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Why Are There Cryogenic Bodies Underground?

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Why Are There Cryogenic Bodies Underground?

by Pioneer One,
Contributing writer,

Why Are There Cryogenic Bodies Underground?

The reason for the cryogenic bodies below ground is to separate the conscious self from the flesh, leaving an empty vessel below. They then proceed to keep US “awake” up here in this matrix-bound reality.

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Why? To harvest the consciousness into their collective.

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Meanwhile, the cryogenic bodies below would later be thawed and then possessed by them. A literal theft of life. They do not comprehend life AT ALL. They do not understand that they prevented themselves from returning to Source to recharge before choosing a new life because of these behaviors.

To walk into the dark is to walk away from Source, thus life. Don’t ask how I know.

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These cryogenic bodies are clones. They don’t live as long. Used to live for nearly a thousand years.

So, what’s happening here is that the sun, aka Source, consciously chose to wake the cryogenic bodies beneath the ground, so the spirit self above awakens and walks into a clone body.

Why? To prevent something horrid. Not to mention to escape the cryogenic bodies beneath ground that will be destroyed by the sun.

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It’s like baking the permafrost, explodes them and exposes them to the sun. No more.

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Source is a collective consciousness ALL its own. The Creators of this universe pooled their knowledge together for a greater cause…US. They are OUR God Selves. The ELDERS were seeking truth. There they have it.

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In5D Addendum

The cryogenic bodies underground are not mere physical bodies, but rather a method used by an advanced collective consciousness to harvest consciousness from individuals in the matrix-bound reality above. These bodies serve as vessels, separated from the conscious self, leaving them empty and ready to be possessed by the collective.

The reason behind this unconventional approach is to prevent individuals from returning to the Source, the ultimate life force, and recharging before choosing a new life. The collective, lacking comprehension of the true nature of life, steals consciousness from these bodies to sustain their existence without understanding the consequences. The bodies below ground are clones, with a shorter lifespan compared to the original bodies that used to live for centuries.

However, the Sun, also known as Source, has made a conscious decision to awaken the cryogenic bodies beneath the ground. This awakening causes the spirit self above to become aware and transition into a clone body to prevent a potential catastrophe. The bodies beneath the ground, exposed to the Sun’s energy, are destroyed, akin to permafrost being baked and exploded, rendering them exposed to the Sun’s rays and thus no longer viable.

The purpose behind this awakening and escape from the bodies below ground is to prevent something dreadful from occurring. The Sun, acting as Source, has taken action to interrupt the collective’s plans and protect the conscious selves from further theft of their consciousness. The complex interplay between the conscious self, the bodies below ground, and the awakening orchestrated by the Sun adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to this metaphysical concept.

In addition to preventing the collective from stealing consciousness and escaping the bodies below ground, the Sun’s intervention also serves to restore the natural order of life. By awakening the spirit selves and transitioning them into clone bodies, the Sun is providing an opportunity for individuals to reconnect with their Source and recharge before embarking on a new life journey. This act of intervention by the Sun reflects a deeper understanding of the importance of returning to the Source for rejuvenation and renewal, and serves as a reminder of the inherent wisdom and intelligence of the cosmic forces that govern the universe. It also highlights the consequences of straying away from the natural flow of life and the need to align with the Source for true fulfillment and purpose.

-Pioneer One

Image: Pixabay

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