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2020 Corridor Of Transformation

By on December 29, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments


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by Morag,
Contributing writer,

2020 Corridor Of Transformation

We are moving through an incredibly powerful portal of Light friends. We are making decisions. We are dreamweaving, even if we don’t know it.


Our internal vibration is setting the tone for the coming year and the coming year is setting timelines for a whole big space within Gaia’s ascension field. We are being urged by guides, higher self, angels and ascended beings to STAY POSTIVE. We do what makes us feel good.

We consciously raise our vibrations, beautiful people. We drag ourselves out the swamp. We dig our heels into our awakening. We refuse to lower our frequency. We resist all negativity, external and internal.

Twin flame frequencies flood the material pane. We are swimming in shimmering seas of source transcendence. We can operate as 5d beings in the matrix. Its happened. We’ve done it. All that needed to be accomplished in 2019 was nailed.

Warriors, travelers, lightworkers, healers, teachers, shaman, volunteers, we did it. We got to Base Camp. Tents set up, fire burning, sunrise and sunset spectacular, Lemurian light has penetrated the biodome. Sacred ritual, divine feminine riiiiissssiing, divine masculine healing. Shambhala made possible by unbelievable levels of work and commitment from all who agreed to this mission. The angels rejoice, the world is transforming, we are the reason. Cosmic intervention can be harnessed and manipulated, the core direction is set by the heart beat of humanity. We infiltrated the infiltrators. And we raised the base frequency friends, we raaiiiiiisssed the vibbbrrraaatiiiiiooons to 5d LOVE .

Most of 2019 was labor. The contractions were triggered in January 2019 by supermoon mania. And we began working. Healing. We cleared ancestral trauma, curses, encrypted coding for soul siphoning lockdown. We cleared ghosts, ghouls and demons. We cleared karma, cosmic surfers, on a massive scale, within and without, micro to macro. We pushed. We worked.

March 2019 twin flame frequencies landed, we received the boost we needed to prepare for rebirth. Dreamweaving mid year in trippy dances of golden light, witnessing depths of astral, matrix darkness. Rebirth in August to October 2019, we broke through final membranes. We quantum leapt.


All who have been touched by our cosmic signature frequency were affected, the ripples spread far and wide. We learned  abundance is a beat, a dance, a rhythm, a vibration. Money tree likes to be planted, her seeds like to grow, not hoarded, held tight, jealously guarded, secreted away. Money likes to grow, she wants to be planted and nurtured. Downloads came through, upgrades updates, expaaannnssiiion. Moon hut raves, tribal gatherings, warrior constructs, all kinds of shenanigans on the astral. Celebration of oneness in basement raves, nature rituals, self care became self love and lit cacao ceremonies became the underground way to play. We rooooosssse beautiful people.

999 Karma was the frequency of 2019. Our spiritual growth was defined in 2019. Three 333 quantum 1111 leap portals, gateways to jump, surrender to our divinity. Triggering mass awakening to lies, deceit and illusion on the material plane. Cosmic light wave pressure was piled on matrix super structures trying to withstand the onslaught of 222 333 444 and 1111 bandwidths. The Light matrix was woven into the mainframe at lightning speed.

We transitioned further into the fourth realm, we ascend as a collective, leveling up with the passing of each quantum portal. Skillsets downloaded, the world changed shape, color, transcendent light with black shadows flooded the earth plane. Dark portal activation sought to Bring. Us. Down. Didn’t work, we’ve been here too many times, too often, to think it would be easy. We know it Emperors and Empresses. We know we are here for the long haul. Anchoring, grounding into our dreams is the space we are in. In the fourth realm we live our karma, create our futures. BE present in our own skin, igniting elemental transformation of mind body soul healing.

The fourth realm is Creator space, where we awaken to our inherent abilities as source created manifestors. We are responsible for our energy. In dark times we adopt stealth mode, walk the fine line between lighting a path and covering our tracks. We went deep, low, dark, we saw the spider and it’s soldiers.

Dark timelines are being engineered in the fractured hearts and minds of people unable to think for themselves. Soul brothers and sistars we must step up to the immense challenge of resisting all low density thinking. The dark matrix manifestation machine is in full swing, normalizing sexualization of children, objectification of women, zombies and demons. A poisonous potion, a synthesized fusion of timelines to birth chaos.

The emerging dark matrix is fusion of the old 1984 Nazi MK Ultra programing, 21st century digitalized viral coding and zombie apocalypse brainwashing. Dark imagery sown, seeds of deviance, devils play and demonic servitude are embedded in our sensory field.

Our energetic vibration, our closed or open minds and our heart beats ARE the ingredients for future timelines. We are co-creating all the time. We are manifesting throughout this gateway. Cosmic alignment eclipses, moontime, planets and stars open gateways, we choose to walk through them. We free our minds to create the new earth. We stay positeeeeeve.

Three ways to ANCHOR positivity into our lives

Be prepared. We can track, channel into and harness energetic frequencies to enable us to take action. We have been conditioned to operate within a linear timeline. Chuck it out the window friends! Work with the moon, she’s a beautiful place to start. New moons are the births, the beginnings, the seeding of dreams. Full moons are when we release all that holds us back. We can align to energy to help us navigate our spiritual awakening in the ascension field.

Work out where our energy goes and how it is used. Create a pie chart, in your head or on paper. Write in the middle My Energy. Sit back and think. “Who do we give our energy to?” Family, work, friends, pets, people, places, hobbies? Which slices receive energy back? Everything we feel happy with, balance and well being, we can color green for go, for heart, for positivity. We receive energy back, we are nourished by the spaces, people and things we give these slices of our precious energy to.

Next, look at the slices where we don’t see energy coming back to us. Where we don’t see our energy being positivity reciprocated. These are the areas of our lives requiring our attention, if we are to maintain high vibrations throughout this very wild, cosmic time. Are there places or people or products that actively siphon our energy? Take it and return nothing? Color these grey or black depending on how we see the energy exchange. Black would represent a toxic relationship, a dark portal, a cursed cord, a matrix plug, we are vacuumed, drained, used, wrung out, stretched too thin, unappreciated, abused or hurt.

Detachment vibrations can be achieved when we zoom out. Observing, taking time to respond, practicing calm inner frequencies. Revelations, epiphanies and insight follow. Downloads from our higher self and guides flood in as soon as we open the doors by detaching. Spiritual enlightenment is the core processor of this upgrade. Detachment releases us from chains of mind control and brainwashing. We step out of tiny boxes of pressure, stress and expectation and take a long, hard look at our lives. Stay focused on the here and now, the Eclipse Corridor of transformation and transition 2019-2020 we are travelling through. We focus on maximizing positive frequencies and minimizing negative vibratory fields.

The main-stream media is in hyperdrive with intensive mind control brainwashing. Stay away from it, friends. Even the toughest light warrior cannot be foolproof to the subliminal energy wizardry going on through the digital and physical world. 5g networks of dark matrix algorithms are in place, the dark matrix had been successfully woven into the homes, hearts and minds of many people in the ascension gateway. We cannot dismantle it, we can only break it’s hold on us by raising our vibration beyond its operational wavelengths.

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Limiting exposure is an easy way to avoid the work involved in deprogramming ourselves. We can apply our energy pie chart to technology. Be specific with the details. What do I get in return for the time, energy, focus I give the ‘News’, Twitter, TV, cyber surfing…. Reflect, what do I receive back? Does my mind expand? Does my heart feel connected, lighter? Does my body respond well to this activity, do I feel good about myself?

The matrix does not want us breathing fresh air, stretching, laughing, exchanging ideas, stimulating each other in talk, thought and action. The matrix wants us inert, comatose, dumbed down consumers, stupefied into submission and acquiescent servitude. The machine has a myriad of woven ways to achieve this. We educate ourselves. We use the internet as a communication tool for Expansion, we filter, censor out conditioning by being street wise, vigilant, woke.

We are in the fourth realm, we ditched the density of 3d matrix, sooooo last millennia, when we broke through the final 5d membrane in October 2019, we made it to Base Camp.

There are three ways to raise our vibrations and manifest positive, peaceful, lit timelines during this profound Corridor of Transformation.

The first be prepared, second be ruthless with our time and energy, keep our physical, head and heart spaces as light and love filled, stress free, matrix free, as possible.

The third is a whole other space beautiful people. The third ingredient we require to brew our magical potion of timeline dreamweaving is MAGIC. We surrender to, embrace, look out for, celebrate and create magic. Magic speaks to us in synchronicity, numbers, animals, insects, birds, nature, digital visuals, timings, visions, dreamstate and from the mouths of babes. Magic becomes integral in the fabric of our lives When. We. Let. It. In.

For some, the magic comes in the form of redemption, forgiveness, holy, angelic, compassionate love. For others, it can be triggered by injury or illness forcing us off our determined hamster wheel, memory loop cycles, cosmic coding activating lightbody expansion.

A smaller number were gifted with spirituality from their families, ancestors, elders, cultural heritage. Some of us have had to find source sanctuary the hard way, others have been birthed in light and know no other way. No matter how we got there, now is the time to STAY there.

Break expected patterns of behavior to accommodate our spirituality. Push against judgment. Learn to say no. Learn to say I will think about it. Learn to say let me see, I will get back to you. Learn to communicate truth from heart spaces by observing our lives from spaces of detachment and divine alignment. We can lean into all these incredible energies.

Rest. Reflect, downloads from higher self and guides cannot come through unless we create space for them.

Meditation is the key to unlock psychic senses. We quiet the world round us, turn down the volume on static, unnecessary noise, we seek spiritualised spaces.

We can use music loaded with access codes for the fifth dimension, those lit musicians knew what they were doing.

We can use scent and sound to raise our vibrations to realms where we can be telepathic, we can communicate with our people across the veils.

We can dance in the dark, friends.

We can make our hearts beat a little bit faster with joy, laughter and love. Each thought has resonance, each action has consequence, each heartbeat keeps us breathing in this lifetime.

Three fast fail safe ways to raise your vibration instantly

1. Breathe, long, slow, deep.

2. Smile – yep, it really works.

3. Look for Magic.

More energy updates, meditations and starseed tarot channelings from 5dhealing as we transition in Gaia’s ascension field. When the darkness gets us down, know we have a mission. This isn’t a normal lifetime, things aren’t usually this mental. Trust Self by refining intuition through meditation, detachment, observation and quiet reflection. Raise the vibes in dance and laughter. We release by detaching and observing where our energy goes and how we replenish it. We expand by nourishing, stoking our fires, igniting our passions, doing more of what we love. Mind body soul trinity well-being combined with decisive karmic clearing and focused, hyper aware, conscious dreamweaving.

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Stay centered, core ready, block as much as you can that brings us down over these coming weeks, and maximize the good stuff. We are responsible for our own awakening, our ascension. We can give into zombie timelines of fear or we can say nah, you’re alright mate, I’ll be over here living my life like it’s golden. It’s all to play for. Put up a firewall of light around you cosmic surfers, burn all of darkness that comes too close.

Stay strong, empowered and know we are all visionaries, we are all healers, we are all creators.

In light and love beautiful people.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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