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By on December 11, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Not 5d as we think!

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

This time I wanted to share my new ‘knowledge’ as I felt that it will keep you encouraged on your individual journeys and will reaffirm many things that you already know yourself!

It is a magical time indeed.

We are now shifting into ‘rainbow reality’ many call it 5d but it is out of lack of knowledge…

For safety (for our minds at this stage) it is a mix between what we know or suspect about the rainbow reality and what we refer to as 5d reality.

With rainbow reality, we fully embrace the seven rainbow rays in preparation for expanding our consciousness and are becoming aware of different ‘energies’. We only have the word energy that we can use to describe each phenomenon, when in reality, the word ‘energy’ is a very generic term and as is the word ‘ray’.

With rainbow reality, here are the following ‘senses’ that are activated while fully embodying rainbow rays:

• Improved Telepathic Abilities.

They are still very much in an embryotic state, yet we do become more aware and more able. For example, you hear words in your mind before another person says them.

You hear a noise that is reminiscent of a conversation, but you discard it because it doesn’t sound human or not in a language you understand.

• Vibrational Communication

This is a very physical perception and again, depending on your level of awakening it can be from feeling a shiver upon someone mentioning someone’s name (for no apparent reason to you) or you have a full ‘shaking-like’ sensation that I call a vibrational download:

When you have a ‘download’ of information relating to this person or to the information downloaded.

While there is no translation provided for what is perceived, please don’t get discouraged as these are like first patterns of a newer perception

• Improved Perception of Light Communication

This ability is still one sided in the sense that it is our perception that gets facilitated and not our ability to communicate in light signals.
If you notice light flashes that you are unable to explain, or perhaps light patterns that make you feel intrigued and still make no sense to you, even though you went to check your vision and everything seems fine.

• Reading or Charging from Crystals

You notice you can ‘read’ or get a ‘charge’ from crystals and other objects. This is our innate ability that is coming back to us. Given our crystalline structure it is of no surprise that we can use crystals to facilitate our depleted energy levels (think the coffee effect without actually ingesting caffeine!) or we can work with crystals to supercharge our abilities. Think ‘jump start.’

We have now entered the 4th dimension, and have been in it for some time now, but we are still in the beginning stage… though the progress to the next level of awareness will happen almost instantly once we reach the necessary critical mass of being ‘awakened’. And it is a great joy to witness how quickly mass awakening is happening. Despite with a lot of resistance from individual souls, yet it is happening.

So please don’t get disheartened on your journey if you feel left out because your abilities do not match others’ abilities.

Instead, keep satisfying your curiosity, learn better what it means to be a human and enjoy this physical reality. And most importantly, be prepared to be awakened suddenly. It is not always a joyous process so it’s best if you absorb as much as you can meanwhile from others and to be prepared.

And again, always, ALWAYS! follow your intuition and inner guidance.

Love and Light,

Olga Star x
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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