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Crystalline Light Energy

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Overflowing crystalline light energy heal and cleanse humanity, purges thoughts and germinate ideas. The Crystalline light passing thru prism is refracted turns into rainbow colors healing past spiritual wounds, dark thoughts and eradicate impurities.

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What is true for one individual path can be ‘untrue’ or irrelevant for another of different beliefs. Analyze beliefs and teachings as dark imprints and possessed minds haunt us. Programmed power over others are purged by crystalline rays allowing our brains connect activate and absorb the gift of knowing. God cleanses creation with Source Energy as we are a thought, a play in the mind of God.

Source brought us Consciousness of Christ to the Eastern hemisphere or the other half of the planet, Americas and Europe, ‘Luminos Christos’. Religions change names, are called Christians from Luminos Christos. The momentous-glorious visits of Christ Consciousness marked by crystalline rays I had 11 years ago pierced deep into my heart and mind, made me realize truth purging implanted deceptions, false vows and eon false beliefs.


Truth made me rethink life and my purpose of being coupled with the advent of light body processes, transmutation and healing of our carbon mobile bodies. Crystalline rays fully purging our thoughts complete the picture of transformation. NOW some of us are observers.

My first encounter of Christos was at 12 years old, that of cleansing past stained thought and speech. I never bothered about it as my concentration at that age is serve others till collegiate years. Adult life started at 17 while my professional years at age 20, joined a partnership of corporate consultants to senior years with concentration on organization and job creation with service to others a continuing path. We lost our youth at a young age.

Source Energy with crystalline rays, brought gifts of activated crystalline light body, cosmic memory and instant knowing…The truth is revealed to all awakened that covers deceptions on politics-government, science, health-pharmacology and religion. Share your knowledge and knowing to the awakening humans as the process accelerates purging thought, false beliefs and vows. Crystalline light body has transmuted and healed humanity, but some humans come back to 3rd-4th dimension to serve others, an altruistic-addicting desire due to family attachment. This is part of Source plans evolution to Oneness, your choice.

Light cleanse thoughts and bodies of dirt dense as used oil, it takes years of cleansing. Accept the light the way you choose it as your journey follows your thought.

To accelerate flow of your gifts from SOURCE, meditation and concentration are must. Mastery of this still-quiet practice and astral travel will make you experience merger of sun, Christos and light body, a trinity an advance lesson of what ascension means. You travel to galaxies, suns, stars and planets, fantastic but true to some of us, the members of the planetary ascension team, PAT.

Cosmic consciousness is embedded in every human cell that range from cosmos knowledge and instant knowing. All these are my personal experience and I try to evade ‘questions of knowing’ as I felt everything, your journey to Oneness is individual.


Messages, ideas and love of light beings enter those with preference for light. They pop in, then Wala. Darkness has mired and almost destroyed humanity, brought earth a sentient being to the lowest rung of third dimension from their frequency of 5thd. Eradicate and release dark beliefs and deception thence your consciousness accommodate the gifts of Source Energy and let unconditional love flow to your whole being.


Truth throws out deception thus clearing your heart and mind of constriction often called by medical doctors as heart disease and constricted aorta, plaque cholesterol, blocked arteries that reduce the flow of vital nutrients and oxygen to our brains, minds and circulatory system. I evaded bypass, says my new Asian doctor and Dr. Stankov. I changed doctors as the old wanted surgery, turned not necessary, it is only a part of light body processes, LBP.


These are part of LBP, cleansing and healing our bodies, aligning our chakras, awakening kundalini and NOW overflowing crystalline light purging our thoughts. We called violet golden fire perfected by our ascended masters to cleanse our bodies, mind, body spirit complex, MBS in our journey to Oneness the past 30 odd years. The powers of crystalline light form will complete the healing cycle specifically the purging of impure thoughts. Realize we are part of the whole, ONE with Source. Entertain new thoughts-ideas as they can be ‘truth’ never controlled by darkness. Link with Dr. Georgi Stankov – Carla Thompson- Light body processes/crystalline rays, GS is our ascension team leader.


With crystalline light the truth opens our minds and natural release of deception comes along, constriction of the heart with our minds cured and healed, freed from brainwash after continuing reflection, renewal and deep meditation. Heart is connection to universal mind. Consciousness of Christ is fully connected, awakened, active within and without and will be your guiding light from NOW to Oneness.

Crystalline rays overflow and fill vacuum of matter, empty space, cells, Gaia and humanity eliminating deception and time-space. Violet golden fire transmute and heal our being. Completion of the greatest show on Earth, the raising of Gaia consciousness allow us to enter the portal of light, path to original earth, our preparation to ONENESS with Source All That Is. We are at Gaia’s glorious door.

Love and light,


About the author: ANGELCCJR., shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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