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Surprising Cosmic Calendar March 2020

By on March 3, 2020 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Cosmic Calendar March 2020

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by Morag,
Contributing writer,

Cosmic Calendar

2020 carries cosmic core frequencies of 222 source crystalline codes and 669 dark matrix activation. The Aurora Ascension wave will run her course through four consecutive supermoons, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Scorpio, January to May. Aurora Ascension vibratory field holds blueprints for elemental transformation. The Aurora Wave magnetizes in Equinox of March 2020. Rebirth energies flowing into Solstice on June 22nd bringing Mass Awakening Shift tidal waves. A trinity of lunar and solar eclipses in June/July 2020 will anchor new earth blueprints into the collective consciousness.


For now, sacred celestial geometry ignites the second phase of 2020 Upgrades in cosmic fluidity. We stay in mindful present, manifesting our magical futures.

March 2020 is about Positioning. Composition. How are we utilizing ascension wave downloads to manifest joy? How are we harnessing ascension wave frequencies to embody our truth. How are magnetizing happiness into our lives? How do we make our lives happen? 1111 Shift Gateways open, we position ourselves for levelling up. March is about where we are going.

We can look back at where we have been, draw conclusions, select what we want more of in our lives. We are writing our own narrative when we disconnect from the systems narratives for us. We create a blurb, an introduction, a bio, chapters, maybe illustrations, purpose, plot, drive, passion, to anchor our dreams and manifest timelines of our highest path.

Inertia is allowing, surrendering to, the machine to make our choices for us. Where we live, who we live with, what we do, how we spend our free time… all of this the matrix will dictate if we allow it. From birth we are plugged into conditioning, limiting our natural flair, creativity and charisma, the system doesn’t want thinkers, it wants slaves. It makes sure it holds onto us at each stage of our synthetically accelerated life experience. We can break the chains at any stage. We have free will. We have sovereignty.

Self care is anarchy in the matrix. Self love is all out warfare in a machine that thrives on us feeling insecure, inferior and isolated. Current algorithms glamorizing suicide, normalizing moments of lonely desperation, expose just how ruthless the matrix is.

The dark night of the soul can be faced without taking such drastic measures. We reach out to others. We are not lone warriors, we are tribal, we look to our elders, our peers, our youngers for support, inspiration and expansion. The matrix wants us locked into little hamster wheels, running like crazy, chasing our tails, trying to go faster than the mouse in the next wheel.


When we fall off we are made to feel useless, like failures unable to hack it in the rat race of the modern world. Falling off means we are going too fast or need to take more care, it doesn’t mean we are failures, it means the system is not meeting our needs. Self care turns the system on its head, glitches the matrix, breaks the machine, we take back care of Self. We drop into heart, expand into boundaries and protection and embody our authenticity to completely sever influence form the machine.

The coming Virgo Supermoon is about details, biorhythms, cellular vibration and manifestation. We are riding high tides of love frequencies in 222 twin flame source fields of light. Virgo Supermoon is asking us to check the small print in our lives, the details of our dreamweaving. Nothing is left hidden, our deepest hearts desires are being drawn out of us in ascension vibrations. We can lean into this and aid the process in meditation, visualization, communication and journaling. We refine our ideas by letting them flow over us and through us, by seeing ourselves in those spaces, living our choices. We are the gamers, the players, we control our avatars. We can redirect or realign to whatever path we choose.

Virgo energy can tip us overboard from critical thinking to overthinking. Procrastination can lead to cosmic stagnation. We can get stuck in the logistics, magnetize problems instead of solutions, when we get too much in our head. The logistics are not the core of our path choices, the big picture is our direction, when we align the smaller logistical stuff gets taken care of in divine magnificent flow. The trick in harnessing Supermoon Virgo energies is avoiding over thinking, getting mired in swampy fear generated detail, instead focusing intention on the specifics of happiness, joy and laughter.

Delving into Self to discover the fine threads of our Loom of Love. Which coloured threads are we using, how are we sowing, are we going against the grain or flowing with it?

We can get all our answers, all our strength from our core, our gut. Eating yellow fruits and vegetables will help power up solar plexus connectivity to throat and third eye chakras. Amethyst, Aventurine and Labradorite hold encrypted vibrations of vision, intuition and protection, good stones for March 2020. Chakra alignment is the holy grail of ascension. Stay calm and centered in focused intention, who am I in 2020, where am I going and how am I getting there? The rest will take care of itself.

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March Positioning energies will culminate in Aries new moon’s, 24.03, vibratory fields of growth and new beginnings. We cultivate Aries energies by inhabiting spaces where we feel supported, loved, cherished and valued. If we don’t have those spaces in our world, we retreat into solitude and give ourselves the love, support and guidance we need. Turn down the volume of the matrix, clear static by calming the soul.

We find our guides, our higher self and our angels when we go inwards. We stop thinking so much about external matters and seek comfort and expansion in self knowledge. We find all we seek when we face the fear of looking at Self. We release shame, guilt and envy from our psyches, our hearts, our lives. Replacing toxic energies with positivity, creativity and divine connectivity.

March is a consolidation month, a space for Positioning ourselves for the coming months of intensive transmutation, rebirth. We harness Equinox Rebirth energies when we focus on self, on what makes us happy. We strip away all fear generated by outside sources, if we cant verify it, it probably isn’t happening. Switch off the matrix and tune into love vibrations. Composition of our lives, what’s going in the frame, what’s being left outside? We are positioning ourselves for 1111 lift off, all kinds of celestial shenanigans.

We are processing 2020 upgrades, skillsets for healing, warrior activation and expansion of consciousness. It’s up to us if we let the swamp drown us in March or if we continue to reach for the stars, believe in our own divinity and the divinity of the human race. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves, magical, infinite, magnetized light.

The darkness is manufactured, we can dissolve it if we choose. It’s a process, a journey, a commitment to make life more than when were told it is. We can be meat in factories, being shaped for purpose, or we can make our passion our purpose and create our own narrative, our own story. Stealth mode free radicalism is the game in play cosmic surfers. Embrace March downloads, process January 2020 upgrades and dreamweave the new earth.

We are co creators, dreamweavers, builders of the new earth. Delete fear, ditch hate, detach from what others think of us. 2019 was the tsunami, 2020 is the rebirth. We recycle, clear clutter, burn blocks and sow seeds. We rearrange the furniture of our lives to make it happen. We tune into guides and higher self in surrender to our instinct, our heart and our third eye. We stick steadfast to self care and we aim for the stars. In light and love beautiful people.

In light and love beautiful people.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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