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Constructing The Separation Game

By on April 3, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Constructing The Separation Game

by Jeff Street,
Guest Writer,

In this article, I’m diving into a topic that I alluded to in The Origin, Purpose, and Destiny of the Earth Game — how and why we created the reality system that we are all currently experiencing. Just to be clear, By “WE” I mean our non-physical higher selves and beyond. Understanding why “we” conceived of this reality, and the key elements of its design and construction (yes, all realities are constructs) is very illuminating and will give you a whole new perspective on your experience within it. And perhaps more importantly, it might even catalyze a shift in your consciousness.

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Much of the information in this article comes from The Ascension Papers – Book 1ir?t=0bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=0620622237. If you found this article interesting, then I highly recommend this book and other information produced by its author, Zingdadir?t=0bcp11wh33 20&l=ur2&o=1&camp=1789.

Conceiving of the Separation Game

In most of the multitude of realities that “we” created and then played within we knew, to varying degrees, what we were — creator beings that are integral parts of the One creator being — Source consciousness, prime creator, God, or whatever else you like to call it.

But within this great diversity of realities, there were none in which we completely forgot what we were — and this possibility intrigued us immensely. What would that be like and what could it teach us? It certainly seemed like it might be very interesting, to say the least.

So in our eternal quest to know ourselves and the nature of our existence we set out to create this new type of reality — one where we would completely lose our connection to our divine source, forget that we are creators and all integral parts of One universal consciousness. A reality where we would think we were separate from the creator and each other. A reality where we would experience the greatest degree of individuality and separation anywhere in the Multiverse — a reality that could aptly be called “The Separation Game.”

Our entire Universe is a manifestation of the separation game. It’s like a huge multi-stage set where the separation game is playing out on many worlds and at many levels. One of the worlds where the separation game is in full swing is our very own planet Earth.

When we conceived of this reality, it was not at all obvious how to create it, and many of us (our higher non-physical selves) thought it might be impossible. But eventually, with much experimentation, we hit upon a combination of many elements that did the trick.

Key Elements of the Separation Game Design

Some of the key elements that allowed this reality system to be achieved were “The Veil of Forgetting”, the delay between our thoughts and their manifestation into reality, the role of “The Adversary”, and the “Emotion Construct Holders”. Let’s dive in and explore each of these.

The Veil of Forgetting and Unknowing

The number one mechanism that enables this reality system to function as the separation game that we intended is the Veil of Forgetting. When we incarnate we completely forget that we are eternal non-physical creator beings (our souls and beyond) and that we are integral parts of the one universal consciousness. When we incarnate we completely forget that we chose and planned this incarnation and our reasons for doing so. This forgetting is obviously essential for the separation game to work. Without it, we simply would not believe that we were separate individuals at the mercy of circumstances trying to survive in a cold, cruel world. The Veil is absolutely required to produce an experience of separation.

The Veil does more than make us forget as we enter our incarnation, it also “filters” the information that might be available to us so we can’t rediscover our true nature. This function of the Veil might be best termed the “Veil of Unknowing” and what it essentially does is to guarantee that we cannot prove that all is one. Anything that approaches irrefutable proof of our oneness with All That Is will always include sufficient cause for doubt that we cannot be sure and will have to make up our own mind.

But since the most fundamental truth about everything is its inherent oneness, and since the Veil hides this from us, then it follows that it must hide the deepest nature of everything because knowing the deepest nature of anything would inevitably lead to knowing the oneness of all. So we can know about the surface of things, but the Veil blocks us from knowing the true cause. Despite the popular belief that science has gotten close to understanding everything, it is very far from the truth. If you take a long hard look at modern science, you will realize that we understand only the surface layers but don’t understand anything to its core. And this is because of the Veil of Unknowing.

The efficacy of the Veil of Unknowing is amply demonstrated by the fact that the existence of God and spirit has not been proven. Despite concerted efforts by some very capable spiritual philosophers throughout the ages, not one has ever been able to prove the existence of God beyond all doubt. This is really quite incredible, the one that contains everything, creates everything, and that we are all integral parts of cannot even be proven to exist! And every single one of us is spirit, and yet it is very reasonable to claim that there is no spirit!

The fascinating thing about the Veil is it is an active consciousness construct. It is a thread of source consciousness that actively interacts with our consciousness to filter information that is available to us. And what’s exciting is that the Veil is intentionally and slowly being thinned or weakened as a part of the plan for us to all awaken within the game!

The Time Delay Between Thoughts and Manifestation

Another mechanism essential to making the separation game work, perhaps of equal importance as The Veil, is the construct of time and the delay between thoughts and manifestation that it enables. The linear experiences that the construct of time facilitates serve to create a wonderful environment where choice and cause and effect combine to produce incredible journeys of becoming for our souls. It also provides the framework which allows us to hide our creatorship from ourselves.

Believe it or not each and every one of us is creating our reality with our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more. Our reality is much like a super advanced virtual reality computer game where our very own thoughts create every aspect of what we experience in the game. Even though it’s not obvious, your thoughts and feelings are attracting events, circumstances, people, and things into your experience that are similar to the essence of those thoughts. You are a creator, and you are creating your reality! Of course, this fact is not at all obvious, and this is by design. This is a reality in which we wanted to completely forget what we were and so we designed it to intentionally hide our creatorship from ourselves.

To hide the fact that our thoughts are creating our reality we needed some sort of mechanism to obscure the relationship between the sponsoring thoughts and their resulting manifestations. The construct of time provides the basis for ensuring a delay between our thoughts and their manifestations — between what you put out and what you get back. The details of how this time delay is produced is unclear, but it is “by design”, and it does indeed obscure the connection between our thoughts and what appears in our reality.

One way that the time delay between your thoughts and their manifestations hides your creatorship is that it allows you to get distracted by all the other stuff going on in your life and fail to see the connection. When the result arrives in your life, it is very easy not to see the correlation and not realize that your earlier thoughts created it.

Another way that the time delay between your thoughts and their manifestations hides your creatorship is that during the delay you will have had many other thoughts and have made many other choices which will have attracted many other results. So at any given moment, you’re getting a mixture of manifestations/results from a whole bunch of different sponsoring thoughts making it very difficult to see the connections. Hence it is not at all obvious that you are actually creating your reality.

Also, not knowing that we are creating all our experiences allows us to fear our experiences and to develop a victim mentality (the belief that we are at the mercy of circumstances) — both of which sustain the separation game. Fear and victim mentality dissolve when you fully realize you are creating everything in your personal reality. More about victim consciousness and transcending it in upcoming articles, follow the blog to stay tuned.

If the manifestations of our thoughts appeared quickly, as they do in many other realities and planes of existence, it would be completely obvious that we were creating all of it and hence we’d quickly realize that we were creators and this game that we wanted to play would not last very long at all. We wanted to experience forgetting of who and what we really are and the time delay between thought and manifestation is a very powerful device that facilitates this.

The Role of the Adversary

Another device crucial to making this reality system work is the role of “The Adversary”. The early versions of our reality system included both The Veil and the time delay between thoughts and manifestation, yet the spirit beings who dove in and played within it found themselves awakening not all that long after starting and the game thereby essentially ending. This problem was addressed when a particular spirit being, whose name shall remain anonymous, conceived of the brilliant idea that was instrumental in enhancing the separation game — the invention of the role of the adversary.

The idea was to have a few souls incarnate into the game with the specific purpose of playing adversarial roles. These adversaries would serve as the antagonist and use hatred, willful destructiveness, aggression, manipulation, and malevolence in the execution of their role. The introduction of a few adversarial players into the game really did the trick because very quickly all the players found themselves embroiled in a whole new level of the game. They found themselves reacting with shock and anger to these new players and feeling the desire for justice and retribution. It encouraged them to fear and distrust each other which led them to harm each other and create pain and suffering. This device caused all the players to gradually become more and more adversarial themselves!

And so the injection of a bit of the Adversary into the game serves as a catalyst that creates more of the same in the other players, with everyone becoming increasingly adversarial, and the game spiraling down into ever deeper separation and drama. And as the drama intensified many of the players become so hurt by their interactions with each other that they tumble ever deeper into separation and into a state of consciousness that has been aptly called “Victim Consciousness.”

In this state, the players believe that they are at the mercy of circumstances and that they are not the creators of their reality. If they do believe in a “creator” they are likely to think that it is outside of themselves and separate from them, and they might even think that it is capricious and judgmental. They might start viewing the world as a battle between good and evil. Once these beliefs are adopted, and this state of consciousness is attained it manifests a much more complex reality, one with a whole new dynamic, and the game gets much more interesting and much more seemingly serious. Everyone gets increasingly distrustful, judgmental, and reactive and a victim/perpetrator/rescuer dynamic emerges as the characteristic pattern of drama within the game. Much wisdom can be gained from understanding victim consciousness, and the victim/perpetrator/rescuer dynamic and I’m going to explore it in depth in upcoming articles, follow the blog to stay tuned.

Our whole universe is a manifestation of the separation game and many civilizations on many worlds have spiraled down into deep separation/victim consciousness, as a result of the fear and hatred catalyzed by The Adversary. One of the worlds that has managed to attain the deepest level of separation consciousness anywhere is our very own Planet Earth.

Every time we chose fear, hate, anger, and division over love, kindness, joy and unity, we were lured ever deeper into separation by The Adversary. As The Adversary attacked us, the adversary began to birth within us. As we saw evil around us, evil began to birth within us, and we became the agents of our own separation and division — and thereby deepening and sustaining the separation game and spiraling down into ever deeper conflict, competition, and division.

We have all done this to some degree or another — no one can claim immunity. Every soul that incarnated on planet Earth has been drawn into this drama and has unwittingly been an accomplice to spreading more fear, pain, and suffering, in one lifetime or another. This is how the deepest game in separation is sustained. This is what parts of the ONE (source consciousness) do when they put themselves in a separation reality. This is what consciousness does when it loses its connection to its source and its highest wisdom and meets The Adversary.

We have answered the question that we posed when we conceived of creating this separation reality — “What would that be like?” and “What could it teach us?” Playing the game that this reality system has provided us has been so very interesting, exciting, and challenging and more than a little disturbing and painful at times but it has taught us so very much — a hard fact to appreciate from our limited perspective immersed within it. From our perspective within the game and behind the veil it’s hard not to be shocked and ask why would we do this to ourselves?! But from the perspective of our higher selves that conceived of and created this reality/game, we would smile and say, “Mission accomplished!” Again, from our limited perspective within the game its natural that we wouldn’t feel very enthusiastic about accomplishing the amazing feat that this reality represents.

But before you stop reading this article in horror, please remember that this reality is a construct (as all realities are) and your experiences within it are purely perceptual experiences — an illusion of consciousness — and a darn good one because just about all of us believe it is absolutely real. Most of us will not fully appreciate this fact until we logout of the game when our body expires but then we’ll realize the illusory and transient nature of the experiences we had within the game and that are true essence is pure consciousness that is eternal and cannot be harmed.

The point of all this was to create a reality where we could lose ourselves completely in separation and duality and find out what that would be like and learn whatever it would teach us. And didn’t the insertion of The Adversary into the game brilliantly help us to achieve that goal? By descending into the deepest depths of separation haven’t we accomplished what we set out to create, haven’t we experienced what we set out to experience, and haven’t we learned so much?

Emotion Construct Holders

We live in a reality that is produced by layer upon layer of illusion. The great irony of it is that when we are immersed in it nothing we think is real is actually real and what we think is not real actually is. Of course, this is all by design, and it is a wondrous achievement and an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery and self-growth. Many mechanisms and devices were put in place to make the illusion of this reality work, and each and every one of them is essential to pulling off this miracle. We have discussed a few already but here is yet another one that is crucial to making our reality work as intended — the Emotion Construct Holders.

One of the most powerful of all the illusions is that the emotions we experience are a result of our external circumstances. Our reality seems to show us that we must get a certain thing or achieve a certain goal before we can feel a certain way. For instance, to experience the sensation and emotion of eating a piece of chocolate cake, we assume that we must either buy or bake the cake and actually physically consume it.

Of course, whatever satisfaction or happiness comes from attaining a particular thing or goal is always very short-lived. So we tend to keep chasing ever greater things in the hope that we’ll find lasting satisfaction and happiness. This keeps us hyper-focused on the things and circumstances outside of us as being the cause, and the solution to our happiness and fulfillment and thereby keeps us trapped in the game.

The illusion that your emotions are strictly a response to external events is produced by “emotion construct holders.” Emotion construct holders are beings (threads of universal consciousness) that hold within themselves particular resonant frequencies of consciousness corresponding to the various emotions. Whenever we experience a thing or circumstance that we’d expect should result in us feeling a certain way — happy, sad, mad, etc. — these beings will bring their energy to us momentarily and hence we experience the expected emotion for a moment. This continually reinforces our belief that our happiness is dependent on our external circumstances and thereby powerfully supports the illusion that we are victims of our circumstances and hides our creatorship from us — both of which are vital to the continuation of the separation game.

This mechanism facilitates hiding our creatorship from us because it hides the fact that we can self-emote. Discovering that you can self-emote — that you can choose how you feel at any particular moment inevitably leads to realizing that you are not a victim to your external circumstances which then leads to discovering your creatorship — that you are creating your entire reality with your thoughts and emotions. And of course, this is a game changer.

Playing the Separation Game

Each and every one of our souls chose to dive into and play this game because it delivers some of the most incredible and formative experiences in all of creation. Experiences that are challenging and painful at times but immensely formative to the evolution of our consciousness and this is why we chose to play the game. There is profound value to be found in this experience. But of course, from our perspective within the game, which by definition is very limited, it is very hard to appreciate this fact. But from the perspective of our higher selves, who can see the bigger picture because they are outside the game and beyond the veil, the experiences provided by this reality are incredibly valuable. Everyone who has a set of incarnations here gains a vastly deeper understanding of self, and greatly evolves their consciousness.

We dive into the game putting ourselves under a spell of forgetfulness, and the game continues until we are ready to remember. And in this game of forgetting and separation, we discover the most amazing things about ourselves, life, and All That Is. And we play the game until we discover our path out by remembering who and what we truly are — by “Awakening” to the fact that we are integral parts of one magnificent consciousness that is both creating and then experiencing multitudes of realities through us!

It is important to remember that this reality is indeed a game — much like a virtual reality game that you might play on your computer — remember that the real you exists outside of this game and cannot be harmed. Our Earthly reality is essentially an illusion. It is not “real” in the normal sense that we use the word. It is a purely perceptual experience of consciousness. The only thing real is consciousness itself, and the only part of the real you that is affected by what appears to happen in the game is the state of your consciousness. Because ultimately this is all that you are — pure consciousness — an eternal thread of the one universal consciousness. We are all integral parts of the Magnificent One!

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PS/ Much of the information in this article comes from The Ascension Papers – Book 1ir?t=0bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=0620622237. If you found this article interesting, then I highly recommend this book and other information produced by its author, Zingdadir?t=0bcp11wh33 20&l=ur2&o=1&camp=1789.



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