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Crystalline Ascension ~ Interweaving Science and Spirit

By on November 26, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Crystalline Ascension ~ Interweaving Science and Spirit

by Kim Semetis,
Contributing writer,

Crystalline Ascension ~ Interweaving Science and Spirit

As we journey through ascension, you will begin to notice how the changes in our skin occur as we become crystalline and transform into our galactic heritage. This happens gradually over time and it may seem quite magical and alarming all at the same time.

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Our physical vessel is filled with crystals and has been confirmed by science. As I was researching for this article, I came across information about ear crystals and when it becomes dislodged, they can cause vertigo/dizziness.

This brought me back to the time (mid ‘80’s) that I began to experience severe vertigo and actually had to go to the doctor and had some testing done(not fun at all). I would experience severe dizziness, the room would be spinning, I felt as if I was losing all control and sometimes would vomit as it was so violent. Of course, the medical testing found that there was nothing “wrong” with me.

As I read this article, I realized that when that was occurring, the crystals in my ears were activating. I now have supersonic hearing while the rest of my family has trouble hearing. My spiritual journey began about ten years later, yet, I know that I was always sensitive to energy in every way and these experiences were my crystalline light body activating, and I was being fine tuned for my gifts (our true heritage) to come through, and they came through immediately (a few weeks) when I started taking spiritual development classes and meditating in the mid 1990’s.

When the crystals in our eyes are activating we experience “blurry” vision and we learn to use our “Third Eye” or pineal gland for “seeing. We also experience strange pains that can last from a few moments to a few minutes, which are also crystals activating in our organs, blood, cells and nerves and appendages. Crystals activating in our teeth can actually cause them to crack or break so we need to be more mindful of being more gentle with our eating and watching our chewing with hard, crunchy foods.

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Quartz Crystals hold the highest vibration on the earth plane and are used in all kinds of products, ranging from clocks, watches, cell phones, television receivers and even computer chips. They are well known for their ability to be able to conduct an electrical charge because of its precise crystalline nature. Because of this, it vibrates at a very specific frequency making it ideal for use in watches & other technologies.

While it is true that all quartz crystals are not created equally depending on their size and quality. Their ability to act as a conduit for energy, such as when mechanical energy flows in and the crystal amplifies the energy and then flows out at very precise vibration. Hence the reason that they are used in watches and computers, as they keep excellent time with precise frequency standard. This is why these tiny quartz chips are used in many timepieces, including computers.

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So let us think of ourselves as these crystalline structures that receive the codes (lightcodes- energies flooding in from the universe, at all times now) and when this happens our crystals are activated AND act as a conduit for this energy and then we RADIATE this energy (frequency) out, therefore activating those around us and our location, simply by being there.

We do not have to do anything specifically as all of this occurs organically. Naturally, over time, we become more and more powerful as our physical vessel will be able to hold a higher frequency as more and more of our crystals are activated.

As all of this is occurring we may begin to notice rashes, itching, tiny red dots, skin peeling in any part of our body. This may happen over and over again. It can occur quickly or stay on for extended time. I can only share from my personal experience and what has been reported by others.

For me, I have experienced these tiny red dots that turn into peeling skin, especially on my hands and feet. Recently this has been going on for months on my feet and hands, peeling over and over and over again. It is not pretty, yet for me it does not hurt or itch thankfully. I have been using some of my own essential oil blends with lots and lots of coconut oil and have now begun to use vitamin E oil too. This unique blend is assisting with this acute peeling. Generously apply any organic oils that you are led to use on a daily basis and even taking a bath in these oils will assist greatly.

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You will notice that your skin begins to shimmer in the sun. Get out there and take a look see, and you may see this glimmer. The crystalline structures can range from tiny to actually finding larger crystals coming out of your skin, anywhere on the body. This happens within too. Just imagine what is actually going on inside our physical vessels where we cannot see, as this where it happens first. We are so magical and mystical, made of stars and crystals. WOW, we are INCREDIBLE!

Another thing that you may notice about your skin is your fingers may look all shriveled as if you have been in water for a long period of time. When I began noticing this I thought, oh my goodness, am I dehydrated? I began to think that I was shriveling up like an older person. I drink a lot of water so I knew that it couldn’t be that.

When I really started observing my fingers looking all shriveled I paid close attention and realized that a little while later they looked normal again, without drinking more water and hydrating. The point is, that our body parts and skin changes can shift quickly back to so called normal. All is happening quite organically without any interference from us.

We will also begin to notice that we can become quite translucent or we begin to “glow” as we embody more light. We may notice it in our hands at first, yet, as we evolve our entire vessel will become translucent at times and as we raise our frequency we may become invisible to those around us that are in a denser reality.

For instance, you may begin to notice when you venture out that people may “bump” into you more at the store or on the street, or that nobody looks at you, or the cashier at the grocery store does not even know that you are standing there. This is because they really cannot see you as you are in different dimensions because you are vibrating on a different frequency.

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These are examples of holographic reality, string theory and quantum physics. These are all scientific terms that I never thought that I would use or understand in this lifetime. Yet, as the crystals within activate our quantum state, we begin to understand these scientific theories as we vibrate to higher states of consciousness.

We become quantum computers or supercomputers, superconductors of the unified field of consciousness where all knowledge is available to us. This happens as the crystals within our human brain activate and our connection to this quantum consciousness gets stronger and clearer with each crystal activation.

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The Suns role in activating our crystals: While the crystals held within activate on their own we can assist in easing and accelerating the process with drenching our bodies with the light (codes) of the sun, our beautiful SOULaris. These crystals actually crave the sun at times, and at other times we do not feel compelled to get out in the sun. The most important thing to remember is to follow your own inner guidance at all times and go sun charge as we feel the need. We are our own guide, our own teacher, our own master. Our higher self leading us and guiding the way and what is best for us in each moment.

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Crystal activation’s within us can range from not even noticing it happening to very uncomfortable. All in unique for each individual soul and their ascension progression. For me personally, this is an amazing and wonderful journey that I am so happy that I signed up for. Think of it this way: You have signed up for a very important mission in this lifetime as we are the forerunners/ gatekeepers and grid keepers of New Earth. We have chosen to come here at this very pivotal time as we usher in a new era of the Golden Age. What a blessing this is!

In Love,

Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

About the author: Kim is the Author of “Divine Warrior Goddess “Step Into Your Power” (link below) , WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper, Ascended Master (we all are) of the NEW EARTH. She has studied, practiced and taught spirituality/metaphysics for over twenty years and served as a co-founder and ordained minister of a spiritual church for many years. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity.

Kim no longer “channels” as she once did as we integrate all of our aspects, we merge those aspects within, as all of the universe is held within. Sessions, Activation’s, Andara’s, Crystals, Sacred Oils, Mastery Courses, Live Events and her book can be found on her website:

Her book is also available on Amazon


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