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Current Cosmic Energy Report – 5-5 Crystalline Portal is WIDE OPEN

By on May 5, 2019 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments

Current Cosmic Energy Report - 5-5 Crystalline Portal is WIDE OPEN

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Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess,
Contributing Writer,

Current Cosmic Energy Report – 5-5 Crystalline Portal is WIDE OPEN

Releasing and then Quantum Jumping- Rainbow Energies and Frogs too!


Two days ago we could feel the rainbow energies flooding in and we know that when we feel that we simply “know” that a rainbow is going to appear in our reality, and it did, just not in the way that we had thought. This is how it works.

Magic works in mysterious ways and as we open up even more, open our heart even more, we will see signs and magic everywhere we go. Beautiful experiences will present to us when our heart is WIDE open. The rainbow that showed up around the sun, emanating from the sun. It was so beautiful and was accompanied by wispy new earth clouds too.

My gratitude and appreciation brought more awesomeness to be in awe of as I felt the heavy energies of the previous days suddenly lift and all felt aligned again as our grids had been charged by the electromagnetic upgrades from the previous days. We simply shifted to easy once more. Separation energies gone. The more we “tune in” the easier it is to feel these shifts and the energetic waves with ease and grace.

Earlier in the week, I had an experience that brought up an old pattern/program that I thought that I was done with, yet here it was presenting again for another look see. I had went to bed with this situation on my mind, feeling as if I was giving in once again. In the morning, I woke up to head pain as new neural pathways and cranial expansion were underway. This created all new quantum realizations for me and probably for you, too. I realized, once again, that I had to say “No” yet again, for if I didn’t, then I was going play out this dualistic loop pattern again and again, until I was finally done.

I thought that I was done before, yet here it was again in my reality. I am finally done as I said “Nope, no more” ending this program once and for all. Think back to earlier in the week and what realizations have unfolded for you. Are you finally ready to release that old program/pattern? I KNOW that I am.

The rainbow energies showed me/us that we have transcended beyond the veils of limitations, beliefs of less than, and have shifted back into the fifth dimension after this huge realization/shift/release. This one was BIG.


There were tears and feeling that “I didn’t want to be here anymore” amongst all of this unconsciousness. I was soooooooo done… I wanted to “go home”. Tired of all this nonsense. So as my new realizations started flooding in I dealt with the situation, and in my way told the universe “that’s it for me, I’m not falling into this trap again/anymore. Enough with the tests/lessons around this situation, I get it and I’m DONE. That’s it for me.

As we ascend these releases get faster and easier. This one only lasted a short time and then ‘poof’ it was over. This was a biggie that in the old days would have taken days, weeks, months and even years to transcend, yet this one transcended in about an hour.

The very welcome rainbow energy was a gift, a reminder, from our universe(which is us) that we had shifted back up.

Later that evening our universe brought us another sign. A tree frog “appeared” on our window and as we went outside, saw that there were three more, signifying HUGE QUANTUM LEAPS had/are occurring. They stayed on our window for quite some time and we had not seen them before and we have been here for almost a month.

The next day, which was yesterday, we were given yet more signs as we felt /saw a huge portal open up (5-5 gateway) and knew that we are entering another realm/phase of this amazing journey of our existence. Such beauty and signs are everywhere when we open up and look for them.

Last night yet another sign as our quantum jumper appeared again on our window, just after we were gifted with spectacular pink clouds and grids appearing overhead. The more we observed them the brighter, more exquisite they became, once again showing us that as we become the observer, we create.

We are quantum jumping/shifting this week big time! Look at your experiences that have transpired this week and see what you find. If you haven’t noticed any signs, then open up and become an energy detective, look for the signs in your daily interactions with absolutely everything/your universe.

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Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess Author of: Divine Warrior Goddess “Step Into Your Power” available through and her website.

About the author: Kim is a WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper, Ascended Master of the NEW EARTH. She has studied, practiced and taught spirituality/metaphysics for twenty years and served as a co-founder and ordained minister of a spiritual church for many years. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity. Kim no longer “channels” as she once did as we integrate all of our aspects, we merge those aspects within as all of the universe is held within. She offers private sessions by phone, Facebook Messenger and Zoom.

Dubbed as the Divine Warrior Goddess by her guides in 2016 because she intuitively gets to the heart of the matter not only in herself but with her clients to get in there and identify the root cause of their pain and suffering (programs yet to be released) so that this energy can be faced, healed and then finally released once and for all.

This will also in turn, heal issues from past-lives (there is no separation of time, yet we use these words here) as well and will affect all timelines of the individual in a very positive and profound way. She takes much joy and delight to see her clients on their journey to wholeness as they ignite their self mastery.

Kim also teaches/guides online courses to assist her clients move forward on their souls journey in this human incarnation as she guides and assists them in too many ways to list here. Book: Divine Warrior Goddess “Step Into Your Power”, Journey to Wholeness ~ Ignite Your Self Mastery available on Author signed books are available on my website along with my other products to activate and raise vibration/frequency for all. -crystals, andaras, activations, sessions, and channeled sacred oil blends (all natural essential oils) handmade by me.

Fine Art America: Crystalline Light Encoded Art by Kim Semetis (Crystalline Digital Activation Art) available in prints, pillows, blankets, coffee mugs, cards and much, much more.

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