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Conspiracy Of Science – Earth Is In Fact Growing

By on March 15, 2015 in Science with 0 Comments
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Conspiracy Of Science - Earth Is In Fact Growing

Academia continues to turn a blind eye to scientific data that suggests the Earth is, in fact, growing. This video explains the reasoning behind why the continents fit so well together and why scientists have found species of animals and plants related from one continent to another.

From webbot Clif High:

The idea is that the Sun, operating on the Precessional cycle clock would send out giant waves of energy for perhaps a hundred years or more (this would lengthen as the sun itself grows – also part of theory) at the points of ‘opposition’ (these are affected by our relationship to the galactic plane) on the cycle. The energy waves ramp up and peak, then wane to steady output, as we see happening with other energy sources in universe. The ‘pulse’ (from human viewpoint) of energy waves at the end of each Precessional cycle would cause the relatively rapid, and violent growth of the planet. Then as side effects of the pulses hitting the planet, two effects would be expected; the magnetosphere would be recharged due to the plasma core being over excited (effects of this are much higher magnetic levels which would tend to resist or moderate future inputs from the Sun; and the thinning of the ‘skin’ of the earth taken as a whole.

These pulses would seem to be THE necessary energetic component to cause the whole process to function. That is to say that the steady outpouring of energy from the Sun, even absorbed into Earth’s plasma core where some level of it is converted to matter, would not likely be the cause for the first ripping of the crust into the continental plates we see today. Yes, the steady outpouring is the cause of the continuous growth (and continental spread) seen here on earth, and could be expected to eventually cause enough pressures to rupture the crust, but the behavior of the solar system would suggest not. Rather, since we can observe the Sun to be variable and exhibiting periods of great excitement itself as over these recent years, and as there yet remains pockets of evidence for extreme outpouring of energy from the Sun, we can postulate that the growth of planets (and presumably stars) is dualistic in nature, consisting of brief, violent outbursts, and long steady periods of continuous activity.

This postulate could be used to explain why planetary crust would rupture the way it is observed here on earth, as well as explain why we have such violent disasters as the Banda Ache (Sumatra) tsunami. In fact, the dualistic nature of rapid and violent growth working its way out from the core of the planet fits our observations and predictions of what must occur. It is logical that if the sphere of the earth is covered with a rigid crust, that the crust must crack as the sphere expands. The Banda Ache tsunami was caused by the cracking of the sea floor very rapidly at the northern point of the Ninety East Ridge. This ridge is one of the many spreading points on the ocean floors on the planet.

Effects to be expected if the Expando Planet model is correct, include a more or less continuously lengthening orbit. Some of the scant few surviving human records show that the most recent increase was from 360 day period out to our present 365.24 days as earth slows down due to bulking up. Also note that even the academic view of earth’s orbit is that it gradually lengths, though they put it down to a ‘slowing effect’ as though friction from space were the cause. Further the expansion will also impact by slowing our rotation as well as orbit. Though curiously, it can be expected that the plasma core will spin more rapidly as it is flooded with energy from the Sun. While it will consume some of the extra spin in creating new matter (the ‘core’ of the expanding planet experience), it can be expected to maintain a higher rate of spin over time, even as it grows due to the extra excitement coming from the Sun over these next few decades.

Image: Pixabay

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