibration, images etc. This is how you might recognize them.

I have experienced that a while back when I finally realized that my spirit guides use colors as their energy signature. When I see these specific colors, I know which spirit guide it is. This came to me during a deeper exploration of mediumship in a class setting after trying to connect for years along with the realization that they were there all along showing me their colors- I just didn’t know it and wasn’t quite ready for the connection.

Another aspect is surrender and self-love. As long as you struggle to accept all that you are – your shadow self in Shamanic terms for some – you might have a hard time to open the dialog with your spirit guides. Your higher self is a more perfect, complex, wiser and older “version” of the current you and yet- it is you. That’s where the alignment and timing comes in. In a way, it’s also about balance of your current life and all the past lives that are incorporated into your higher self.

To surrender to all that’s coming at you during this journey is certainly not an easy task as we all have experienced, but it is so rewarding at the same time.

Lastly, when we finally do connect with our guides, we have to be open to receive what they want to tell us and accept at the same time that there won’t always be an answer. Doubt and over-analyzing probably won’t get you anywhere- surrender to whatever it is.

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Of course, this is only one way of looking at things. You might have had similar or completely different experiences – let’s leave it up to the universe to decide what works for us as individuals and embrace our spirit guides whenever and however they choose to come in.

Sometimes, a guide might give you a big smile- as it happened to me when I finally started writing. They are here for “guidance” along your soul’s journey. What a wonderful gift!

About the author: Sabine follows Shamanic as well as Wiccan traditions and enjoys creating metaphysical items.  You can reach her @

Image: Pixabay

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