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Conversations with A & A: The Real Creation Story

By on April 18, 2009 in Extraterrestrials with 0 Comments

Conversations with A & A: The Real Creation Story

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A History of the Nebadon Universe and the Sol Sun System

Those speaking are:
Ari: Lord Master Ari
Ava: Lady Master Ava
LMMS: Lady Master Morning Star
Commander: Four Winds Webmaster


Transcribed from a recording recorded on September 14, 2002

Ari: 450 billion years ago, Mother/Father God came together in a Cosmic, orgasmic union of love and light and peace and joy, and how this came about is there was a sense of (them) wanting to share the Cosmic-Union with all of Creation. And this Cosmic, orgasmic experience some people refer to as the Big Bang (Theory), but it is a little different as Mother/Father God came together. (In this union) they created trillions and trillions of sparks. These sparks flowed alongside Mother/Father God for eons and eons of time. This was before the recorded history of time, you might say, as there wasn’t anyone recording time. It was all that there IS. And they (the balls of light) flowed along side Mother/Father God–all these sparks (of consciousness) they grew in form. Each one of these sparks was a Twin-Flame (Essence) that was joined with the other half of this twin flame, and they were complete and whole. In a sense you could call them balls of light or plasma energy. This is what Mother/Father God created. And we (all the balls of light) helped to create the universes—the seven super universes along this line.

Commander: These sparks were souls?

Ari: Yes, the sparks were souls that were complete and whole (unto) each other that, you know—twin flames in one ball of light. They flowed along side each other (and Mother/Father) for eons and eons of time as they grew in magnitude and wisdom, and as this was happening the universes were being formed–the stars, the suns, the planets, all of what we call the Seven Super Universes. As this flowed along there were some souls, or balls of light, who grew in more magnitude than others. They experienced more wisdom and somehow this was transferred from one ball of light to each other from Mother/Father God through thought-transmission, (or thought transfer) which is like messages of light that travel at the speed of light. Many of these souls grew so much in magnitude that they sort of became the leaders, you might say, and out of that there were these three or four that we could call Mother/Father God’s Daughters and Sons. The first- born son and daughter was YHVH (and LILITH). That is his (her) name in present time. His old name was Jehovah, and his wife’s name (Twin Flame) was Lilith, and they had a son named Lucifer, and oh my, Luciafera, the Light-bringer. This cosmic story began in the anti-matter universe.

Commander: O.K. Can you explain what an anti-matter universe is?

Ari: An anti-matter universe is the opposite of matter universe, where it’s like looking at a photograph and then there’s the negative to the photograph. The anti-matter universe is like the negative in the sense where everything is the same as it is in the matter universe, except it’s in 12th dimension. It’s made out of light—(it is) non- physical..


Commander: But it exists at the same time.

Ari: All six Super Universes, except the seventh, are non-physical. The seventh universe is (made out of) matter or the Universe of Nebadon (as it is called) is a matter Universe.

Commander: Why only one physical universe?

Ari: As we—because, interestingly enough, with the story…I’ll go back to the story—As we grew in magnitude as balls of light, we traveled along side Jehovah, Lilith and Lucifer, and the Ascended Masters and many of the Ship Commanders, and all that were out there. Each one of these balls of light were complete and whole (male/female twin flame essences), and as we traveled along we experienced gaining more wisdom. As we grew in wisdom and magnitude we began to take form where we were balls of light that actually looked like spheres.

Ava: Now I’m (known) as Commandres Ava and he is Commander Ari (on the Ships) so together as twin flames, (we) are Beloved Ava and Ari.

Ari: Yah.

Ava: AvantAri. The point is here as that WE never needed to grow and expand in our terms of awareness of Godhead. We were equal (unto) Father/Mother God when we were created. We didn’t have to grow or anything. (We were created in their exact image). We just chose to (grow).

Ari: Yes.

Ava: Father/Mother decided that they chose to share their ultimate perfection and create exactly WHO they were and reproduce more of themselves (which is us and the ALL THAT IS).

Commander: So they did this out of the other six super universes—decided to make a seventh one that would be physical?

Ava: Well, no. All things that were created in terms of the Seven Super universes were created at the same big bang.

Ari: Right.

Ava: We were created (at the same time as) all that…the densification of matter came from us falling from grace, to be literal. In other words, as the story progresses there were–in the beginning, there were different Beings that chose to be (play) different parts of the co-creative force. They all came out together but the Creator’s sons (and daughters) were the Co-creators with Father/Mother God. The Lanonandek sons and the Paradisecal sons and daughters chose different parts of the mission. (note: see the Urantia Book )

Ari: Yah.

Ava: And as the story progresses, you’ll understand. The actual Law of the Universe is not to cross (breed) different species and literally the Lanonandek sons (and daughters) and the Paradisecal sons were (from) different species. They (these groups) had different units of purpose (different DNA), and so as the story began, the first-born son and daughter of God/Goddess were Yahweh (and Lilith). You pronounce it ‘Yah-Vah’, and the daughter was Lilith. Lilith and Yahweh were (originally) one (connected) ball of light. As time progressed they (were) also Co-Creator Gods, with Father/Mother. (These) God(s) wanted to create out of themselves another Co-Creator God, and (so) that one (that) was their first born was (known as) Luciafera (and his twin flame female essence named Karula).

Ari: Right.

Ava: This divine Trinity of Light, as time went along and the story went on, they changed in their form because there was (this) one thought, and it came from Yahweh. He said, “What if I’m not equal to my Father? What if I am not enough? What if He (Mother/Father) created me less than Him (them)?” And it is a debate (to this day) about whether Yahweh ever (really) feared if this were true or not–but that he might have even decided to see what would happen if the others (al l the other Balls of Light) were presented with this (same) thought, and (to) see, as St. Germain would say, “I won’t say God bless you, ever, I will just say on your journey here— May You Pass Every Test!” So, literally, this could have been a test from the very beginning and this whole thing could have been different, but it is WHAT IT IS. It always was WHAT IS WAS, and the thought was put out there.

Ari: When this thought occurred, when Yahweh had the thought that he was ‘Not-Enough with his father—(Lord) Alcyone’, that (choice) created the thought-form that brought ‘Matter’ into the picture here where we were brought into a crystallization (of) form—(became physical Beings).

Ava: Of the thought-form–

Ari: Of that thought-form where we began to take on more density—physical form–we went from 12th dimension (all the way) down to 5th dimension. This is called THE FALL, or the Fortunate-Fall.

Ava: –And then ultimately (we fell) to (the) third (dimension). And even at the beginning of creation, it was never in-their-wildest-dreams, their imagination that we would choose to drop to this level!

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: They just went, “Holy cow!”

Ava: It’s (3rd dimension is) as low as you can go. (Below this dimension life becomes crystallized mineral or compounded forms also called non-sentient beingness).

Commander: How many dimensions are there?

Ava: There are twelve dimensions to our reality as Lightbeings and then there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dimensions (above us). A physical sun is at least a 100th dimension(al) (level) and you can go higher as there are (infinite possibilities)–

Ari: Like Alcyone.

Ava: The great Central Sun (Lord Alcyone) which completely permeates the entire universe and supports the light of all the other suns. There is no number.

Ari: I would not know how to describe the dimension Alcyone is in because he is…


Ari: Right. And he holds that position with Mother Sekhmet (his Twin Flame) (as) Mother/Father God.

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Ava: Even when we say 450 billion years ago, it’s just numbers.

Ari: It’s like….

Ava: How can you conceive 450 billion years ago?

Ari: That why I said it began before the time of recorded time—

Ava: It’s only a miniscule recent false history, really. The teachings have come through but (the real truths) they have been hidden. Even in the most recent of recorded history, and when I said recent, I mean all recorded history is recent to this story.

Ari: Right.

Ava: So Jehovah (Yahweh) had ‘that’ thought, and as soon as he had ‘that’ thought and he said that word–as soon as Yahweh had THAT thought he already (had) began to densify and that’s where we (all) shifted (at the same moment). He made a choice now to play what we now call the Dark Side of the Force. He said, “I’m going to gather a whole team of people that agree with me and I’m going to have a little war here against Father/Mother God. And (the) starships and all of these things that are real in time were formed as he descended further and further into (density and) war and he presented the idea to others, and others either responded to fear or love. And the Ascended Masters that we know about—

Ari: And the space commanders–

Ava: –That didn’t fall from grace (they) stayed at (the) 12th dimension. They never went into further densification. So these Masters held that place (in hope) that we all, eventually, as we chose our experiences—and freewill choice came in here. And as this dance began, it was called the ‘Great Experiment—the Great, Grand Experiment (in Polarity). We all had choices. We decided, as higher consciousness when, as 12th dimension Beings of Light, as the creation story began, that together we were addressed, “Do you want to do the grand dance? Do you want to do this experiment? Do you think you can literally descend into matter and even come as far as 3rd dimension and come (back) into light and remember WHO YOU ARE?” We all said, “Piece of cake! It’s a piece of cake!” In other words, the agreement was that once we hit below 5th level, that once we started Earth cycles into third dimensions, we would forget everything that we ever knew about ourselves before that (the veil would be drawn across our memory). We would be willing to do this experiment to come into light in the third dimension, and see as we had forgotten from birth, if we would REMEMBER (THE TRUTH OF WHO WE REALLY ARE) as we would grow up.

Commander: But there are billions of planets out there. This is not the only one.

Ava: No, no, no, the human form does not exist just on this planet. It exists in many star systems and there are untold numbers of human forms, third dimensional beings on other stars and planets.

Ari: Right.

Ava: There are also other beings that are all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are Walrus People, Ladybug People, Lion People, Reptilian People, and Bird People. I mean it is infinite! There are Praying Mantis People on (the planet) Arcturas. They are not all in third dimension. They are in 5th dimension and higher, mostly.

Ari: In the story where we are we began (with the creation of the Adam Kadmon, the physical humanoid form which was originally created) in the Aurora Sun System which is in the anti-matter universe, and in that anti-matter universe there were 23 different sun systems. There were 23 different suns that had 12-14 planets around them.

Ava: Each of them—(that is 23 solar systems with 12-14 planets each)–

Ari: –yes each of them. Nibiru was the 23rd sun (system) and Aurora was the 1st sun. As this story progressed, Yahweh in his infinite wisdom and infinite insanity, in the sense of trying to decide that he was equal or better than his father Alcyone, began to destroy these 23 sun systems of Aurora! (He came in on his Starship and fired Photon torpedoes just like in the movie Star Wars)

Ava: By this time he had gathered many. He gathered his son, and the Luciafera was then (known as) Lucifer. He threw his wife (Karula) out. (See the book EL-AN-RA by Solara) So Lilith (his Mother) then became (known as) the ‘Whore of Babylon’.

Ari: Right–

Ava: She (Lilith) had her own armies and she was a fierce Warrior Goddess as well (as someone) with a mission, and so we have the (first) war between the sexes. As a matter of fact, the first ‘nepotism’ (incest) began because Lillith beckoned her (own) first (born) son, Lucifer, and said, “Let’s have a relationship,” and literally Lucifer and Lillith became coupled with (each other)–her (son became her) own husband. They (this coupling) created all kinds of demons. That’s where we got (the) Baelzebub(s) and (the) Satan(s) and these are all (the) sons (and daughters) of the combination (the coupling) of Lucifer and Lilith together.

Ari: Bear in mind….

Commander: Satan is an Entity (a real being) and not (just) a collective consciousness of evil.

Ava: He was an actual entity, and so was Baelzebub, and they were birthed (by this union). They were sons of Lucifer and Lilith’s relationship.

Commander: How do you spell that?

Ava: Bielzebub?

Commander: Yeah.

Ava: B-i-e-l-z-a-b-u-b (should be spelled BAEL-ZE-BUB)

Commander: O.K.

Ava: And (not only) Satan you know–and there are many other demons. This goes down to demigods (the lessor Gods), (as written in) the Upanishads and the Geeta, and the….

Commander: You said they created these or are these (beings) the actual entities or people they collected, or agreed or chose to go on their side?

Ava: I mean it started with the first choice (the thought-form of ‘Not Enough’) of how the J-man, and instead of how, instead of Yahweh, we’ve (now) got ‘JEHOVAH’ (a GOD title). The first choice was to throw out his wife (Lilith). He said, “I do not need the feminine to fight this war!” and he made himself the superior race—I mean the Superior Gender at that time. You understand the Superior Gender? If you were to put it that way: Mother (Sekhmet) can create out of herself. She does not need Father God to create Life, (SHE, the SHEKINA SPIRIT can bring LIFE out of herself without THE FATHER) but they made a choice to have a UNION for the sake of breathing LOVE into (all) life.

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: To share LOVE INTO LIFE.

Ari: What I was going to say is when Jehovah or Yahweh had that first thought of “less than” or “I-am-not-equal-with-my Father-Alcyone”–what that created out of all (the) Seven Super Universes was that it brought (The Universe of Nebadon), physical matter into reality. We dropped in density (called the GREAT FALL). What happened was it began the game called POLARITY where there was something called positive and negative. Before Jehovah or Yahweh had that thought we did not have polarity!

Ava: No, we only had the Laws of (the) One.

Ari: And once he had that thought we (all instantly) fell into density and matter. Then polarity began, and he, in his infinite wisdom and insanity, created the matter universe where the UNIVERSE OF NEBADON came in. In the sense of all of this, it was just a holodeck program in the sense that this was just a game.

Ava: –(which was) called the Grand Experiment.

Ari: Right. (The question) is can you flow through the polarity game and come out the other side and retain your Divinity and Diversity and still be a 12th dimensional Being with Love and follow only the Laws of One, and not get caught in the laws of Free-Will-Choice (called KARMA)?

Ava: Actually, we’ve been fighting this final battle of Armageddon, if you will. ARMAGEDDON has been going on (all) during my life, you know, and if you want to talk about the financial thing– it has been going on for 25 years— (for at least) the last 25 years! It’s not about MONEY—it is really about coming back to the Laws of the One. (The re- establishment of the DIVINE PLAN on Earth-Shan once again which officially ends what has been called Luciferian Rebellion).

Ari: Right.

Ava: So that (the re-establishment of Universal Law) ends free-will choice! And everyone goes, “Huh? We end freewill choice?” It doesn’t mean that we end anything in a negative sense, it’s that up until now we’ve had the freewill choice to choose light (goodness LOVE and respect for all Life) or dark (suffering and fear). As we come to the end of this suffering–because many have chosen out-of-fear to go with the dark side of the Force, it creates suffering. Infinite Samsara, is the way they put it in the Hindu teachings. And the Hindu teachings were even a part of this where they say that you must DIE and come again, and be-born again into…this (has been) misquoted what they (the teachings really) said (was)—‘unless you are born again of water and the Holy Spirit’– What they were saying that unless you are born again back into the LAWS OF THE ONE and understand that that is where Joy and Light and Peace and Happiness exist…that you know God never created anybody LESS than Him (Her) self. That was misqualified by more densified thinking. Do you understand? Thus, we created choices of that which is AGAINST LIFE or (so called) DARKNESS, and as a result, created such things as DEATH. Death was not (really) in the (original DNA) program—(LIFE IS ETERNAL). When our lifeforms were created even in the third dimension they were created to live as full, healthy adults–18 to 30 (years), if you want to give it a figure, without any sickness and no death for (at least) 3,000 years (or more in physical form).

Ari: When Mother Sekhmet lived on Planet Earth in a physical body in Egypt, she lived for 3,000 years in a physical body!

Ava: But she wasn’t exactly like us. She was in a lion body. They call them (this form a) Paschat—P-a-s-c-h–a-t. She has a lion head, she has a tail, she has paws, but she stood upright, and she had ‘Tits’! We have a picture we’re going to send you—holy cow! (laughter) (Note: see the website for greater understanding).

Ari: Yeah! O, my God, we have two pictures I’m going to send you. We had them scanned into—I went to a print shop. They are going to be ready on Monday and then I will e-mail them to you so you can put them on the website so people can actually see what–as Dove puts it, “The “Most Fierce-some Commander of the Forces” looks like!

Ava: That one picture you have is–her eyes are really blood red–but Mother talks about wearing her red dress. What they are trying to get the point across is that when it’s time, SHE comes at the beginning and the end of a Yuga, which is a 26,826/year cycle, and that’s where we are right now. We are at the end of what is known as the Kali Yuga, and that is why she is so present right now. This is the beginning of the Saatvic Yuga which is four times longer that other Yugas, which means we are going into 100,000 years of PEACE which they call in the SaatvicYuga, ONE day in the life of Brahma which is—(one turning of the Galactic Wheel—the Milky Way Galaxy—the Universe of Nebadon).

Ari: I got to go use the other phone.

Ava: This one phone is not working so good. It has to be re-charged. What are we going to do with this? We are recording and we are going all over the board, and…what are you going to do with this?

Commander: What I was hoping to do is that you would have some sort of outline and just chronologically go through it. Whatever you wanted to….we are going off onto tangents here, but that is O.K.

Ari: Is that alright?

Commander: Yes, that is O.K.

Ava: So actually, when it gets on fourwinds10 it’s just going to be your writing, is that what you are saying?

Commander: Do you want that on there or do you want the actual recording on there?

Ava: We are kind of going all over the board, here is what I am saying.

Ari: I would think that it would be really cool for the people to hear the story.

Ava: I don’t mind fireside chats, and if that’s what you want. We have a friend here, too, and she’s D’yanna, and she’s very wise and she’s worked with this kind of information for a number of years with us, and (with) Mother Sekhmet helping people to understand this story. I’m saying we could have fireside chats and I think that is a great idea, but we can go on with what we are doing right now and you just tell me what you want. Here’s D’yanna—wants to say hi.

LMMS: Hi, (Commander)

Commander: Hi

LMMS: Here we all are the cosmic ??trio! (laughter)

Commander: What?

LMMS: The Cosmic TRIO!

Ava: Just remembering our lives, ourselves…even reincarnation was not what was intended, you understand, but we ended up choosing this kind of suffering, and we caused this beautiful form to go into an appearance of death and decay. You know that DEATH is the great lie–that is THE GREAT LIE, and I know people in physical form right here today that are over 600 years old. I know them personally. And they know how to go into a state of stasis where they can call in the cosmic energy right through meditation…you know we have right on the inside of our spinal cord we have a universal bio-transfuser for Universal Energy. It’s actually a cord (Chord of Light).

Ari: Right.

Ava: It’s very real and the upper palate of your tongue– (if) you stick the tip of your tongue in the center, upper middle palate of your mouth you’re like a socket (YOU LIGHT UP). You are (then) plugged into the universal flow! And you learn how to go into a stasis state where you can go into a place where you are not even breathing and re-charge yourself by bringing in the Universe of Light.

LMMS: And by the way, Commander, the other way to re-charge oneself IS to merge with your Twin-Flame (your twin essence). They (you would) have an ecstatic experience and that’s what the Creator did when you merged the male and female together because they (the Creator) knew that when the two (matching soul essences) would plug in again and find each other, they (the twin flames) would have the opportunity to re-charge themselves clear back to the 12th dimension!

Ava: Exactly.

LMMS: So there is a sacredness that is far beyond what we have been taught on this planet. We have been taught to use it (Sex) it a way much less than (what) it actually is (meant for). So I am just telling you that the Creator has some (beautiful) secrets to share with humanity that have not yet really been taught (hidden from the average person).

Ava: Well, it’s been taught (before) more in the eastern (ancient writings), like (the) TANTRA METHOD (The Tao)–

Ari: The Kama Sutra is another story of that…

Ava: Each and every one of them (the ancient writings) teach you about bringing back Universal Light Force through the power of merging, and it’s called “Soma”–S-o-m-a. In the Eastern Hindu tradition you bring the actual physical substance, for instance, in the male it is called the sperm. You actually bring the fluid of your sexual union up your spinal chord and out the top of your crown.

Ari: So literally you come from the top of your head and front instead of the taillight (the Root Chakra)

Ava: It is an amazing process, and—

LMMS: Those are amazing teachings that have been lost, really, to humanity. They were taught many (thousands of years ago). You had to go to the Mystery Schools to learn those things. In our next coming evolution as we step into the Light and BE ALL THAT WE CAN BE, and these things can (will) begin to be taught to children in a school. They can be taught that they (the children) have Chakras, that they have 144 centers of light in the body and (that) they can be activated. The wisdom that goes with them, the teaching that goes with those 144 centers of light—it is really awesome—

Ari: They have been trying to hold this (Truth) back from the people and (to) keep them enslaved and dumbed-down like ‘sheeple’ (Sheep-People) so that they (The Dark Lords) can control them!

Ava: Not only do they do that, for instance, an example, they (have) cut out 45 books of the Bible, (they are missing) which teach us this stuff in the Western traditional Biblical teachings. They cut that all out.

Ari: Gregg Braden speaks of this.

Ava: Yes. You know who he is, right?

Commander: Yes.

(There was a change in phones so the Commander could record the conversation better. Also, Lord Ari thought it would be good to have the actual recording on the web…the conversation continues on this thought.)

Ari: I think it would be really cool for people to hear the story as well as being able to read it. Because in a sense as they hear it they can actually experience it because there is a certain frequency that when you hear stories and you hear sounds it comes across differently than when you read it.

Ava: The other thing is that why we are calling these “Ari’s Galactic Tales” is because he (Ari) has full memory–Galactic memory of REAL experiences that go back into the history. He was in the Orion War. He was on the Ship of 144,000, which was Jehovah’s (Yahweh’s) ship. The reason that Jehovah destroyed the Aurora Sun System is because he needed a runway to get into the Universe of Nebedon. He was in anti-matter and he wanted to get into matter, and control matter. (He literally blasted a hole in the space/time/continuum, which actually caused the birth of the Matter Universe).

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: And originally when he was (still) Yahweh, he was (also) given the Title of Planetary Prince of this planet, and the whole experiment (The Nebadon Universe) before he ‘Fell’ (he then became) known as JEHOVAH, (the Lessor God) and decided this idea of being “less than,” you know–

Ari: He shared that role of Planetary Prince with Luciafera (his Son). At this point in time (Lord) Sananda, who we know (him) on this planet as Jesus–the Christ, (known as) Sananda Kumara (since THE FALL now) holds the position of Planetary Prince with Lord Michael.

Ava: Because both of them, that he mentioned Yahweh and Luciafera (both) fell. They became (known) then as Jehovah & Lucifer. Lucifer was cast-out along with Jehovah by Father/Mother God, (and Lord Michael) and they were relegated to a different sector of the Universe. And Jehovah went about going (then) to the Orion Constellation and (continued) playing (his) war games there. Lucifer went (then) to Maldeck, a planet which IS no longer, because that experiment with the Fallen Angels (those that followed Lucifer) then went to Maldeck with Lucifer (and) created a situation there where they came into a time just like we are (now). They were in a parallel universe and they were a little ahead of us, and they had nuclear weapons.

Ari: Maldeck is now the planet that is (blown-up in pieces of rock) the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It got destroyed in a nuclear WAR…

Commander: (question not heard)

Ava: Sorry?

Commander: Hello?

Ari: Hello?

Commander: It got destroyed in a nuclear war?

Ari: Yeah. Maldeck– there was a bit of–actually what happened on Maldeck was—there were two cities called Valdure and Vara–and I would say they were about 10,000 years in advance of our present cultures and technologies. They had the technology of nuclear energy, but they also had something else. They were using hydrogen and something to do with calcium. I have a book by Richard Miller called Star Wars, and I will find this out and get back to you: But there was something in the combination of what they used to create (their weapons with). They had nuclear missiles sitting in nuclear missile silos like they (we) have here, and I remember the alchemical symbols: there was ‘Hlc’ or something like that. But they used hydrogen and some kind of calcium with the nuclear energy—the plutonium or the uranium. What they created was like nuclear weapons, and at the time when Maldeck went super nova this was about at the (time of the) end of the Orion War. The two cities of Valdure and Vara had their nuclear missiles sitting in their silos, and there were earthquakes and tremors on the planet, Maldeck ….

Ava: Just like now.

Ari: Just like now. And what happened was that there was seismic activity that occurred in one of the cities, and one of the nuclear missiles in one of the silos started swaying back and forth inside the silo. It was thrown off its center in the silo and, the other city’s computers got triggered. That other city misunderstood the seismic activity for a nuclear strike so they launched their missiles and the opposite city saw their missiles were coming so they launched their missiles, and the result was a super nova. The planet went super nova three days afterward. It broke the infrastructure of the planet. Also, what resulted is that when Maldeck exploded–it happened to be the exact same time (on Earth) when the Dark Lords on Atlantis were experimenting with the great crystal (of Atlantis). They were taking the great crystal and (they) were pointing it into the earth. They actually took a laser beam and focused the crystal energy of that laser beam into the earth, and they thought they could subdue the people of China. They sent a beam into the center of the Earth. In the center of our Earth there is a sun called THE TERRA which is the magma and….

Ava: It’s the sun of the hollow Earth—the inner Earth.

Ari: Right. It is the reflection of the Great Central Sun and it is like a cobalt blue ball of light. There are many stories about the inner Earth people. When that beam came in it somehow exploded (caused a huge reaction with) the sun called The Terra, (and it) shot a beam (of light) back out of the center of the Earth into our atmosphere. It caused Atlantis to go cataclysmic, and 24 hours later Atlantis sank! (It broke the infrastructure of the Earth’s grid system). Meanwhile, out in space Maldeck had been destroyed. As Maldeck got destroyed it affected the gravitational fields of Mars (and many other planets). When all of the nuclear energy and the cosmic wave of the destruction from Maldeck went throughout our solar system, all the water on Mars was shot out into space (and) came to Earth. This is interpreted (in our writings) as the flood of Noah. Noah was an Atlantean sea captain that knew the imminent changes that were about to happen, and the Ark was not a (regular) ship—it was an amphibious Starship! And there is this story that God said to Noah, “How long can you tread water?” but what really happened was that Noah got all the Cosmic people together that he could talk into getting on his amphibious Starship, and get in before it all sank. So they went into the starship called The Ark, and then they went to the Inner Earth (the Agartha Network). They spent time there until the Earth settled down after the nuclear explosion of The Terra, the sun at the center of the Earth. There was a lot of radiation that got shot out into the atmosphere.

After that destruction there were many of (the) Atlanteans that were refugees. They came to Egypt and they began the civilization of Egypt.

Ava: They went to other places, too. That’s why if you go down to Mexico in the Mayan ruins you can see Stars of David as if they were coming from the Middle East. You can see faces that look like they are from India. All of these were ancient Atlanteans and they repopulated the Earth in other places, and they did that by spaceship.

Ari: Shuttle craft. Also, at this time when this was going on in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Pacific Ocean there was an island called Lemuria. Ten thousand to twenty thousand years earlier (than Atlantis), Lemuria (The Land of Mu) had its own cataclysmic events—

Ava: –earlier than Atlantis.

Commander: So Lemuria and Atlantis did not co-exist?

Ava: Well, they did, but Lemuria was the first seed of (the) landing party missions (from other worlds) if you will, on Earth, and so they spread from there into the Atlantean culture where we come from this lifestream. Just out of Santa Fe, there’s a little place called La Cienega, which is only 20 minutes away, and this is where the fossils start to show up. They go all the way to the western end of Mexico in the fossils. They can find it (these fossil) all the way up the whole side of the continent….

Ari: They go all the way to down to Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Ava: So that was like a channel there where on one side of the channel it was Lemuria, and on the other side of the channel it was Atlantis. Atlantis went on all the way into the Atlantic Ocean.

Commander: So is it true that Easter Island and some of the Philippine Islands and the Hawaiian Islands are what is left of Lemuria?

Ava: All Lemuria.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: The land of Mu, all the way down to New Zealand….

Ari: Australia…

Ava: Australia and Hawaii…and actually the Galapagos Islands, all the little coastal islands along South America.

Commander: Those are all the mountain peaks of Lemuria?

Ari: Yes.

Ava: Yes, and there are going to be many, many more ‘surfacings’ (rising lands) of ancient Lemuria coming back. They are already watching from the south tip of Hawaii, and there is an island that has been forming, because every time the Kilowea volcano goes off, under the sea there’s another one that’s spouting and it’s bringing the lava into enough formation to surface now. In England – they have been watching Atlantis coming back (the water is rising again). The water from Mars covered almost all of Lemuria. It’s kind of not like they (all the middle continents) sank, it’s like they were (all) covered. We have more water (on this planet) than most planets in the universe to start with, and when Maldeck went super nova we just got a dose-and-a-half and it covered many things.

Commander: So it is a lie about that there is (being) weightlessness in space—that’s all fake, right?

Ava: I’m sorry, what’s that?

Commander: Weightlessness in space is not true? Because if the water came from, according to what we are told, if the water came from space it would instantly evaporate or something.

Ari: Well, I would say that there is some reality to that, but it’s not in the sense that in reality—what is reality, but when they went to the moon and they were showing the astronauts bouncing around on the moon, the moon actually does have a gravitational field.. It’s about 1/5 the gravity of the Earth. Actually, the moon is an artificial satellite. It is a hollow ball. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, when the spacecraft landed, it reverberated for an entire hour, and you could hear the reverberation, the astronauts said. It was part of the information that NASA never told the people.

Ava: But let’s go back to the physics of water, when water was thrown out to space.

LMMS: (talking garbled)

Ava: When the water (was) emitted from Mars it knocked our original moon out….

Ari: We had two moons.

Ava: Phobos and what?

Ari: Phobos and Demos.

Commander: Those are now (the) moons of Mars.

Ari: Now moons of Mars, yes.

LMMS: They got stuck in (Mars) orbit.

Ari: They got stuck in orbit of Mars and we ended up–

Ava: –And we ended up with (all) the water from Mars.

Commander: How did our moon (Luna) get here?

Ava: The command put the artificial moon in (to the orbit of earth).

Ari: Yeah. The Ashtar Command came and brought an artificial moon in, and that’s why we have Luna, the moon. If we didn’t have a moon we wouldn’t have tides on our planet. (Luna is not a living body, as in a soul body as it is artificial i.e. the ‘Paper Moon’).

Ava: It (the tides) would be placid water. The water would just go right up (onto the land). It wouldn’t go back out. The water would just keep filling in the land and we wouldn’t have any surface (at all).

Ari: Right.

Ava: –Earth surface, I mean terra firma surface.

Ari: So we need to have two moons in this planetary system of Earth…

Ava: To have a balance, but we will be brought (very soon) one (of these moons). I understand there will be one brought (back). (The whole Sol Solar System will be made whole once again).

Ari: Right.

LMMS: The Earth was (originally) two-thirds water, but it’s now three-fourths water.

Ari: The Earth was originally two-thirds water, but now it’s three-fourths water.

Ava: –from that incident, alone.

Ari: Yeah. Oh, my! (laughter) We are going all over the universe, here!

Ava: O.K. It’s cool.

Commander: Back up several million years here…(laughter)

Ari: Yes?

Commander: And try to continue from where Nibiru came from. You said that it was the 23rd planet in the system—-in the anti-universe. Right?

Ava: — In the anti-matter universe.

Commander: The anti-matter universe.

Ari: Yes.

Commander: Well, continue on from there how our solar system became (into being).

Ava: O.K.

Commander: And the like, (how it was) populated, and whatever.

Ari: O.K.

Ava: I just wanted to say that in order for Jehovah to enter the matter universe of Nebedon, he needed to create…

Ari: A runway.

Ava: A runway from anti-matter to matter, so in order to do that he figured if he removed the whole Aurora Sun System he would get the runway (he wanted), and he did.

Ari: Yes.

Ava: And so Nibiru was the last, like Ari said, the last of those 23 sun systems to be destroyed. That was Mother Sekhmet’s (own home) planet. On that planet there were Bird people, Reptilian people and Paschat people which are (the) cat people or Lion people. There’s a book by Murry Hope called The Lion People which is a good reference for Paschat life (or) Lion people.

Commander: Murry who?

Ava: Murry Hope. M-u-r-r-y Hope. H-o-p-e. Is it out of print?

Ari: It might be out of print, but we are not sure. But there’s another book by Robert Masters, called The Goddess, Sekhmet on the web and also in print. He is a very awesome Being. He goes into the esoteric wisdom of Mother Sekhmet and—

Ava: Let’s go back to the story.

Ari: Yeah. In this–

Ava: So he got his runway and the first of the constellations of the Universe of Nebadon that he went to was (the constellation) Lyra.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: Lyra. L – y – r – a.

Ari: But back in the anti-matter universe, what happened was, as he went along destroying the 23 sun systems of Aurora, he finally came to Nibiru and we (all) had to evacuate. I remember this like it was yesterday. We all had to get onboard these ships and go from the anti-matter universe into the matter universe (or join Jehovah or we would die).

Ava: It became a big problem because we were sitting with Jehovah as the Admiral instead of Sananda Kumara on the ship of 144,000. Some of us got trapped because we were afraid, and some of us lost our life forms. It was a very, very, very ugly mess!

It created (horrendous) soul imprints so that many, many lifetimes it has taken to reverse the trauma, and each soul has a different piece of that trauma. That is why (the) healing (of) one soul’s trauma will help every single soul to come back to LOVE because that energy goes out and everybody can choose to feel that energy and heal from it (as well).

Commander: So Sananda—Esu Immanuel ‘Jesus’ and Sananda Kumara are the same entity.

Ari: Same being, YES!

Ava: Actually, there are two particular in the Halls of Amenti—the records there show when you talk about Yeshua, there were two-Yeshuas. The first was Yeshua –Y e-s-h-u-a.

Yeshua Melchizedek Twelve, or Yeshua Ben Joseph Melchizedek Twelve, which means that was (the full template of) Sananda Kumara.

Ari: Yes.

Ava: The head of the Universe of Nebedon.

Ari: He is the Admiral in charge and he sits on The New Jerusalem with Lord Ashtar and he never fell from grace.

Ava: No—(that’s correct). And then the other one was Yeshua Nine which means that this Being, in the times of Jesus was the one that was really (going around and) giving a lot of the talks and bringing people around him, and at a certain point he was so talkative that he was endangering Melchizedek Yeshua Twelve, and literally Yeshua Twelve went (had to go) traveling. They talk about him in India, and they talk about him coming to all points in the United States—the (Great) PAHANA returned (he is called). He went to the southwest here and they called him the Great White Prophet, and then he went to South America. I mean he traveled (all over the world) and brought his teachings while Yeshua Nine was whisked away because they would have killed him at that point. He was the one that married Mary Magdalena (and had five children) and they went to France, and they represent the whole royal lineage of France from that point on (to create the)–

Ari: The Merovingian Kings—the Knights Templar.

Ava: And Lady Di (Diana) was a ‘Stewart’ (which) is of the House of the Merovingian Kings. She is of the House of Yeshua. And that is another part of why they didn’t like (her)– they wanted her to marry Prince Charles and bring forth the bloodline (to put the DNA back) of those children. As soon as she was finished having those two babies they threw her out with the bath water. They wanted her out of their faces!

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: They didn’t want the truth to come forward about what she was representing—in terms of bringing the whole house of Sananda Kumara’s (bloodline) reality back to the people! So back (now to) millions of years ago–

Commander: So a couple more questions before you continue on this. Where does Commander Hatonn fit in all of this?

Ari: Commander Hatonn….

Commander: Yes.

Ari: Oh, Commander Hatonn is one of the Galactic Commanders of the Ashtar Command. Where he comes from is—there in the Constellation, Lyra, there is a star called Vega. In that Constellation, Lyra (is) traveling around the star Vega, (and) is (in) a sector of space called the Vela Sector. There is a planet (there) called Trantor. And Trantor is the home base for the Ashtar Command. Commander Hatonn is originally from the planet, Trantor and he is also one of the folks that came here with Khu-Fu, who is also known as—THOTH.

Ava: He built the other Cheops pyramids.

Ari: Yeah, Pyramid of Cheops. (The Giza Pyramid)

Ava: What was the name of the Pharaoh, there? KhuFu?

Ari: Yeah, Khu-Fu. But also at that time there was another Commander named Kla-La. Kla-La comes from the planet Aldeberon, (the Eye of Taurus) and in the story here after the destruction of Atlantis we needed some pyramids to stabilize the axio-excursion of our planet. (Commander Kla-la is the actual Designer and Engineer of the Giza Pyramid which were actually formed on the Planet Aldeberon and then placed on Earth through ship technology. Khu-fu (THOTH) was the pharaoh at the time so his name went onto the pyramids).

Ava: As we (the earth) were wobbling in space by then (as a result of the sinking of Atlantis). We had really created a mess!

Commander: So the pyramids performed what function?

Ari: They are stabilization generators–

Ava: Under the pyramids,– even in South America, all over China, all over Egypt–I mean there are pyramids on every continent–

Ari: They have…

Ava: Sub-Etheric generators (underneath them)–

Ari: Right. Underneath the pyramid there is a sub-etheric generator that runs at a 5th dimensional frequency. Have you ever heard of this phenomenon called the Taos Hum?

Commander: No.

Ari: O.K. (The Taos Hum is actually the sound of the sub-etheric generator that is now running under Taos Mountain which is actually an Ashtar Command base which was activated recently and put into action. People began hearing ‘the hum’ a few years ago when that activation took place. It (the hum) holds a 5th dimensional frequency and to folks who were not accustomed to feeling this energy it was somewhat disturbing to them because their own frequency was not high enough and it caused them to speed up faster than their biology could manage. To some folks it was a very healing experience and to others who could not align with this frequency, it was too painful, and they had to move to other locations).

Ava: What they did–Commander Hatonn, and Commander Kla-La were working together on this mission to help stabilize the axio-excursion of the planet at a point in time, so they have a relationship with Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Command actually has a base between the King and Queen’s chamber (under) the Great Pyramid of Giza. The ship and the commanders that are (stationed there are) responsible to keep that axio-excursion (of the earth) in place. They (Lord Hatonn and the Ashtar Command) go around the planet on a very regular basis and they hold their ships over these pyramids that hold these generators and they send a beam underneath the pyramids into the sub-etheric generator to keep maintaining our axio-excursion. We can’t go past 23.4 degrees off our actual excursion because if we do without some other (help from a huge) tractor beam or some other ship holding (it in place) to move ourselves (back to) safety, we would go into oblivion, because that’s the last point of alignment with our systems Sirius A and Sirius B. Actually, many astronomers as well as astrologers understand that we are a triple star system…We are not just a solar system by ourselves but (with) that (of) Sirius A and Sirius B and the sun, SOL. There are three suns in one solar system.

Ari: (We are a) Trinary Star System. (Three sun system)

Ava: Yeah. If we go past (that) 23.4 degrees we (the Earth and all her creatures) would go into oblivion. We would go super nova, and so what has happened now is (that) Alcyone, the Great Central Sun, which is located 400 light years away from Earth in the Pleiades has sent out a whole belt of light–

Ari: –Called the Photon Belt.

Ava: It’s called the Photon Belt, and it has taken, I don’t know how many light years, to arrive in our space here. The Pleiades is close to the center of our galaxy and Earth is on the very outer periphery of (that) galaxy.

Ari: The western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ava: And so it has arrived, and as a matter of fact, on December 22, 2000 on the Winter Solstice, it (the Photon Belt) completely surrounded the (our) planet. In other words we (the whole solar system are) kind of got locked into the tractor beam and we have changed directions. We are in the process now of moving away from the outer periphery of the western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. We’re like on a tractor beam of the Photon Belt and heading towards the Pleiades, of which, by the time we will reach (the year) 2012, (we) are expected to be in a completely different sector and adjacent to the Pleiades. And we will have at least three suns as we traverse into that (sector of space) as we are making the transition. By the time we get there, there will be nine suns in our atmosphere!

Ari: That’s right.

Commander: Wow! (laughter) And I know all about this. This is putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me because I have known about the Photon Belt for a long time, and I have known about Commander Hatonn for a long time and all of his writings through the Phoenix Journals and The Contact Newspaper in the 90’s.

Ari: Oh, yeah!

Commander; –and all those are on our sister site,

Ari: Right.

Commander: That’s another site I run…that we run here, so this is kind of putting in perspective here.

Ava: And the Photon Belt is our Ascension/Salvation if you will, because every dust particle of life is (will be) a hundred times in magnitude the light that we are receiving now than our sun Sol. Sol was (became) mutated long, long ago, even pre-the Orion War– 65 million years ago when the Reptilians played havoc–

Ari: And the Alpha-Draconians came in. Back to the story of Nibiru–

Commander: Yeah, back to the story of Nibiru where they created the runway and had to evacuate Nibiru now, and continue on from there.

Ari: Yeah. They evacuated Nibiru in so many different ships and if you remember, many people died on Nibiru. They did not want to leave.

LMMS: (garbled—unintelligible)

Ari: They could not believe how could Mother/Father God allow their planet to be destroyed!

Ava: “How could this happen? Is there a God at all?”

Ari: Right. And they (have) carried that anger and that judgment toward God/Goddess to this (very) day. And that is why all those things have been recorded to this day on Earth in our cellular/molecular structure (known as the FEAR OF GOD).

Ava: As we came into form here, we volunteered (for this mission)–

Commander: Nibiru came from the anti-matter universe, now how does that relate to our solar system here that we have with Venus, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, (and) Neptune. Can you explain that correlation there?

Ava: O.K.

Ari: Before we go there I should say that when Nibiru was evacuated there were Lion people, Bird people (the Bird Tribes—the native peoples) and Reptilian people (and the Chrystal people). When the reptilian people evacuated Nibiru they escaped and came into our matter universe and the first place they landed was the Alpha Draconian Star System, and they began to colonize that system and they began to rewrite their history from that point on, and say they originated from the Draconian Star System (which is not true).

Ava: They didn’t want to take responsibility for what they did back there. (They wanted to erase the memory of how they had aligned with Jehovah).

Ari: Right–(regarding) Nibiru. They said that they will not remember why we came here–

Ava: “Well, we won’t (we refuse to) admit it.”

Ari: The Bird People, interestingly enough, came in and centered themselves into many different star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy, but many of the Bird People (the Bird Tribes) came to Lemuria and Easter Island is one of the places where the Bird People—-the native Americans here that (are) in this country still—(are the Bird Tribes).

Ava: Because of their (love of) feathers, they are part of the Bird Tribes.

Ari: Yes. And there are still Bird People that are (the) Galactic Commanders. They have bird heads and human bodies. I have seen them, and it’s kind of interesting. Hathor—the Hathors of Egyptian (legend) are Bird People, and also, some of them are seen as Cow People. They have cow ears with different human features!

Ava: There’s a good book that Solara wrote, called EL-AN-RA that was a very good true-to-form history (of that time).

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: I want to say that you know the starship Jehovah was on was called The Ship of the 144,000, and he took that ship into (first to) Lyra.

Ari: Right.

Ava: And Ari is saying that some of these other ships and some of these different life forms that were on Nibiru didn’t go to Lyra, but they went to different parts of this galaxy and they started their lives over again. But nonetheless, Jehovah’s main goal was to control all of these life forms in this universe of Nebedon, so he didn’t stop at Lyra.

Ari: No.

Ava: There was a lot of dissention in Lyra, and Lisa Royale and her entities (that she channels), (especially) the Germain entity, does tell a lot of very good and true stories about what happened in Lyra, but if we wanted to make a long story short, there were Lyrians who were extremely upset and did not want to do this (to follow Jehovah). They left and went to the Pleiades. They just left on their ships and they went to the Pleiades. There are some Lyrians who followed and wanted to help save this destructive path and bring some sensibility back so that they actually volunteered to create and they worked to create, co-create the human life form. All (of) this story up until now…we weren’t even talking about 3rd dimension yet. Lemuria wasn’t in third dimension…

Ari: No.

Ava: –when we (the humans) first came here (to Earth). We were fifth dimensional (beings). So the human 3rd dimensional body was actually a co-creation between Father/Mother God and the Lyrians.

Ari: There was an island BEFORE Lemuria called Pangaea. And actually we, when we were still in 5th dimension and landing parties were coming to Earth, they came to Pan (first)– the land of Pangaea. And interestingly enough, the letters P-a-n = Positive and Negative–.and that (was our first taste of)–

Ava: Polarity

Ari: And there was a little drama that occurred on Pan where….

Ava: But before we get to Earth….

Ari: Yes….

Ava: So Jehovah found a good affinity with–Ari mentioned earlier that in Lyra there was a specific star called Vega, and you know that Earth follows that star in astronomy. (It is one of our Pole Stars along with Polaris). I learned that in 8th grade. The Vegans were red-haired fierce warriors, and they felt that this was a good thing (to be aligned with Jehovah)–yes, (they were) dark skinned, bronzed skin—and they felt that this was a good thing to do to join the folks of Jehovah! (He had already gained legend as a fierce warrior). Originally there were seven races on—seven colors on Earth, but that’s another story—

So they went from Lyra to Vega, and they built their forces, and then they went from Vega to Sirius, and a lot of Sirians became interested in warring (with Jehovah), and that’s where we got the story about dark Syrians. There was a movie, which wasn’t true in the beginning—(of the movie)–

Ari: “Fire in the Sky.”

Ava: “Fire in the Sky.” But when he went up there that wasn’t what really happened. He had a good experience.

Ari: Travis Walton. Remember that story?

Ava: He was forced by the government to tell a lie, and they gave him money for it and said they would kill him if he didn’t take the money and tell a lie.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: But they depict these dark Sirians in that particular movie, but then their forces (were) built, and (they) went actually back up into the Orion Constellation and joined with the Alpha-Draconians and there was a HUGE ugly war that never got resolved. For the sake of your minds to (understand the enormity of this situation), just conceive (of) having an on-going five-thousand-year war that never ended and never got resolved! Those who were of that fierce negative emotion to continue having (this) war, they decided to seed themselves in (reincarnate into) the high middle period of Atlantis into the high royal families of the Atlantean royalty. And that was the peak (of the Atlantean history)–the high middle period of Atlantis– there were three periods, (the middle) was the peak of (the) Atlantean life, which we (now) refer to as the Golden Age. That’s when Atlantis began to split apart, the children (of Light) seeded themselves (into many different cultures to guarantee their survival) and this is where the plot to use the Great Crystal to control other parts of the world (was) conceived (of by the Dark Draconians). (Since their goal) itself (was) to use the technology of Light of that Golden Age for purposes of (Dark)–the same (type of) control and manipulation just like (they are) doing now.

LMMS: garbled.

Ava: Did you hear that? LMMS knows a lot of little details (because she was there) but she said they used the Great Crystal of Atlantis as a death tool, and to see if it (first) worked and they exploded the Island of Crete. (This caused so much destruction all along the coast of the Mediterranean that the City of Alexandria, the capital of Egypt sank into the sea as well as many other islands). They wanted to control all parts of the world, so before they tried to control China they started in other places first.

Ari: It’s like the death star in Star Wars.

Ava: And another tidbit is when they–they didn’t expect that that laser that they used (would do what it did) — the Atlantean Crystal—they sent that laser from the Crystal in Atlantis which is now off (shore) of (Florida) where the Bermuda Triangle is. They didn’t expect it to reverberate back on themselves. They thought it would end up on China on the other side. But it didn’t—the Sun, (The) Terra sent it right back on themselves and it split the Crystal into three major fissures. That’s why when planes go over that Bermuda Triangular area, wherever those fissures are—you call them fissures?

Ari: Fractures.

Ava: Fractures.

Ari: The Crystal fractured into three pieces.

Ava: And they (who get caught in a certain area during certain conditions like a full moon) go to different dimensions and they disappear.

Ari: And the Crystal—the three great pieces of the Crystal are lying on the Atlantic Ocean floor right now, and what is needed—the Crystal needs to be fused together again so that it could be—(used only for Love and healing again)—(but that will be) only after all of this drama is completed.

Commander: How large are these pieces?

Ari: Some of these pieces are like—some as big as the Empire State Building. This Crystal was huge—

Ava: Actually, all of the sandy beaches of Sarasota are–

Ari: Florida.

Ava: …the Fort Meyers area, Naples, all in there (the beach) is like 100% (quartz) crystal. It (the beaches are all) apart of the Atlantean Crystal that’s been pulverized and still is in there. It’s a huge vortex in there.

Ari: To get a comparison I would say the Great Crystal is as large as the World Trade Center. I would say it is that big.

Commander: One of the towers?

Ari: One of the towers. It was at least that big, yes. That Crystal was the entire power source for all of Atlantis, and they never needed any other energy sources.

Ava: Infinite free energy.

Ari: It was used to HEAL and it was used to create infinite numbers of magical creations. I worked in the Temple of the Whales and Dolphins (in that life time).

Ava: And I worked in the Temples of Color, Sound and Vibration. (laughter) And Lord Kuthumi was a part of that (as one of the temple teachers)–

Ari: Yes

Ava: Lord Kuthumi helped, and he was part of the royalty. He was the Master Healer Physician for all the royal families. Does this answer what you were asking, or do you want more details? We can fill this out and it could take another eon of description. (laughter)

Commander: Hold on here.

Ava: We just had a talk with our french (friend) and there is a rejuvenation chamber in San Diego already to go. It’s already in use.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: Which means you can step in it and 10 or 15 minutes afterward you are rejuvenated as if you were just 18 again.

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: In the physical—all your teeth back and blah, blah, blah, all your bone structure realigned, everything ready to go.

Ari: In 1987 I was actually on harmonic conversions. I was actually offered my physical ascension where I could have left this little drama here and actually stayed on the ships with Ashtar, but they gave me a mini-ascension where I was placed in one of these rejuvenation chambers and I was rejuvenated back to the age of 18 or 20. Ashtar asked me, “ Do you want to stay here or do you want to go back?” And I said to him, “Well, if I don’t show up for work tomorrow my boss is going to get really tense because he’s got to make the soup!” And Ashtar laughed and said, “You can go and have a mini-ascension and then be with your twin flame who is…

Ava: Yeah, come back for your twin flame. I thought that was cool. It was pretty funny what he had to say first.

Ari: Well, I’m committed to be with my twin flame because she is my beloved, but it was a choice of….

Ava: He had the choice, the offer….

Ari: Yes, I had the physical choice, but I am committed to being one of the Eagles on this planet where the ‘last shall be first and the first shall be last’. As the Eagles, all of us here, we are going to see this to the very beloved end. You know, bringing everything back to wholeness.

Commander: I am still a little unclear on what’s so important about Earth. Why did everyone—(want to come to)–

Ava: Earth…

Commander: Wait. Why did everyone want to conglomerate here…all the different races, all the different civilizations among the countless number of other physical planets?

Ava: Because it was the Earth, as a living Being, that volunteered to be the place where this Grand Experiment (of Polarity) would end up being resolved! It was agreed upon by all beings from all planets, from ALL (intinite) star systems, from all universes, that they would send representatives. How many hundreds of millions of different places in our whole Seven Super Universes sent beings, and they recorded (in their Hall of Records) at home as the journey (began) who of the beings they sent and who volunteered to go and find their way to Earth. The idea of the Grand Experiment was to see how much diversity we could create on this planet that volunteered to bring this whole Grand Experiment together. How much diversity could be created here, and could we (still) have peace with that much diversity? We hoped, when up until now we created nearly complete war without any peace in the midst of all this diversity, so we are in this flip side where we can in the twinkling of an eye, turn that around and finish that Experiment successfully. That is up to each and every one of us. No one literally comes from Earth. We are all Galactic Beings, and we come from—and that’s where we find out and eventually Mother (Sekhmet) helps a lot. I mean she can help you find where you come from—where your origins are, who your people are and what you’re doing here to help bring the culture of your own Star People and Star Nations to blend and bring harmony and peace again (to this planet)–

Commander: So, what happened to Nibiru?

Ari: What happened to Nibiru was that it was destroyed by Jehovah!.

Ava: Yeah, but now Nibiru is back, because there is a Being known as Metatron.

Ari: Right.

Ava: And he holds the etheric blue print for all that has ever been created. So if you are reduced to a sub-atomic particle he can re-create you from that (divine) blueprint again.

Ari: Your etheric blue-print.

Ava: So, Nibiru has been re-created from its etheric blueprint, and it is actually coming in. They call it lots of things (like) wormwood—(see Nostradamus writings)

Ari: Planet X…

Ava: Planet X…and its orbit—(understand that) universes penetrate each other so that it’s not a linear thing, so anti-matter universe can also penetrate into matter universe. This orbit of Nibiru is at a perpendicular right angle to all the other planets in our solar system’s orbit, so it actually crosses over all the orbits, and as it does if it gets really CLOSE to a planet when it’s doing that it can affect GREATLY the gravitational force field around that planet and cause earthquakes…and everything else. (There are many legends about this).

Ari: Tidal waves, cataclysms…

Ava: Yeah.

Ari: That’s why there’s all of this ‘yada yada’ (rumors) on the Internet that come March, April, May of 2003 we are going to have Nibiru ‘in our midst and oh, my….

Commander: And why is it here?

Ari: The reason it’s here is because on this planet Nibiru (which is actually a Starship) are all of Mother’s Paschat People, as well as the Bird People and Reptilian People (and others)….

Ava: Good Reptilians–

Ari: They have come back to LOVE, and the reason Nibiru is here is because they have come to take back their own species (who have come) back to love.

Ava: And literally, we could see a display of this where shortly where many of these Dark Reptilians (the Controllers) will just be taken back home on Nibiru. Nibiru is not only a (living) planet. At this point it’s a traveling starship! (The Niburu is over 300 miles in diameter)

Ari: That’s right. It’s a huge starship.

Ava: Yes.

Ari: This was the companion that was following Hale-Bopp (comet a few years ago).

Ava: Yes, that was.

Ari: And that’s why all these people were freaking and peeking when Hale Bopp came around and…

Ava: “O.K. What’s that BEHIND Hale Bopp?”

Ari: Right, and then that group ‘Heaven’s Gate’ decided they wanted to come and hitch a ride—(they committed suicide to get) on the Nibiru–

Ava: That’s really not what happened. That was an Illuminati dark (agenda plot) they killed them–they killed them.

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: The Illuminati killed them.

Ari: What is going on at this point in time is that as soon as NESARA is announced, 24 hours later the Galactic Command WILL LAND and all of the different representatives, star seeds that are on this planet– there are over 200,000 different Galactic star seeds (here at this time). That’s only a minute amount. There are millions and billions of different life forms on this planet that are represented as star seeds. All of the Galactic Commands that are coming represent themselves as part of THE FORCES that will come and reveal themselves (shortly). They will come and collect their own star seeds and take them home (again). And that is when the Draconian ships will land in force (as well). They will pick up all this Illuminati scum and take them home! (laughter)

Ava: And they will be triad (stand trial) for their crimes (against the Universe) in Alpha Draconian (way).

Ari: Right—like you might have heard on some of Jennifer’s updates. King Dracos and Princess Ardalla are from Dracos. And King Dracos and Princess Ardalla—she has nine sisters and they are the rulers—King Dracos and Princess Ardalla and her nine sisters are the rulers of Alpha Draconious. They have all come back to LOVE and they have joined with the Federation of Worlds. They have made agreements with the Ashtar Command to come and pick up these recalcitrant life forms that are causing all this headache and heartache on Planet Earth. This includes the thirteen families of the Illuminati that think that they own this planet.

Ava: Um-mmm.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: For instance, Chinese people are from Pleiades.

Ari: Right.

Ava: And so are the Orientals—the Japanese….

Ari: Most of the oriental world on Planet Earth come from Sirius and Pleiades—and Lyra and Vega.

Ava: Although there are still representations within them that are travelers, and even—let me give you an example. Sananda’s parents—Sananda Kumara or Ascended Master Jesus the Christ are the same—but his parents are the sun behind the sun and the twin essence that hold that sun behind the sun and together are (known as) Helios and Vesta. But more recently, like as you come into the solar system Sananda Kumara is a Venician, (from Venus)

Ari: Right.

Ava: And there are other Kumara’s that are—and when you call them a Kumara they come from Venus. They have helped Venus as a planet, and Venus is the particular sister planet of Earth. Venus has gone ahead and (is) ascended as a planet.

Ari: She is—

Ava: 5th dimensional

Ari: 5th dimensional planet that is 15 million years in advance of cultures and civilizations.

Ava: So Sanat Kumara and his twin flame Lady Master Venus and Sananda Kumara and his twin flame, Lady Master Nada volunteered from that sector of existence in OUR solar system, after coming from Helios and Vesta, they came into this part. And then they came and volunteered to stay until this planet (Earth-Shan) ascends as well. So that’s where these ascended Masters come from—and you keep going back and back and back. And they come from here and they come from there, and somewhere deeper in the anti-matter universe.

Ari: Right.

Ava: It covers such eons and eons of time.

Ari: What I would also say at this point in time when we were those Cosmic Beings of Light, that we were traveling alongside Mother/Father God, we had 12 strands of DNA. As we descended into Matter we lost our 12 strands of DNA to the point where we have only 2 strands of DNA now!

Ava: Well, we just didn’t lose them. There is lots of recent stories–

Ari: –that they’re dormant.

Ava: Well, they were manipulated and genetically modified when in the Mesopotamian Valley that Zachariah Sitchin book talks about the Annunaki. They were fifth dimensional landing party space beams.

Ari: Reptilian hybrids.

Ava: And they decided to genetically modify the humans on the planet, and they also co-habitated with the women of earth-what do you call it? “ (The lessor) Sons of God looked upon the

Ari: –and daughters of men”….

Ava: they copulated with the daughters of men– that is (what is) called the Cosmic Violation of Law, (the mixing of the DNA of different specie).

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: And the story of Gilgamesh. He was a crossbreed between the Reptilian hybrid Annunaki landing parties and a human mother.

Avi: Gilgamesh was a king, but he was also a half-god in the sense that he was….

Ava: His father was from 5th dimension.

Ari: His father was Annki. Annki was another name, a Babylonian name for Jehovah.

Ava: Um…mmmmm.

Ari: And that’s where the J-man came in and twisted and manipulated the DNA (genetic) codes.

Ava: They (The Annunaki) were many millions of years in advance of our time/space continuum so (they had the knowledge of genetics and) could do that. And they did, for instance, the African race—they manipulated them so they would be really good for going into the mines and living a very humdrum slave-type existence. They really did genetically modify them, so they had to remember even harder ‘WHO THEY WERE’. This Reptilian group now, (known to us as) the Draconians, picked up on that and it (and they) caused genocide (to many races especially the 7 rainbow colored races that originally birthed on earth) in (that) there (was no use for them) because it was no longer serving them to have them around. (So they) get rid of them!

Ari: You see, this is the thing the Illuminati and all the dark agenda don’t want us to remember, as once we reach the level of 12 strands of DNA then we get our ‘Sitas’, (or) our magical (full consciousness) energies back. All of the dark agenda and Illuminati have anywhere from 2 to 11 strands of DNA. They do not have 12, because if they had 12 they would be back within the frequency of Love.

Ava: It has been completely cloned out of them and programmed out of them, and their emotional bodies have been vacated. That also occurs when there is a nuclear bomb like at the time of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. The reincarnated peoples experienced that and left their bodies, (and) came back soulless, literally soulless! (Known as the Walking-Dead). They always say the emotional body is the gateway to the soul. So they don’t have an emotional body or a soul, and they’re vacated. There’s just a body walking around. It’s like (being) a droid (which is a programmed holographic representative of the original—a copy of a copy).

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: And the…

Ari: The ‘Shrub’ (laughter)

Ava: That’s even more so….

Ari: Yes!

Ava: He is not even funny.

Ari: No, it’s not funny.

Ava: He was killed by his own kind before….

Ari: The ‘Shrub’…

Ava: ‘ Shrub, Jr.’ we call him.

Ari: The (current) resident of the oral office. Yeah! (laughter)

Ava: The present one. He was killed in October, before the November elections (of 2000).

Ari: He and Al Gore….

Ava: Not Al Gore…Cheney.

Ari: Cheney.

Ava: Don’t get weird on me. (laughter) They were both cloned before the elections, and there was a second and a third clone. I know the clone was deleted along the way through two more times and was replaced with another clone. The last one went (in) on January 2, 2002. From that point on that is not even a clone. It is a holodeck image of the clone! Can you imagine what that must be like? This is true of Cheney and this is true of a number of other individuals (who are running our country and the world).

Ari: It’s like the holographic doctor on Voyager where they can create holographic images that are 3-D. You can interact with them…

Ava: Totally functional.

Ari: (You can) taste them, and touch them. But at the moment they turn off the holographic projector they’re not there! This is the reality of what is going on right here.

Ava: The ‘King of Swords’ used to say to us often to lighten the conversation, “Now just lighten up! I’ve got to study the next chapter in this manual of how to shut down holodeck programs!” (laughter)

Ari: You’ve got to have some humor here in this cosmic story or you’ll go crazy!

Ava: But again, this is what–this is another part of (the real story) a lot of Christians don’t understand the Fatima (Prophecy)–

Ari: No.

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Ava: The Fatima prophecy is hooked into this, and also the Photon Belt. The Fatima prophecy talked about the Photon Belt and three days of darkness concept. But that was avoided (on) August 11, 1999. The Photon Belt…the grand cross in the sky…do you remember that? There were four planets with the Star of David in the center of them. What happened, actually, is that we had to pass through what is called the Eye of AN. That’s what Solara’s stuff (that she wrote about in EL-AN-RA is) talking about. If the Earth had gone into the passage (too soon)–, the Eye of AN, is (the star in) the center star of Orion’s (belt) known as the 3 stars EL, AN, and Ra. We have to do the great reversal to go back home. We actually are reversing the whole Grand Experiment, which has ended up not diversity within peace but diversity within war! In order to do the great reversal we have to turn it back and take ‘our energy back’ through the Eye of AN (REMEMBERING) where we came in from. That’s how we got here and that’s how we’ve got to go back. So this great reversal of the Eye of AN actually occurred on August 11, 2000, and that’s when we could have had three days of darkness at that point. That could have been serious because if you don’t have any sunlight for three days you are gone. The whole race is not here.

Ari: Well, what happens is the Earth gets kind of cold…

Ava: Kind of…

Commander: It drops 20 degrees just over-night.

Ari: That’s right. Yeah.

Ava: 20 degrees?

Commander: Well, on the average. (3 days at + 20 degrees would have put us at –70 to –150 degrees below zero and everyone on earth would have perished. Please note that a huge bubble or force field has been placed around earth and our entire Solar System that is held in position by 150 million ships of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Ashtar Command).

Ava: –On the average every night, yes. So anyway, if the Earth had gone through this Passage ahead of the Sun we (the Earth) would (of) had that incident, but it didn’t (happen as the Fatima Prophecy warned). The Sun went in it first and (in) that (we were) assisted by the Ashtar Command. It would not have happened without their help. How they did that is over time they have been hurtling balls of light the size of Venus of helium into the hydrogen elements of the sun, and transmuting the sun from a Hydrogen emitting source of light to a Helium emitting source of light. It’s been over a long time this has been going on but they actually assisted in making it so that we wouldn’t have those three days of darkness by doing that. As this helium builds up in the sun and replaces the hydrogen molecules, it neutralizes all of our nuclear weapons. It does that because they are based on a hydrogen based system and not a helium based system. And ha, ha, ha!!! We don’t any weapons at all left that will really work!

Ari: Their toys aren’t going to work anymore! (laughter) And what I would also just say at this point is–if you go to cyberspaceorbit, that website, you can actually see (photos of) these different sun cruisers. At the website, the guy who runs that website, he actually has photographs and pictures of the sun, and you can actually see in the corona image of the sun, ships that are orbiting the sun. And they are the Beings that are sending in the balls of light into the sun—and it’s very cool!

Ava: It is cool.

Commander: And the sun is not hot, correct?

Ari: No, the sun is not hot. There are actually beings that live on the sun. The sun is a living, breathing entity, and there are cities on the sun. I’ve never been to the sun at all…

Ava: But in our Galactic history, Ari and Ava are solar Beings and we’re on the sun, the solar sun of Alcyone in the Pleiades, the Great Central Sun in existence in previous time.

Ari: Ariamus and Avantari (our Higher Selves) are solar beings, yeah.

Ava: That’s why we call ourselves Ari and Ava for short.

Ari: Yeah. Oh, my!

Ava: And all of those—it’s really true that everyone has a specific twin flame—a single specific twin flame.

Commander: How do you find out who your twin flame is?

Ava: You work spiritually on your own remembrance of yourself and then you magnetize that twin (essence to you) because as you fully remember who you are and embrace it and live it, it literally is a magnet and that one will also be awakened to and feel your presence, even if you are on the other side of the planet! And the reason it’s been so hard lately for twin flames to find each other is because we have been at the end of the line of trauma and so many of us have been traumatized (in the past by) that twin flame—literally the spiritual teachers are saying that often times twin flames hate each other!

Ari: Right.

Ava: Literally hate each other because they have residue of trauma where they blame–.

Ari: Each other–

Ava: Each other from the past rather than understanding what really happened, finding out and clearing it, healing it, and forgiving, and you know, coming back to LOVE–

Ari: And we’ve been doing all of that.

Ava: HEY, and it’s been a road of —- (laughter) But it’s becoming more and more…the energies of light, like I said the Photon energy is 100 times the intensity that the planet is used to, and that’s why (there) has also been an assistance for lightworkers and also for twin flames to come back and find each other together. As these others (the Dark Lords) are taken away, and as we are in this shift now, then the last 10 years—you know that 2012 is 10 years—less than 10 years from now that approach to Pleiades is going to bring and that locked on tractor beam of that Photon Belt is going to be making us lighter and lighter and lighter. We donned clothes in the Garden of Eden to HIDE our auras. We won’t need clothes any more! There didn’t use to be (any need for them) in the original perfect state of the planet which was (with out) any cold anywhere—(it was originally created to be a temperate climate with no ice, no snow, no nothing (of strong weather). It was a paradise, literally.

Ari: Yes.

Ava: And we didn’t wear any clothes! And we are going to go back there. I always said Hawaii is the closest place on the planet to being off of it. And I found myself living for four months without a stitch of clothes in the Kilowea Valley. But indeed it’s true that we have great things in store for us now. Time is speeding up into the no-time zone where this historical, eternal wait for the return of fullness is speeding up so fast towards the speed of light that we are preparing the way now for our physicality to become 5th dimensional. We will be able to move from 3rd to 5th over this next 10 years more and more. And many more people will be taking ‘mini-ascensions’ and learning on the ships, and those of us like Ari, who is a very unusual character as you have noticed, has been going up on the ships in his physical body since he was thirteen in 1967…

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: And as (Lord) Ashtar’s son, that was a gift to him so he could help other people not to be afraid. This is really fun and he tries to describe what it feels like and the closest thing of what it feels like going up in a beam is like billions and billions of bubbles pushing up against your body like you are having that many organisms at the same time.

Ari: Yeah. And you don’t ever want it to stop (feeling the Peace Bubbles!) (laughter).

Ava: And indeed, many of us will now be going up, and have this full conscious ascension experience, many ascension experiences—going up in the beam, entering the shuttle bay–just like in (the movie) Cocoon, (you) unzip your physical and pop into your light body, and travel through all the different sectors of The New Jerusalem that is 5,000 miles in diameter and 12 tiers deep. Everything that you imagined (that) was beautiful and perfect on Earth is up there in that perfect state and they are also creating new plants, new kinds of species, and new kinds of life forms to come and populate the Earth again. Your surprise will be coming back….

Ari: Elves, divas, fairies and dwarfs and all the true ancestors of mankind which are in a sense the Angelic kingdom(s), and the Deva kingdom(s) are different reflections of what we represent in the crystallized form of physicality. As they are closer in dimension to the fifth dimension we are striving to spiral upward to that dimension.

Ava: And there will be no death process at all in this process…

Ari: Right.

Ava: And that’s a reason to bring up another issue, and that is that, “How come lions go around eating other things (creatures) and….

Ari: Antelope…and deer, and…

Ava: “How come we chew on cows, and all of this stuff, and that a result– that is NOT how it originally was created. Lions were NOT eating flesh, neither were humans in the beginning. When we were here at first we were 5th dimensional and all we did was eat liquid light!.

Ari: I can go up to the ships right now and I could go to the replicator and say: “I want a steak and potatoes and salad”, and I will get a T-bone steak and salad, and it will be made out of synthesized plant protein.

Ava: Yeah, it’s all plant protein.

Ari: But it will taste like a steak and potatoes and salad.

Ava: And they do that in order to bring people from Earth in a beam to a familiar place where they feel comfortable with what they have been used to enjoy on the surface.

They don’t do that kind of thing. They just eat liquid light. That’s what they do. And…

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: And that’s what we were used to doing and cows, at a soul level, requested to be lifted back to where they came (from), back to their true self and not to be eaten on this planet any more. They don’t even want to be here anymore. At a soul-root level, that is a fact, and Mother told us that as we approach 2012, they literally (the cattle) will disappear from the planet. They won’t be here anymore.

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: Eating carnivorously will cease to be pastime on Earth! (laughter) I try to think it out logically myself. The true Vegan lifestyle would be “Don’t interfere with the life force of anything that has a Face, anything at all that has a Face!” If you do then you have a certain amount of servitude. Once you become addicted to killing cows then you have to hire someone to keep killing the cow, keep them getting packaged and take them to the store. Is that called paradise or is that called something else? It’s really an interesting logical understanding.

Ari: Like in the cultures of the Vulcans. They do not eat meat. They are complete Vegans, and many of the different life forms out there have no concept at all what it’s like to eat another of their own. I mean even when we were on Nibiru when we were Lion People and Bird People and Reptilian People we did not go and be predators and hunter like animals. No, we ate liquid light.

Ava: And another interesting part of our anatomy is our stomach. The whole digestive track was an afterthought. We didn’t have a stomach or digestive tract at all. We just brought liquid light right through our skin.

Ari: Photosynthesis.

Ava: Photosynthesis. We were just like the plants.

Ari: One of the interesting things about when you go up into the ship you don’t have to go to the bathroom, and there are no toilets on these ships! (laughter)

Ava: This is humorous to talk about. People don’t think about these things, but I do.

Ari: I’ve never had to say to Ashtar, “I’ll be back. I got to go—(laughter)! I don’t do that up there. I hope we are not overwhelming you with this.

Commander: No. I know a lot about the stuff you are talking about. I’m on the same wavelength.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: It’s just wonderful to be able to bring this discussion into play with more people in the modality that you’ve offered because I think it’s time for this discussion to be more widely discussed.

Ari: We know who Sheldan is, but Sheldan only shares one part of the story in terms of the Sirians. I’m not getting into who’s ‘who in the zoo’, but I would just say that there are pieces to the story that have so many facets and it seems like me and Ava have been somehow handed the gift of being able to put all the pieces together to share with all the different races of all the different universes, because nobody else seems to talk about it out there.

Ava: It doesn’t mean that Sheldan hasn’t got a specific mission.

Ari: Right

Ava: He is a Sirian, and that’s where he comes from. So that is what his mission is to be focusing on, and Sirians do have a primary role because like we said before Sirius A and Sirius B and our sun, Sol, are really a trianary star system. Sirius A and Sirius B are only four light years from Earth. That is extremely close. It’s so close, like I said, scientists and astronomers, (the) more radical bunch of them, but they do see that this is the same group of suns. They belong together and they have a relationship, so whatever Sirians have in their 5th dimensional peaceful existence, they really have a responsibility more than any of the other star beings to be responsible to restore Earth, and to help people understand who they are. They are our sisters and brothers more than any of the other ones. And so that’s why the focus is for Sheldan Nidle, the Sirian focus, and they have a primary role.

Commander: So what you are saying right now, essentially the great Grand Experiment is like a rubber band. It’s been stretched as far as it can go, and now it’s contracting and being reversed.

Ava: Well, actually what’s been going on instead it’s (the universe has) been contracting and now we are going into expansion again. We were expanded at the beginning, and as we came into a thought form that was negative it caused a contraction, and then another one and another one and another one until we reached our most contracted point where we would just blow ourselves up, if you will, and then we could expand. But we would want to take our bodies with us.

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: Rather than do that, and literally to help you understand, the Photon beam is so much greater…a 100 times the magnitude of the light the human body has been subject to, and at that the human body has been subject to for 65 million years to mutated light from all of the havoc from the destructive story-line of the Jehovah-Lilith-Lucifer game that has been going on.

Ari: We….

Ava: And that is being healed as well by hurling this helium into the sun, that the mutation has already been corrected at a bottom line, but it’s being corrected more and more as that Helium sun Sol envelopes us more and more. As these Photon light beams envelope us more and more, and we are expanding again more and more, that’s why we are going from this incredibly dense “as-low-as-you-can-go” third dimension BACK into expanded 5th dimension, into 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 again, back home again from where we started.

Ari: Where we have 12 strands of DNA once again.

Ava: Yes.

Ari: One of the things that we used to have in our atmosphere was Xenon gas. When we had Xenon gas we had all of our gifts and abilities like the Ascended Masters and Space Commanders. As Earth is ascending along with the sun and the other planets we are bringing Xenon gas back into our atmosphere. That’s why so many people are waking up and saying “O, my God! I really remember who I am”.

Ava: The six Super Universes that are in anti-matter are also universes of GREAT bodies of conscious knowledge….

Ari: Right.

Ava: That (the conscious knowledge) has been COMPLETELY dissected out of us. We don’t have it because it doesn’t exist in those two strands of DNA. It exists in all 12 integrated strands of DNA in wholeness. As we take on more strands of DNA again, these bodies of conscious awareness are brought back into our biosphere. As they are brought back into our biosphere, and we learn—and I gave you that real simple lesson that we have on the inside of our spinal cord a conduit for bringing through us a universal flow of that wisdom and knowledge and reconstructing our DNA– in doing so from the very substance of Universal Light. As we learn how to do this and we even know that it exists, we transmute all the blocks that we have, and we’ve always had ALL knowledge, ALL consciousness in something that’s called the Metatronic Chip. It is in our brain-mind function, and it’s just been dampened by misinformation and misqualified (energies) and hidden (programming) and transposed (to a lessor level).

Ava: So the deal is that we are really (getting ready) to have a chance now (to activate this Metatronic chip) once the (photonic energy) vortices comes in, and people like Gregg Braden who has studied (this), and he actually went over to this Tibetan Lamasary where all of these 45 books of the Bible are still in their original stored places, and they’re keeping them there. And he has been able to go IN there—almost NOBODY gets to go there. He was told never to take a picture or anything because they don’t want this to be found, except they let him take one picture—and I saw the picture! There are stories upon stories upon stories of bookshelves—it goes up like 10 stories, and you can see all the books on the shelves, and not just books from the Bible but all kinds of books from ALL the teachings ‘world-wide’ are ALL there. It’s just incredible.

Commander: –And (these books are) from different civilizations.

Ava & Ari: YES!

Ava: Exactly. And it’s all the teachings of the feminine principles. There’s something called the Bruten-Vault, which is located in Williamsburg, VA on (the property of) an Episcopalian church which all the turf around the church is owned by the Queen of England. No one can go on that and mess around. There was someone that we know that DID (mess around and) in the middle of the night with their friends, and they dug six of the ten feet down and made a big hole on the front lawn where actually a friend, John Melewski had already dowsed and found it (the vault) and diagrammed the actual size of the vault and exactly where it was located. They started (to dig)—they made a hullabaloo and they brought it forward because, of course, the police arrested them. They got out of jail the next day—they had all their kids with them– and they were going to keep them in jail, but then they got on the front page of the Washington Post as well as the New York Times with this story of what the heck they were doing and what’s down there. There is the original (copy of the) Declaration of Independence of which we have only one-quarter. The one-quarter that we have is the revised part that the Illuminati changed and told everybody was our Declaration of Independence. Three quarters was kept out of it and it was (written) in the Iroquois language because it was at the same time (when) the Iroquois Nations were writing their own treaty to bring their five or six nations together under the principals of Universal Law. And so that was Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and some….

Ari: John Adams…

Ava: They met with the Iroquois people, and they actually incorporated it in the original language because it was so beautiful. And it included the rights of Women and Children, which you know went out the window immediately (after it was signed), but it’s (the original is) still intact in those vaults and we (the Forces) can bring those things up now (for the people to see once NESARA is announced). It’s so exciting! (Note: There is a forcefield placed around the vault that is 12th dimensional and anyone who does not have the right vibration cannot enter into the vault. It is the same with all the other hidden vaults that hold the documents that are the true history of this Universe).

I want to take just one more moment of a quick rundown how we got into this most recent Illuminati-financial-pickle. (laughter) In Atlantis, St.Germain (was also) Merlin in Avalon, and (his) Mother (actually) came from Atlantis. St. Germain’s mother lived for three thousand years. She lived in the high middle and end period of Atlantis, and when these dark Orion (War Lords) from Alpha Draconis were seeding themselves into the Atlantean Royalty, she (saw this and) took all of the gold and artifacts and wealth of the Light Golden Age Royalty, and brought it on a starship (to Avalon). She escaped from the fall in Atlantis and brought it to what else but King Arthur’s Court! Do you remember (in) the story of the Mists of Avalon there was a crystal cave? She brought it there. This is where Merlin was given (his) dowry (on behalf) of all of the Children of Light of the Indigo Children of the Sun from Atlantis. His mother cast it on him and said “Here, you (will) need (this) to find Arthur and you need to pass it to Arthur, and you need to keep the Children’s truth and their ways of the Wicca, (The Wisdom) alive, and here’s your dowry. Go do your mission!”

Ari: And I would say that the way I would describe the crystal cave that Merlin was in was similar to the Fortress of Solitude where Superman goes in—the story (movie) ‘SUPERMAN’—he goes to the Fortress of Solitude and it’s in the North Pole. And there’s this giant crystalline computer and he would go and place the crystals in the different receptacles and then the holographic images would come on. And then they would describe the history and cultures of the Planet Krypton. Well, Merlin was taught the exact same thing as he learned and grew in the crystal cave.

Ava: (And) so then Merlin (appears) again, and is one of the lifetimes (incarnations) of St. Germain, (and) was (then) joined by Arthur who was overshadowed (in that lifetime) by Ascended Master El Morya.

Ari: Right.

Ava: –And Gweneviere (Arthur’s queen) is overshadowed by Lord Kuthumi, and Lancelot is (then) overshadowed by Archangel Michael. When the demise of Avalon occurred, and Morgaine, his sister was fooled, she was in a ceremony where the Goddess, the Lady of the Lake (and this was done in Egypt too) many times when there was so much darkness in a civilization’s development like this–this was an epochal (moment) in the time of Avalon–we could have healed it (ALL) back then. They would keep the blood-lines of the Light Beings pure (not infected with the reptilian-hybrid DNA by keeping their) reproduction (linked) through their own families, and in a priestess ceremony she (Morgaine) wore a mask (as seen in) The Mists of Avalon, the movie’(which) was really a more true version than any version I know of, at least from a movie produced from the book, The Mists of Avalon (by Marion Zimmer Bradley), but Arthur was masked as well, and he was coming into his right-of-passage (as the Elk King) and they had sex, (Morgaine and Arthur) and (they) didn’t even know they were sister and brother in that act! (And) that was how Mordred was birthed out of—(he was born from the union of Morgaine and Arthur). (Unfortunately as it turned out) he was the one that wasn’t raised by the Light Ones. He was handled (instead) through Morgaine’s mother, (Morgana) and she was coerced by greed and power, and wanted to have the throne for herself. She raised this child in a similar fashion to try to overthrow Arthur and to take the throne.

Ari: They took away the power of the Great Mother Goddess and gave it to the Man-With-The Plan, but ultimately they never took it away from The-Man-With-The-Plan, which was Jesus (Sananda Kumara Esa Immanuel). What they tried to do is (to) diminish the power of the Goddess, (The Divine Feminine) and give it to the Christian church (to the Priests) in the time of Avalon.

Ava: And so that’s when the Crusades were (happening) when they started thinking in negative terms, and they had to go, and they had to conquer, and they sent everybody into WAR. You could really say that in the time of Avalon, Mordred was (the first) Illuminati character. And the Church, of course, was his best buddy. It was taking away of the Wicca Matriarchy and giving it to a Vatican Patriarchy.

Ari: The dark side of the Force.

Ava: The dark side of the Forces then sent the Crusades with the children and had them all murdered, you know. So anyway, in lieu of all that, St. Germain and Arthur agreed to pass this dowry secretly into France vise-a-vie Lord Lancelot (Lord Michael). Lancelot went to France with the dowry and he was joined there by the heirs of union of Magdalena and Yeshua-Nine. The French royalty were continuing to pass on the dowry and the truth of the matriarchy and the Wicca in France, and (then)–along comes Napoleon! That’s why he killed Louis the 14th, Louis the 15th, and (the) 16th. Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette had one child (called the Dauphin) that was missed (came up missing) when they (the Dark Lords) tried to murder all the Royal Family at that time. The story goes that she put the child with a laundry pick-up person, in a basket, and just dumped some clothes on it. The agent helped the child go (on) to Ontario, Canada. And the child was placed in none other than the Iroquois Nation and raised by Iroquois people. (And) here we got (see) the connection again to how (and why) our true Declaration of Independence came from that nation. Here was a representative of Sananda Kumara’s bloodline, a representative of St. Germain, a representative of the Indigo Children of Atlantis planted into the West to bring us, in the United States, such a document. Indeed, St. Germain was the one who “lassoed” all of our forefathers who signed that document because they were scared beyond their wits. They were afraid. And it didn’t take one day, it took three or four months, and St. Germain had to appear to everyone of them (many times), and some were as drunk as skunks, and he said, “Just sign the thing and I will take care of it later!” (laughter)

So let’s follow this now. St. Germain was in the courts of Napoleon. Napoleon was the first Anti-Christ. He was also the first, along with the Rothschild’s, who were then called the BAUER family to institute something called (our) banks (Banking System) and (with all the) Illuminati characters. He (Napoleon) conquered Europe for all practical purposes. St. Germain was warning him that his ‘manner of war and devastation to conquer was not a good idea’ and he was encouraging him in the courts. He (St. Germain known then as Comte. St. Germaine) was an Ascended Master at that time and he was not physical, and they saw him because he would (could) appear and disappear, and appear and disappear, and appear and disappear. And indeed, we know the demise of Napoleon.

And we also know that because this little child (the bloodline of Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette) made it to America and again (in) The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak it is written about the Land of Atlantis-America. That is why they talk about America as the United States of Altea-America. In other words bringing the true Atlantean Indigo teachings of the High Middle period of Atlanta before it began to fall again back from its wholeness. That’s why we are called the melting pot. People came here from all over the world to represent every race and every creed and every off-planet star nation in one place. In other words, the concentrated idea of the story of the Grand Experiment coming from all these different star systems, people sending them, was concentrated in America in the United States. How when we say United States of Altea-America, we mean North, Central, and South America, the entire Western Hemisphere focus first of all and then the rest of the world. This is why, within this next year, this (Iroquois) Constitution which St. Germain made these guys sign—the REAL one—will be brought up (from the Bruten-Vault) and the whole world is going to be placed inside that Constitution, not just our country.

Very interesting. So Napoleon, at the time when St. Germain was appearing—oh, there’s one lifetime in between there that is very significant. After Merlin and Avalon, Francis Bacon was (also an incarnation of) St. Germain. He was the first-born son of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Queen Elizabeth was said to be an oldmaid, (She was known as the Virgin Queen) that she never married and never bore any children. That’s a lie. The Bauer family back then, which they changed their names in the early 1800’s to Rothschild. (Back then that was the same family). But the Bauer family back then did not want St. Germain to be the next heir to the throne. Of course the Queen did not want to die (be murdered either) and say, “Here’s my baby. (You can) Kill me now too.” So what happened—she would go into retreat often and she had a place in the country-side. She was a very private woman and so when she delivered this baby she passed it onto a neighbor in the countryside who were very good friends of hers and it was the Bacon family—Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bacon. And so St. Germain, (became known) as Francis Bacon. He was named this because he was (actually) raised (reared) by this family. He was also (the) penning author of all the Rosecrucian teachings of that time. He was (also) the author of all the Shakespearian plays of that time, and the Bauer family hired Shakespeare as their front man, you know, to make people believe (it was somebody else). You know when Shakespeare died he didn’t even know how to read even a single book.

Commander: So Shakespeare was Francis Bacon?

Ava: Yes.

Commander: Which was (really) St. Germain.

Ava: And those stories with St. Germain working through Francis Bacon who tried to bring people to their senses say, “Hey look to this Monarchy. There’s really something going on here that is a big problem!” Every single story—Hamlet, Macbeth, is (really) talking about the nepotism, the murder and the mayhem and the lies and pointing (the finger) to the Monarchy, and (to) look where the Whore of Babylon is playing. Look where Lucifer is playing in this world game here. Interesting, huh?

And so again Francis Bacon did literally Ascend in that last lifetime and so his next appearance was as (The Beloved) Ascended Master St. Germain. They called him Compte St. Germain in the courts of Napoleon. He was back again. He would say, “I’m back. Ha, ha, ha! What are you doing?” By this time we had this little help by getting this little child over here, and there were developments going on here. There are questions about the true father of St. Germain (in that lifetime because) Elizabeth played around with (Sir) Walter Raleigh. She also played around with this French guy, basically gay, but she did play around with him for a while. When you saw Elizabeth I, (the movie) I don’t know if you saw the movie, (but) you could see there were some games going on with that Spanish guy, too. She had sex with a lot (of different suitors)—she had five children together, all by different men. I still don’t know for sure who the father of Francis Bacon was. There’s a debate and I haven’t gone all the way with it.

So the Bauer family changed their name to Rothschild. St. Germain handed the dowry of Avalon of Atlantis to the Rothschild family. He–and this is a famous motto of St. Germain–every time he makes an action in any lifetime, he gives over such as the power of the whole dowry of Atlantis to someone. And he gave it to the Rothschild family and he said, “I’m not going to say may God bless you because that’s not the way I act. I am going to say, ‘Here! Now–May you pass every test! You are being given the option here to change this planet into a planet again of Love, Light, Peace and Joy. Go forward and do your mission.” And the rest of the story you probably know.

Commander: Can you hold on a sec?

Ava: Yeah. O.K. St. Germain’s most recent appearance has been through a couple called Mama and Daddy (Guy and Lotus Rae) Ballard, and through a ‘Teaching ’which is called “The I Am” (The I AM PRESENCE) Sanctuary. During and before–

Ari: –World War II–

Ava: World War II, (there) was (a) time that Mama and Daddy Ballard started to get transmissions from St. Germain…

Ari: And all the other Ascended Masters…

Ava: And all the other Ascended Masters, but this was primarily St. Germain’s work, and then the others came through that primary work. Now it is understood that Mama (Lotus Rae) Ballard was George Washington in her other lifetime, and Daddy (Guy) Ballard was Benjamin Franklin. And so Mama and Daddy Ballard were bringing back our forefathers and the whole Hope of the true Constitution being brought back, and that the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were really the only documents on this planet, in terms of a political arena that represented Higher (Universal) law, that actually could bring the universal principals and make them real in this forum on Earth. So that was his purpose, and of course there was great danger and it was foreseen that there would be a war called World War II, so he taught them to do something called (The Violet Flame) Decrees….

Ari: Sound vibrations—they’re monstrous!

Ava: Yes, and “I am the sacred violet fire, I am the purity God desire!” (Repeated over and over again, a 1000 times per day). There are rays of light starting with the electric blue ray, and there are Chohans (Ascended Master Focal Points) and Archangels and Masters on (who hold) each of these Rays that have (Mastered) that specific Ray to bring into the planet. The seventh Ray is the Violet Ray, and that is St. Germain’s Ray (He is the Chohan of the Violet/Gold Ray). It is the Ray of Alchemy. It is also Archangel Zadkiel’s Ray and I don’t know who the Archei (the female counterpart) is—I would have to go and study that.

Ari: Yeah.

Ava: The point is that the Violet Ray is the seventh Ray and it represents the Indigo Violet Rainbow Children of Light coming back home to their TRUE SELVES (we THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT remembering WHO WE ARE) that we were talking about that was in the High Middle Period of Atlantis. We had the Starships (then) we had the whole thing. We were galactically awake. And so here we have this form (The Decrees) of bringing that vibration back in again, and the ‘I Am Teachings’ always are under the auspices of the Violet Ray of St. Germain. So, literally, the work of the people that came into these teachings and spread it and these Decrees are a major, if not THE reason that World War II did NOT succeed for the dark side, even though they confiscated all kinds of money. They did not win the War, obviously, although it became buried in a “cold war.” Right now, it’s really an extension of World War II (all the Wars) that we are wrapping up and not wanting to make it into a World War III. Because of the ‘I Am Teachings’ and the overshadowing of St. Germain we (actually) have won (already).

You know there was a French Trust that Dove was writing about for quite a while, now. The actual Trustee of that French Trust is St. Germain. It is the original Trust that he set up for the Rothschild family as Compte St. Germain where he gave them the dowry of Atlantis.

Ari: And interestingly enough, in this lifetime in my direct family lineage, I am a direct descendent of St. Germain. He is one of my cousins in my family from Transylvania, Romania of Count Rocozey, Vladimir Impaler is a direct descendent of my family.

Ava: Now that’s another lifetime I didn’t cover because that’s one that really makes people go cuckoo, especially Puritans and spiritual people.

Ari: Yeah. They don’t want to hear about Dracula and Vlad, the Impaler.

Ava: But Vladimir, the Impaler was St. Germain’s lifetime where he chose to work on the karma of the darkness and go into it and BE (wear) it.

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: He had been in that lifetime for 500 years that didn’t end, really, until 1979. It went from 1479 to 1979.

Ari: That’s right.

Commander: And he was what entity, again?

Ava: Vladimir, the Impaler. Watch Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula (the Movie) because that’s a true story, because that’s (really) talking about Vladimir, the Impaler.

Ari: That was the best version.

Ava: Yeah.

Ari: With Gary Oldman. He plays Dracula Vlad and—I can’t think of his name. He was in Silence of the Lambs—you know, Dr. Van Helsing.

Ava: Who was the doctor in Dracula?

Commander: Anthony Hopkins?

Ari and Ava: Anthony Hopkins!!

Ari: Yes, Yes.

Ava: What he did in that…

Commander: Can you continue on from the dowry given to the Rothschild’s?

Ava: Yes, O.K. What…

Commander: And put in all this other stuff whenever it fits.

Ava: Okay we’re doing that right now. At the same time that Count St. Germain was appearing and disappearing in Napoleon’s courts and handing over the dowry to the Rothschild’s in a form of a Trust, which is out of France, out of Paris, France–this is the Trust where all of these little Reptilians, every time our White Knights were able to confiscate some more trillions of dollars from their stock-piling wherever they were opening up, all kinds of Trusts like the Kennedy Trust—that was all money that was siphoned out of the Trust of St. Germain for the use of darkness. The Sillsby Trust represents the deal made dirt cheap between the Kennedy family and the Vatican. Any deal you make with the Vatican (also) includes the Queen of England, because there is something just more than just the “head” you see that’s called the Pope and Vatican—there is something called the Black Pope. He’s the Pope behind the Pope. He lives in the Tower of London, in England (known as THE CROWN).

Commander: Yeah, I know about that. It was all revealed in a very large article in The Spectrum newspaper several years ago.

Ari: Oh, my…

Ava: So you know. And you know that the Queen of England has to get permission for every move she makes, and kiss his ring (of the Dark Pope) before she gets anything…and the same thing for the Pope in the Vatican.

Commander: They made him out to be the Head Dark Controller on the planet, but he’s not.

Ava: Exactly. He is really the Anti-Christ in physical form.

Commander: But there are many controllers who are above him, though…

Ava: Yes, and that gets into the realms of (White) Dragons that come from the inner Earth.

Ari: Those are the remnants from Dracos.

Ava: And they’re 25 foot, white-skinned dragons, and our White Knights have had to have help from the Forces to “get them out of Dodge” and, there have been many (beings) programmed, what they call M.I.B’s on the surface that are really just ‘droids’ programmed by these dragons. All told there’re at least 13 million (already) that have had to be permanently removed (from this planet) by the combination of the help between THE FORCES and the Knights Templar White Knights of Faction Three. Faction 1 is the Illuminati. Faction 2 is a split-off. The first is the Rothschild Illuminati, the Bavarian Illuminati combination. The split-off faction 2 is the Rockefeller and Shrub gang (The ‘Rocky and Shrub-winkle show’). You know there is a war going on within the Illuminati where the Rockefellers and the Bush’s hate and fight against the Rothschild’s. They are enemies from within, so they have been fighting for the world’s power and control within themselves (for years). The house is already divided within itself on that note.

The Dragon Controllers have been controlling ‘Shrub Sr.’ and ‘Shrub, Jr.’ ALL of the Presidents (are just puppets controlled by these 25 foot Dark Dragons). As a matter of fact the last President that was even a REAL person (not cloned) was Nixon. Every president since then has (either) been killed in office and (or) cloned, including Ronald Reagan. The CIA killed him, and they had a clone up and running the very next day. It’s a TRIP!!

Ari: –but Bill Clinton, though is real.

Ava: –(yes) is REAL. They did not kill him. They made five clones of him to do things that needed to be done that he didn’t want to do. (laughter) The real Clinton could say, “I did not touch that woman!” (laughter) (figure it out folks!)

Commander: Continuing on there with the Black Pope and his involvement with the NESARA, eventually–

Ava: There was one article that was written by Angel Lady 9999 on February 5 (of 2000), and then she put out a second article on the 6th (of February)–they were working together. The (article on the) 5th it was titled ‘Gilmore and CH’? Now I don’t know if you know who Gilmore is. How far back do you go with these Programs? You are not going to say these names. I am just telling you something.

Commander: Well, I am recording it–

Ava: Yes, you are but…

Commander: I know Gilmore was a program. Yes, know that. I know a lot of other names of other programs.

Ava: Yes, and, I’m just trying to tell you that this was the ‘Mother-Tincture’ (the creator of all the programs) back then when that was going on with that one (named)Gil. O.K., we’ll say Gil (passed) to CH. It was like passing the ball. They made a pact. The S.E.C. made a decision in 1991 not to go public (in the U.S.) with this ‘Tincture- Program’. They decided to keep it quiet for the duration of all these programs and all these people coming in. They passed the ball onto CH. He then opened up his PrO-gram, with the big ‘O’ and Gilmore—it looked like he was THROWN out of the country by the S.E.C., but what they actually did behind the scenes is that they moved him into the European sector where he was working with CH but nobody KNEW it. Behind the scenes he (Gilmore) was helping CH to set up the brokers to go public with these programs in Europe. There were 20,000 brokers in full swing (in Europe) by 1994.

Commander: I am a little confused here on a fill in the blank here between–You were talking about the Black Pope a couple hundred years ago or was that today?

Ava: Oh, the Black Pope is still in existence today.

Commander: I know that. I was trying to get a chronological overview between where you left off-from—…

Ava: O.K.

Commander: From St. Germain handing the dowry over and then from there.

Ava: O.K. Yes. At the same time Count St. Germain was handing over the dowry to the Rothschild’s he was in two places at once. He was also Vladimir the Impaler. I want to explain Vladimir Impaler because it is important. It brings in the Vatican. He decided to take on the role of Vladimir the Impaler, (who was of the House of Dracul of Transylvania) and if you remember he was impaling the turks–he was fighting the Turks!

Ari: The Turkish Moors…

Ava: The Turkish Moors–

Ari: Because they were invading Romania-Transylvania.

Ava: Yes. And that’s where Vladimir the Impaler was born and that is where his castle still is today.

Ari: Yes.

Ava: But in the beginning of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, he really explains it well. His wife, St. Germain’s Twin Flame…

Ari: Mena…

Ava: Mena, who is actually Lady Master Cassiopeia in the form of St. Germain’s Twin Flame, always. (In that lifetime) she was told by the Pope of then (Greek Orthodox Church) that her Twin Flame (Vlad) was murdered, had been killed in a battle and lay dead in the fields. She was living a monastic life. She was living in a convent for protection because the then head of the church was trying to seduce her, anyway this convent was overlooking… what’s that river there—the—?? What’s the river in Transylvania? Anyway, she became so upset when she heard of his death that she threw herself into the river from the cliff and she killed herself. The Vatican wanted to lose the potency of Vladimir on the (battle) field because he was doing a good job. When he came back he found her on the altar of the convent church. What he did then was he cursed the church. (He took upon himself the darkness of the Church in order to transmute it).

Ari: And (he) stabbed the cross and said, “Forever afterward I will drink the blood of the living….”

Ava: –“Of those who are defiling the energy of the feminine!”

Ari: That’s right.

Ava: And he accused the Church (The Greek Orthodox Church as well as the Catholic because they were connected at that time) of doing that number one. He vowed to stay and suck the blood of all those who are using their feminine energy in a misqualified fashion, and he stayed until 1979 and has been doing that (transmuting the darkness of their evil) all along, and it has been completely twisted by some blood drinkers (vampires) as the humans do now. That has nothing to do with it. It’s really a true story and such things have yet to be spiritually understood. He was taking on the karma that was the creation of Vatican (and the Greek Orthodox Church). So he did that simultaneously as the lifetime as Francis Bacon. That’s why the Vatican is connected with our money system, and why the Queen and the Vatican made their deal together that they would be one, and that they would be doing something in unison for world domination and control, and to stop the feminine (keep the feminine under control and in slavery), and to join that which is the first cause which is what Jehovah was doing in the first place. He really wanted to get rid of Mother Sekhmet! He (Jehovah) wanted to get rid of his Mother. Everything comes from the Mother first, so he figured if he got rid of the Mother he would replace that. He wouldn’t have to deal with Lightworkers, he wouldn’t have to deal with any more light getting on the planet. It was a way for him to have ultimate control.

O.K. So, the first Anti-Christ was Napoleon, the second, and the first Anti-Christ when I say that, I mean it was Jehovah in FORM as a soul, and that is what and (who) Napoleon was. The second Jehovah return(ed) of the same soul (of the) Anti-Christ was Hitler. So here’s the bridge you’re asking for. And the Rothschild’s have been the oldest inheritors of the dowry and the Rockefeller’s and the Bush’s are like the new kids on the block. They showed up in the early 1900’s in terms of trying to vie for power. They are the ones that are responsible for coming up with the Federal Reserve Bank law with their three treasonous collaborators (who) in 1913 after hours (on) December 23, 1923, after the Congressmen went home for Christmas, they (these three collaborators) stayed back and signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. They had an agreement already before that which is really what we call the Armageddon Plan. The first statement in that plan—they actually have a document where they said that what they were planning to do was to reduce the human population to under 2% by the year 2000, and they would use the (that) 2% to develop a whole (new) group of programmed human clones that would be at their service and beck and call (as slaves). This is the things they wanted to go and do, (to program out of the human DNA our ability to REMEMBER who we REALLY ARE as children of God/Goddess so they could control us).

This is where the Fatima thing comes in. Bernadette, at Fatima, our Lady of Fatima told Bernadette—it was the three children. Was Bernadette at Fatima? No, Bernadette was at Lourdes (France), and the three children, Lucia, Francesca and Maria, were the three children, (from Spain) and one could see, hear and sense everything that was going on which was Lucia. Francesca could see and hear, but could not sense what was going on. The little one, Maria, could just only see. She didn’t understand the deeper meanings (of what Our Lady was really saying). That’s where this 100th monkey thing comes, too…. “Hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil”. What the message was from Fatima to these children was is that (it was symbolic of what would be happening as the Armageddon battle was coming about), a third of the population would comprehend fully (they would be ‘awake’ to) what is going on, and that’s where it comes (in) where the Ashtar Command can beam up a third of the population of Earth in 15 minutes or less in case of nuclear holocaust. (Note: this is what is called EARTH ASCENSION—one-third of the Earth’s population will ascend with their bodies intact because they will have brought themselves to the 12th dimensional level by holding the frequency of LOVE, fully conscious of the process, and understanding the whole story and REMEMBERING WHO THEY ARE as CHILDREN OF LIGHT) Chapter 319, in the Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak titled ‘God Loves His Children IS-RA-EL’)

Commander: Um-hummmm–

Ava: The second child who couldn’t do all three, (I mean) can only two of those things–they are (represent one-third of the earth’s population) the ones that will be taken to other planets. In other words, they don’t get to stay (and ascend with earth), either, but they don’t deserve to die, but they need to continue to evolve (yet and still in a 3rd dimensional way) so that they can be aware enough to advance at the rate at which this planet is already advancing by itself dictating that. In other words, Planet Earth said, “I’m done with these flies on my back (it is time for the Grand Experiment in Polarity to be finished)! Get them out of here. I’m ready to ascend! Whoever is ready can stay here and go with me, the rest of you—get out of here!” The compliance with that wish is really first and foremost. That’s why what’s happening here is happening, is whether these guys (the dark Reptilians, reptilian hybrids, i.e. the 13 Illuminati families and all their minions) who are in the 11th—they only have 11 strands of DNA. They are forfeiting themselves from the process. They are trying to start World War III and gain control and end all humanity except for those 2% by this point in time, so they don’t have to worry about losing their own power-base by 2012. They cannot go where we can go by 2012 because they do not have 12 strands of DNA unless they come back to LOVE. (And) they have not wanted to. They would just rather destroy us than accept that (come back to the Divine Plan and live in Love).

The third child represented the one (third of the Earth’s population) that was not able to understand or comprehend anything that they were able to see. In other words, they were blocked completely. The ones I just told you (about), the second group, are going to be taken to (other 3rd dimensional) world(s), which will be at their (same) level of development. There are other humanoid life forms at that level of development too, and they will incarnate in (to) these other planets and they will continue to grow until they’re ready for Ascension, and that planet (that they are living on) is ready for its Ascension.

That THIRD group, which is all of these dark Illuminati characters that have just decided to cut themselves off from any possibility of Ascension, they will be taken to another planet in another system, called the Tilla System. The Tilla System is pretty close to here—I don’t remember how many light years….

Ari: Maybe (no more than) one half light year from Earth….

Ava: And there is a planet called Herculobus in that Tilla (Star) System. It is something like 12 times bigger than Jupiter….

Ari: No, it’s 12 times bigger than Earth.

Ava: Earth. O.K. And it is a garden, but what will be there to meet these ones are dinosaurs. It will be like pre-historic…

Ari: Jurassic Park.

Ava: Jurassic Park, and these dinosaurs represent their own creation as they made it, and their (own) thought forms as they made it for Earth. And they will have to live with that, in that garden and they will have to go through another 26,836 year-cycle called the Yuga and have the opportunity to determine the outcome for their selves. In other words, instead of heading towards another nuclear holocaust, they’ve got 26,000 years of (figuring out) how to ascend. So, that is what Fatima’s message was (really all about). I don’t remember the exact timing of that but that was around World War I (when it was given) sometime…when

Ari: 1918, 1917—no?

Ava: Do you know?

Commander: It was before World War II.

Ava: It was after World War I and before World War II. In the 1920’s– maybe.

Commander: Yeah, that’s right.

Ava: You can just punch in and you can see that whole part of the story there.

Have I given you the transfer of the time of Napoleon and the Rothschild’s—and I brought Vladimir in and he stayed all the way through until the present, now.

Commander: Um…mmmmm.

Ava: To literally fight the Vatican and the Monarchy from behind the scenes tooth and nail. Rather than reappearing in a physical form he appeared through Godfre Ray King and Mama and Daddy Ballard who were creating what we call the Green Book, the I Am Discourse Books of the I Am Sanctuary teachings.

Commander: I know about those.

Ava: Yeah. So that’s really the physical presence of St. Germain in our present time, if you will, of the second Anti-Christ—Jehovah—was attempting World War II success, you know. The third Anti-Christ is, for all practical purposes, the Black Pope is holding that (piece right now), but literally there is a child of Sir Lawrence, King Fahad—he’s not a child anymore—but he’s one of the children….

Ari: He’s one of the Princes of Saudi Arabia who’s not a nice guy…

Ava: Well, he’s supposed to be coming back to Love, but he’s prophesied as the Blue Turbaned Prince who will destroy the Temple and Jerusalem and rebuild it again…the second temple. He will be performing miracles just like Jesus did in Jerusalem—although I think that we have created a cut-off to that program.. We have by-passed that story. Literally, King Fahad was on his deathbed several times since Clinton got back into office. We were supposed to get these things in hand by 1996 before Clinton did his second (term in) office. The Illuminati was choosing to have Dole be in office, and if you remember in October that year, it was neck in neck and then Dole got ahead. Then they rethought the whole thing out because Dole just out and out flatly refused to do what they wanted him to do. He’s a good guy, and he just said no and so they opted for Clinton again even though they didn’t want him.

Now the thing of why Clinton was not killed is because—if you saw Raelynn (of the Rumormill) put an article out a number of years ago, but it surfaced again most recently in the last couple of months—in 1996 I was told that Clinton was Faction 2. In 1996 the White Knights popped out of Faction 2. When the Forces joined the White Knights more solidly, they became Faction 3, because Faction 3 is the Knights Templar, the intervention of the Forces WITH the good White Knights in Faction 2, and they formed Faction 3. That is us, included. We are all White Knights. Sometimes Ashtar calls us the Ground Crew or the Eagles, or whatever-the kamikaze- team that’s decided to come and try this one out for size!

Ava: When Clinton was a boy—you should go—maybe Ari can find…

Commander: Well, I know that Clinton’s grandfather is a Rothschild

Ava: No, a Rockefeller. (His father is Laurence Rockerfeller)

Commander: Oh, that’s right.

Ava: Actually, his uncle, too, and he was raised by his uncle. He came over here to that little place in Arkansas because they were plotting and planning in the United States. They wanted to be here to get in control of the United States and take it out of the hands of the Queen and the Rothschild’s, and have THEM (the Rockerfellers) BE the power. That’s why he was picked to be president at this time because the dark had programmed him to win and be the smartest, best liar they (had yet) came up with–

When he was a child, to win the war for them and gain control and have World War III. But unknown to them the Forces and the help of the Ground Crew at the time, helped to re-program him for the Light. It was a counter-program they never found out about. So this boy has been walking the double-edged sword ever since he was a child, and he has been the trump card for the Light as well as the Dark, thinking that he was the trump card for the dark. Interesting, huh?

Commander: Yeah!

Ava: Very interesting. And so it is that Clinton has been through the war, but in 1996-1997, after Clinton got inaugurated again on the 21st of January and gave his speech, the King of Swords told us that this was our ‘point-man’ for the outcome. When we were ready to receive, this man would show back up (appear) in the prime spotlight on television. And that would mean that we had opened the doorway for the approach for the announcement of the NESARA announcement to be made. He showed up for Larry King Live …

Ari: Last week.

Ava: Last week on Monday. And that was his first spot-light return, and of course the first question he was asked—and Dole was sitting right next to him—I was just shocked as he looked a lot older than he ever dreamed he would be—but he still has this place that when he smiles, you can see the youthfulness, but you can see the age and he’s been through it—but he was asked—“What are we going to do with this guy, this little ‘Shrub-a-leany’? He’s here and he thinks he has full control as a single person holding the single most powerful seat of power (in the world), and he can decide whether we are going to have a world war, and these days and ages, and what do you have to say about this?” He is so smooth. He just says, “Well, you know it’s unconstitutional and he just better get with the program because—and Congress better get with the program. Their silence is deafening. It is unacceptable that the Representatives of ’We the People’ let him sit here and let him spout off what he’s going to do, and do nothing.” And he says, “I hold Congress accountable. I hold ‘We the People’ accountable to see to it that the will of the people be honored and that it be honored in the form of their Representatives, and if not, we had better get rid of them, and better get something else in its place.” You can actually get a transcript at

Ari: CNN.

Ava: He’s been showing up on a whole bunch of shows, like the Donahue Show, and then he was on one of those night shows…not Saturday Night Live, but something…

Ari: –Late Night With Conan O’Brian, maybe?

Ava: I don’t know. What they are doing is getting the people ready to listen and start paying attention to what’s on his mind because as far as I know he is our Presidential Designate.

Commander: Clinton?

Ava: Yeah. And that Tom Daschle is our Vice Presidential Designate. So that’s who’s going to replace Shrubby and V.P. It is a good possibility that Andrew Cuomo is going to really run when we have new elections for president. Do you know who he is?

Commander: Just from the Jennifer Reports.

Ava: Andrew Cuomo is some son of Mario Cuomo. You know who Mario Cuomo is?

Commander: Yes.

Ava: Cuomo, or something like that.

Commander: How do you spell it?

Ava: C-u-o-m-o. Former Governor of New York State and most loved of a political person in the world for his forthrightness and his honesty. The key point about Andrew Cuomo is that he was nine years old when his father was running and he wrote ALL of his father’s speeches when he was nine years old. They got him into that position. And he has been running for governor right now. He was in charge of his dad’s whole campaign when he was nine years old. He’s one of us…a Starseed that was awakened very early on and he was running for governor—I don’t remember what his opposition was, but I know that Hillary Clinton was supporting the opposition. They had a clip on the Phil Donahue Show while Andrew was in the studio, of Hillary supporting and walking during a rainy demonstration side by side with Andrew’s opposition. They also showed Andrew shaking hands and talking with President Clinton on the other side of the story as he resigned from the race. After they showed those two clips, then Phil Donahue asked Andrew in the studio, why are you both so happy about you resigning from the race, and why are you shaking hands over this? Are you afraid of following in your father’s footsteps? Are you afraid of his image, and all that?” And he said, “That has nothing to do with it”. (We were approaching (the) 9-11(anniversary). This was just before 9-11—not long before 9-11.) “I am stepping down from any political distraction. I believe this is the right thing for me to do, or for anyone to do who would be approaching getting answers on the anniversary of 9-11 that haven’t been answered, especially what really happened there.” And he left the door wide open for what was wrong with the White House and the Cabinet.

So you see now, how they are using Clinton as our ‘point-man’, and so since that Monday, (we) have been in the open corridor for the approach of the NESARA announcement, and we are on countdown.

(This portion of tape is light conversation between Commander, Ari and Ava and LMMS concerning when the next conversation should be held. Continuing….)

Commander: The big joke that Hollywood’s playing is that they are putting out all these “Science Fiction” movies when they are really science FACT.

Ava: I know.

Ari: Exactly. Long ago, back in the 70’s, Jamie Sams, who is the originator of the Medicine Cards, and George Lucas came to her and had a channeling, and Princess Leah came through Jamie Sams and told him the story…

LMMS: Of Star Wars.

Ari: Star Wars. And he put it together and created the Star Wars Trilogy.

LMMS: And the Star Wars Trilogy is the story of Lucifer, Luciafera and Jehovah and Lilith–

Ari: And it’s the story we’ve been telling you today.

Commander: Mmm mmmmm!

Ari: I mean the piece of the story of Star Wars is the Orion War. I was there. I confronted Jehovah. I got captured and got turned into a Borg, to give it a good analogy. The Forces of Light recaptured me, and they deprogrammed me and removed my Borg implants and I became one of the Light (Beings) again.

LMMS: And I was also in the Orion Wars. I confronted Jehovah, and he fired the energy right back at me and I exploded and went Super Nova in a quadrillion pieces. Lord Metatron had to put me back together. It took about 26,000 years to get all my pieces that were scattered all over the universe and put my soul matrix back together, so I am one who has on soul-level, direct experience.

Ari: Yeah!

LMMS: What those souls went through when they were killed in the Nibiru when the 25 sun systems soul matrixes….

Ava: That’s another whole story because in Atlantis, you know the Green Vegetables we’re trying to legalize marijuana (these days), but that was created by some of us in the Atlantean history to help us to….

LMMS: Awaken.

Ava: Overcome, for heaven’s sake, all the misqualified energy up until that point.

LMMS: Yes, it holds 144 frequencies of light….

Ava: 144,000!

LMMS: Frequency awakening, and so…

Commander: What does?

Ava: Marijuana

Ari: Green stuff.

Ava: Sacred Sacraments? NO, literally, scientifically, it holds 144,000 frequencies of light. Have you ever heard of the 144,000?

Commander: Yeah. But I thought that was more like a Remnant or something.

Ava: What’s that?

Commander: I thought that was like the number of Lightbeings here on this planet.

Ava: No, it’s a frequency they are talking about. It’s (the) Ascension Frequency. One hundred and forty four thousand beings, not necessarily, but that enough human beings reach a conscious state of awareness where they hold 144,000 points of light consciousness in their being. And that would be the point where we reach the critical mass for the Earth and the human family to ascend all the way.

LMMS: And so that little green vegetable is a trigger…

Ava: An assistance to help us remember that.

LMMS: A trigger to help that action begin.

Ava: And bring us back.

LMMS: And so in the 60’s when we had the Age of Awakening, that’s how that began. And that’s how the Children of Light began to awaken. What unfortunately has happened is that it has been genetically altered and much of what is out on the street has other derivatives, and it is now created to put people to sleep. But that’s a whole other story.

Ava: Oh, they’ve done all kinds of things. They actually got people going on that and then they made it illegal, so they could throw all the Lightworkers in prison for a “joint” here and there and it is such a mess.

Ari: A whole other story, Commander.

Commander: So when do we all get our Galactic memory back?

Ari: I would say that is happening as we speak, but…

LMMS: It comes in pieces, actually.

Ari: Yeah.

LMMS: There’s something called the Light Packets. (see The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak) Every child of Light, as he begins the Ascension process which everybody has begun now, begins to receive on soul level this high-pitched frequency sound that is created from the Light Beings that are coming in to help. Everybody gets assigned a group of Ascension Angels. As they begin to consciously desire to have more light and to ‘remember who they are’, it has to be a conscious choice. There’s a high-pitched sound that starts to come. Everybody hears it. It will go on for quite a few years and every time this happens—and you can read about this, actually, in The Keys of Enoch. J.J. Hurtak talks about it. The Light Packets are geometric forms of light that literally go in through the hearing apparatus. They are frequencies, and it downloads into the body, the bio-computer, and it begins the process of remembering, RE-remembering. And all of our physical cells in our physical body actually are just packed with memory—the soul memory of who we are. Any kind of bodywork (like Massage Therapy, Bio-Energetics, Polarity Therapy etc.) any kind of receivership of New Age healing can trigger that process of remembering who we really are. That’s why all of the healers have come into existence, really, since the 60’s. It all started then with bodywork and healing and all kinds of alternative ways—acupuncture—all of that triggers the Ascension Process. And it helps you remember and it’s a process of re-dreaming (re-deeming as in re-deeming oneself). Oh, you just have ‘a knowing’ that comes over you. “Oh, I remember that.” It’s like a deja vous.

Ava: As a matter of fact, all of us never lose all of this wisdom and knowledge. It’s sometimes referred to as the body-gnosis. G-n-o-s-i–s.

LMMS: It’s in our own brain-mind function.

Ava: Even in retarded children, it’s uncovering the layers that have accumulated over lifetimes and over eons that have caused us to forget. It’s not like we have to go find it. It’s still there…

LMMS: Like a brain-fog.

Ava: It actually is the true mechanism of this body of the Gnosis—it’s through the heart. It’s when we open the heart that the memory codes and the layers are peeled off and we fully embrace the original cause of who we were meant to be.

Commander: Taking the Drias helps, too, right?

Ava: Taking what?

Commander: You know about the Drias?

Ari: Drias. What’s that?

Commander: D-r-i-a-s.

Ari: No, what’s that?

Commander: Have you heard of Gaia products?

Ava: No.

Commander: Contact newspaper…Do you know about the Contact newspaper of what it used to be in the early ‘90’s or mid-‘90’s?

Ava: I remember, but I still don’t remember reading about that.

Commander: Well, the Gaia products were, as far as I know….

Ava: Oh, Gaia! G A I A!

Commander: Yeah.

Ava: O.K. Tell me about them. Maybe I will remember.

Commander: They were holistic products and at the heart of them were the Drias. Those were living organisms brought from Higher Dimensions. They were microscopic organisms and you culture them in distilled water with corn syrup and Aloe Vera Gel. But as I understand, those living organisms are 12 strand based organisms, and when you….

Ari: Oh, my!

Commander: When you drink them….

Ava: Oh, this sounds a lot like Dr. Merkle’s substance.

Ari: The life crystals.

Ava: You know about that?

Commander: No.

Ava: Dr. Merkle is living in Mexico right now because the government has tried to kill him many times. He discovered living organisms…

LMMS: Crystalline organisms that are smaller than you can see with the most intense microscope that we have. They are in another dimension–

Ari: Electron microscope.

Ava: (called) Nannites.

LMMS: Yes…they live in all matter and they live in the blood, and they just have to be reactivated and….

Ava: They completely reconstruct our 12 strands (of DNA) from within if we consume them.

Ari: And…

Ava: They have little laboratories right within. You can see these ‘Nannites’running around in their own laboratories in every organ that they show up in, and they rebuild the tissues, the bones, the blood, and the DNA.

Ari: And they are geometric shape like the Star of David, the (star) tetrahedron—.

Ava: This can go in so many directions…

Commander: Our group here cultures the Drias.

Ari: O, cool!

Commander: So we have quite a collection of them. I can give you some information that was printed in the older Contacts. Ari: Yes. Send it to us.

Commander: This is stuff that Commander Hatonn has brought down.

Ari: Oh! Hatonn! Yeah!

Commander: And, from what I know of his origins is the Pleiadeans.

Ari: Right. That is more of the information that’s out there that people know about. The information that we shared with you is less known—you know—about how the Ashtar Command came from the Trantor Sector of the Veela Constellation.

Ava: In other words like I explained before that–That’s further out in space. You want to come into the Galactic origin, then the Pleiades would be closer in our time-space continuum. It doesn’t mean they are not from back there, it means that that’s another realm–

Commander: Another realm…

Ava: Another Realm beyond one that’s here.

Ari: Have you ever read any of Tuella’s Books? Remember Tuella?

Commander: No. All the information that I know was gotten from is the Phoenix Journals.

Ari and Ava: Oh!


Ari: See, there were these channels back in the 60’s and 70’s named Sister Thedra and Tuella and Tueta. George Van Tassel was one of them. He invented the Integratron (a machine that raised your frequency to the 12th dimension), which is in the Joshua Tree National Monument in California. They used to meet at a place called Giant Rock where there were all kinds of UFO conventions. These were some of the people I started “hanging with” back in the 60’s where I got a lot of the information besides myself getting it. We would just share and compare stories and channel for each other as well as have direct experience with the Space Commanders and the Ascended Masters coming through and talking to us on ham radios and all other kinds of technologies.

Commander: Um…mmmmm.

Ari: Brad Steiger has re-published a lot of Tuella’s books through Inner Light Publications.

Commander: I have heard of that publication.

Ari: Right. He has taken a lot of Tuella stuff and put it out there.

I’ve got to go.

Ava: But we love you very much…and let’s see what we can do with Mother.


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